2017 April 28 ( Friday )  10:17:39
Trial of 29 Turkish journalists resumes, more mass trials on their way

The trial of 29 journalists resumed today in Istanbul after a one-month break. The release of 21 of them, held since last summer, was blocked at the last minute. Indictments are in the process of being issued against dozens of other detained journalists, heralding more mass trials.

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2017 April 29 ( Saturday )  14:24:55
Journalists Can Face Problems

Baku / 29.04.17 / Turan: An unprecedented trial started in Azerbaijan - the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies against several independent and opposition websites. The Ministry appealed to the Sabail District Court with a request to block the broadcasting of the websites meydan.tv, azadliq.info, azadliq.org, and azerbaycansaati.com in the territory of Azerbaijan.


2017 April 22 ( Saturday )  10:50:03
Cultural Events in Baku during Islamic Games

Baku / 07/22/17 / Turan: During the security period of the IV Games of Islamic Solidarity on May 12-22, a number of events dedicated to the Islamic heritage of Azerbaijan and national culture will be organized in Baku. This was announced by the Minister of Culture and Tourism Abulfaz Garayev on April 21 at a meeting of the organizing committee of the Games.


2017 April 21 ( Friday )  11:12:25
NGOs to Be Deprived of Right to Cash Transactions - Azay Guliyev

Baku / 21.04.17 / Turan: Changes introduced in recent years in Azerbaijani legislation on NGOs were due to three reasons: ensuring full transparency and accountability of local and foreign NGOs and donors, elimination of duplication in financing of the same projects, and ensuring the interests of national security. This was said by the head of the Council for State Support of NGOs under the President of Azerbaijan, MP Azay Guliyev in an interview with the Voice of America.


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2017 April 28 ( Friday )  14:45:37
Agramunt, dollars, tomatoes

It is impossible not to notice that after a relatively long calmness, April has revived some foreign policy problems of official Baku, which had been frozen since the middle of last year.


2017 April 24 ( Monday )  16:26:35
The authorities will ignore the recommendations of the Council of Europe on the problems of NGOs - an expert

Baku / 24.04.17 / Turan: Recommendations on bringing the legislation and practice of Azerbaijan in the field of NGOs in line with European standards fully reflect the problems of civil society and contain measures to eliminate them, said  the member of the Platform for Civil Society, head of the Institute of Democratic Initiatives Akif Gurbanov in an interview with the Cətin sual (Difficult Question) program of Turan agency. The recommendations are prepared "thoroughly", but it is unlikely that the authorities will implement them, as was said by government and parliament representatives during the presentation of recommendations last week.



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