Tagi Ahmedov
2017 June 23 ( Thursday )  07:30:35
Bring back my 3 million!

The Sabunchu district court of Baku continues the trial in the criminal case of the former head of the Main Directorate for Security in the Sphere of Energy and Transport of the abolished MNS, Major-General Akif Chovdarov and others. Public interest in this event is not weakening.

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Radio Free Europe
2017 June 23 ( Friday )  17:44:48
Afgan Mukhtarly suffers from sharply increased of blood sugar, a lawyer

Baku / 23.06.17 / Turan: The Baku Court of Appeal today rejected a complaint lodged by Afghan Mukhtarli against his detention, the lawyer Elchin Sadigov reported to Turan. He also stated serious health problems with Mukhtarly. So, the check in the jail revealed an increase of blood sugar to the dangerous level, suffering from diabetes. Despite the fact that the cardiologist appointed Mukhtarly's medications, the journalist in the jail is not given a prescription or medication.


The Sovietization of Azerbaijan - new book of Jamil Hasanli
2017 June 05 ( Monday )  11:10:07
The Sovietization of Azerbaijan - new book of Jamil Hasanli

Baku/05.06.17/Turan: The Utah University just published a new book of a famous Azeri scientist Jamil Hasanli about Sovietization of Azerbaijan/


Acar Ağayevl
2017 June 17 ( Saturday )  13:58:02
A school is a business estate of directors

The completion of the next academic year in Azerbaijan coincided with the discussion of amendments to the law "On Education" in the parliament, providing for the opening of paid preparatory courses for those wishing to enter the higher schools for training at the bachelor's level. In the first reading, a new version of the document was adopted.


2017 June 04 ( Sunday )  10:11:20

A number of mass media and experts tried to present the updated list of the senior staff of the presidential administration of Azerbaijan, published on June 1, as an important step towards reforms in the country, which are s much talked about, but nothing happens in reality.


Banks are saved through sacrificing the economy, expert Hasanov
2017 June 22 ( Thursday )  16:17:42
Banks are saved through sacrificing the economy, expert Hasanov

Baku / 23.06.17 / Turan: The banking crisis in Azerbaijan is deepening, and measures to save financial and credit institutions are being carried out at the cost of the entire economy, stated in the interview to the program Cətin sual ("Difficult issue") of the agency Turan Akram Hasanov, the Bank expert, the head of the company "Anticollector" Akram Hasanov.



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Bring back my 3 million!

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