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Financial news
Bulletine Finance 

2017 August 15 ( Tuesday )  16:58:30
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Uni Bank Increases Its Authorized Capital

Baku / 15.08.17 / Turan: Uni Bank announced an increase in the authorized capital. At an extraordinary meeting of shareholders of the bank, it was decided to increase the authorized capital by 49,121,094 manats.

Thus, the authorized capital of the bank amounted to 119,686,326 manats.

The authorized capital was increased due to the additional issue of 18,059,226 shares at a par value of 2.72 manat each. After the changes, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development became the holder of 8,542,291 shares, and the German Investment and Development Company became the holder of 10,721,971 shares. --------71D

Suspicions of Central Bank"s Involvement in Bank Standard"s Bankruptcy Justified - Akram Hasanov

Baku / 15.08.17 / Turan: A letter to the Central Bank and the Financial Markets Supervision Authority (FIMSA) concerning the bankruptcy of Bank Standard was sent by the unanimous decision of the creditors" committee of Bank Standard, the head of the committee Akram Hasanov said.

On his profile in the social network Facebook Hasanov noted that the letter contains a request to provide acts of the bank"s verification over the past 10 years.

"This is necessary in order to clarify the fault of the bank controlling body in the bankruptcy of Bank Standard. If it is revealed, the creditors can demand compensation for the loss from them," the head of the committee believes.

At the same time he stressed that this is the third such appeal. In the first two cases, the Central Bank and the FIMSA, referring to bank secrecy, refused to provide such information.

"It is already clear that suspicions of the Central Bank"s involvement in the bankruptcy of Bank Standard are serious and justified. In the bank, which was controlled by the Central Bank, there were embezzlements for years. Where did the Central Bank look? In this regard, we have already appealed to the General Directorate for Combating Corruption under the Prosecutor General," he said.

Hasanov said that along with this they also intend to conduct their own investigation, as in the end they will demand compensation from the Central Bank"s management in court.

"Therefore, the Central Bank should respond. If it does not answer, it will thus acknowledge its guilt in advance," the head of the committee said, noting that according to the latest decision of the Constitutional Court, if the bank does not have a license, it is no longer considered a bank and therefore it is impossible to refer to bank secrecy with respect to it. ----71D

Ata Sigorta Changes Its Underwriter

Baku / 15.08.17 / Turan: OJSC Ata Sigorta has announced the change of its underwriter.

On June 20, 2017, at an extraordinary meeting of the company's shareholders, it was decided to appoint the investment company Uni Capital underwriter for Ata Sigorta instead of Brokdil-Az. The shareholders explained the decision with the cancellation of Brokdil-Az LLC"s license. ----71D

Azer-Turk Bank Reduced Number of Employees in H1, 2017

Baku / 15.08.17 / Turan: In the first half of 2017, the assets of Azer-Turk Bank decreased by 155.33 million manats or 33.4% compared to the beginning of the year, amounting to 311.623 million manats.

Over the reporting period, the bank's liabilities decreased by 161.908 million manats or 39% and amounted to 253.352 million manats.

The volume of deposits in the bank by the end of the first half of the year was 159.910 million manats. In particular, the call deposits of individuals were 17.273 million manats, the call deposits of legal entities were 100.958 million manats, the timed deposits of individuals were 41.958 million manats, and the timed deposits of legal entities were 22,000 manats. Deposits of resident financial institutions in the bank make up 17.540 million manats.

The capital of the bank for the reporting period amounted to 59.271 million manats (an increase of 5.975 million manats or 11.4%).

In the first half of the year Azer-Turk Bank had a net profit of AZN 1.430 million.

The bank's income from currency trading amounted to 2.592 million manats.

During the reporting period, the bank reduced the number of its employees from 382 to 353 people. -----71D

Average Monthly AZN Rate Announced

Baku / 15.08.17 / Turan: In July 2017, the average monthly rate of AZN against the US dollar was 1.70 manats, the State Statistics Committee said.

From the beginning of the year, the average exchange rate of the national currency against the dollar was 1.74 manats.

The average rate of the manat to the euro in July was 1.96 manats, and from the beginning of the year the average exchange rate against the euro was 1.89 manat.

On August 15, the dollar and euro exchange rates are 1.7008 and 2.0030 manats, respectively. ------71D

USD Exchange Rate Slightly Increases, EUR Rate Falls

Baku / 15.08.17 / Turan: At the currency auction of the Central Bank on Tuesday the dollar's exchange rate slightly increased, amounting to 1.7008 manat, against the rate of 1.7007 manats for August 14.

Commercial banks buy dollars from the population for 1.66-1.6980 manats, and sell them in the interval of 1.7010-1.71 manats.

The euro exchange rate fell from AZN 2.0095 to AZN 2.0030 on August 15.

The population can buy euros at 2.01-2.0225 manats, and sell them in the interval 1.9551-1.9950 manats. -71D-

Capital Bank Opens Updated Branch of Gobustan

Baku / 15.08.17 / Turan: Within the framework of the branch network optimization project, Capital Bank opened an updated branch in the Gobustan district.

Within the framework of the branch network transformation project, in 2017 the bank opened new branches of Bravo and Narimanov Card Center, sub-branches of Buzovna, Demiriyol, Lokbatan and Masalli, and also renewed the offices of the branches Hazi Aslanov, Gubadly and Goychay. The goal of branch optimization is to provide customers with better and more comfortable services. In the current year it is planned to finish repair works in several city and regional branches in accordance with the new concept, as well as the opening of new sub-branches.

Capital Bank renders services to the population in 92 branches and 7 sub-branches throughout the country. -----08B-----

Bank Rankings

We represent the ranking of commercial banks of Azerbaijan on the basis of financial indicators for the second quarter of 2017. Rankings are prepared using the financial statements posted on official Internet pages (balance sheet, profit / loss, etc.) of banks, as well as permitted information.

Commercial bankAssets(million AZN)
1Pasha Bank3 355.135
2Capital Bank3 190.574
3Khalg Bank1 845.887
4Azerbaijan Senaye Bank935.523
5Access Bank872.635
6Bank Respublika779.396
7Uni Bank690.444
8Rabita Bank667.857
9Ata Bank609.875
10Turan Bank521.481
11Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan517.989
12AG Bank502.653
13Demir Bank485.517
14Bank of Baku474.855
15Nikoil Bank413.210
16Bank Silk Way411.350
17Mugan Bank407.473
18Bank VTB Azerbaijan404.986
19AFB Bank397.981
20Azer-Turk Bank309.429
21Express Bank280.085
22Amrah Bank239.404
23Bank BTB235.067
24NBC Bank169.591
25Bank Avrasiya159.758
26Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan154.392
27Gunay Bank144.376
28Nakhchivan Bank134.210
29Bank Melli Iran - Baku87.641
30National Bank of Pakistan - Baku11.233
31International Bank of AzerbaijanNo report

Commercial bankCash (million AZN)
1Capital Bank282.287
2Pasha Bank155.192
3Rabita Bank72.484
4Bank Respublika65.751
5AFB Bank57.700
6Access Bank57.149
7Khalg Bank53.162
8Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan48.307
9Uni Bank34.797
10Turan Bank32.739
11Nikoil Bank29.772
12Bank Silk Way28.438
13Bank of Baku21.563
14AG Bank15.578
15Bank BTB16.463
16Express Bank13.725
17Amrah Bank13.656
18Bank VTB Azerbaijan12.461
19Bank Avrasiya11.771
20Gunay Bank11.306
21Mugan Bank10.851
22Nakhchivan Bank10.152
23Azerbaijan Senaye Bank9.797
24Demir Bank8.582
25Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan8.202
26Ata Bank6.029
27NBC Bank3.342
28National Bank of Pakistan - Baku0.240
29International Bank of AzerbaijanNo report
30Azer-Turk BankNo report
31Bank Melli Iran - BakuNo report

Commercial bankFunds in the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (million AZN)
1Capital Bank556.078
2Pasha Bank531.378
3Khalg Bank209.500
4Access Bank142.937
5Uni Bank112.217
6Nikoil Bank58.785
7Nakhchivan Bank50.324
8Demir Bank49.679
9Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan39.010
10Bank BTB37.518
11Azerbaijan Senaye Bank36.889
12AFB Bank22.109
13Ata Bank15.768
14Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan15.439
15Bank Avrasiya11.584
16AG Bank9.126
17Gunay Bank8.555
18Express Bank6.443
19Bank Silk Way4.358
20Mugan Bank3.103
21NBC Bank2.229
22National Bank of Pakistan - Baku1.872
23Amrah BankNo report
24International Bank of AzerbaijanNo report
25Azer-Turk BankNo report
26Bank of BakuNo report
27Bank RespublikaNo report
28Bank VTB AzerbaijanNo report
29Bank Melli Iran - BakuNo report
30Rabita BankNo report
31Turan BankNo report

Commercial bankInvestment in securities(million AZN)
1Capital Bank205.669
2Pasha Bank137.065
3Khalg Bank97.438
4Rabita Bank72.027
5Bank of Baku49.613
6AFB Bank38.861
7Bank Respublika25.296
8Bank Avrasiya20.270
9Ata Bank15.000
10Bank Melli Iran - Baku14.385
11Nikoil Bank11.060
12National Bank of Pakistan - Baku6.191
13Uni Bank6.114
14Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan4.042
15Express Bank2.919
16Azer-Turk Bank2.302
17Bank BTB2.089
18Turan Bank1.702
19Access Bank1.671
20AG Bank0.000
21Amrah Bank0.000
22Azerbaijan Senaye Bank0.000
23Bank Silk Way0.000
24Bank VTB Azerbaijan0.000
25Demir Bank0.000
26Gunay Bank0.000
27Mugan Bank0.000
28Nakhchivan Bank0.000
29NBC Bank0.000
30Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan0.000
31International Bank of AzerbaijanNo report

Commercial bankLoan portfolio(million AZN)
1Khalg Bank1 338.869
2Capital Bank1 181.778
3Pasha Bank891.761
4Ata Bank532.495
5Access Bank507.163
6Uni Bank387.354
7Bank Silk Way375.680
8Mugan Bank320.372
9Bank VTB Azerbaijan323.163
10Nikoil Bank287.097
11Demir Bank285.180
12AG Bank284.489
13Turan Bank284.244
14Azerbaijan Senaye Bank282.629
15Bank Respublika245.357
16Bank of Baku209.828
17AFB Bank203.815
18Rabita Bank192.589
19Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan175.546
20Express Bank167.864
21NBC Bank136.854
22Azer-Turk Bank126.274
23Gunay Bank124.770
24Bank BTB115.128
25Amrah Bank100.909
26Bank Avrasiya87.302
27Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan65.774
28Nakhchivan Bank59.449
29Bank Melli Iran - Baku5.562
30National Bank of Pakistan - Baku1.429
31International Bank of AzerbaijanNo report

Commercial bankOverdue loan (million AZN)
1Ata Bank211.866
2Pasha Bank149.267
3AG Bank143.852
4Bank of Baku141.203
5Rabita Bank68.356
6AFB Bank67.854
7Khalg Bank59.922
8Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan52.412
9Mugan Bank43.058
10Bank Respublika27.926
11Bank Silk Way17.385
12NBC Bank12.876
13Gunay Bank9.230
14Azerbaijan Senaye Bank7.546
15Express Bank4.083
16Nakhchivan Bank2.806
17Bank Melli Iran - Baku1.481
18National Bank of Pakistan - Baku1.263
19Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan0.004
20Access BankNo report
21Amrah BankNo report
22International Bank of AzerbaijanNo report
23Azer-Turk BankNo report
24Bank AvrasiyaNo report
25Bank BTBNo report
26Bank VTB AzerbaijanNo report
27Demir BankNo report
28Capital BankNo report
29Nikoil BankNo report
30Turan BankNo report
31Uni BankNo report

Commercial bankShare of overdue loans in total loan portfolio
1National Bank of Pakistan - Baku88.4%
2Bank of Baku67.3%
3AG Bank50.6%
4Ata Bank39.8%
5Rabita Bank35.5%
6AFB Bank33.3%
7Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan29.9%
8Bank Melli Iran - Baku26.6%
9Pasha Bank16.7%
10Mugan Bank13.4%
11Bank Respublika11.4%
12NBC Bank9.4%
13Gunay Bank7.4%
14Nakhchivan Bank4.7%
15Bank Silk Way4.6%
16Khalg Bank4.5%
17Azerbaijan Senaye Bank2.7%
18Express Bank2.4%
19Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan0.0%
20Access BankNo report
21Amrah BankNo report
22International Bank of AzerbaijanNo report
23Azer-Turk BankNo report
24Bank AvrasiyaNo report
25Bank BTBNo report
26Bank VTB AzerbaijanNo report
27Demir BankNo report
28Capital BankNo report
29Nikoil BankNo report
30Turan BankNo report
31Uni BankNo report

Commercial bankLiabilities (million AZN)
1Pasha Bank2 972.828
2Capital Bank2 918.627
3Khalg Bank1 600.533
4Azerbaijan Senaye Bank846.599
5Access Bank807.266
6Bank Respublika732.503
7Rabita Bank581.778
8Uni Bank573.506
9Turan Bank462.573
10Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan459.521
11Ata Bank458.143
12AG Bank450.325
13Demir Bank447.920
14Bank of Baku428.030
15Nikoil Bank371.324
16Bank VTB Azerbaijan366.455
17Mugan Bank343.949
18AFB Bank318.582
19Bank Silk Way292.618
20Azer-Turk Bank253.352
21Bank BTB196.052
22Amrah Bank188.498
23Express Bank136.404
24NBC Bank114.834
25Bank Avrasiya97.842
26Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan91.779
27Gunay Bank84.129
28Nakhchivan Bank63.049
29Bank Melli Iran - Baku25.279
30National Bank of Pakistan - Baku0.974
31International Bank of AzerbaijanNo report

Commercial bankDeposit portfolio(million AZN)
1Pasha Bank2 605.729
2Capital Bank2 332.906
3Khalg Bank1 230.599
4Azerbaijan Senaye Bank607.689
5Bank Respublika470.563
6Rabita Bank468.475
7Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan379.264
8Uni Bank326.371
9Access Bank313.463
10Bank of Baku304.435
11Ata Bank291.183
12Turan Bank260.776
13Nikoil Bank234.472
14AG Bank222.696
15Azer-Turk Bank197.438
16AFB Bank174.649
17Bank Silk Way174.091
18Mugan Bank167.475
19Demir Bank148.888
20Amrah Bank130.310
21Express Bank106.772
22NBC Bank69.411
23Bank BTB61.053
24Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan47.262
25Gunay Bank43.224
26Bank Avrasiya37.849
27Bank VTB Azerbaijan36.207
28Nakhchivan Bank29.773
29Bank Melli Iran - Baku2.216
30National Bank of Pakistan - Baku0.657
31International Bank of AzerbaijanNo report

Commercial bankBank deposits of individuals(million AZN)
1Khalg Bank754.928
2Pasha Bank501.344
3Azerbaijan Senaye Bank310.076
4Ata Bank249.277
5Nikoil Bank211.590
6Rabita Bank209.414
7Bank Respublika197.131
8AG Bank160.260
9Bank Silk Way143.351
10Demir Bank135.000
11Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan107.073
12Express Bank61.394
13Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan32.645
14AFB Bank25.742
15Gunay Bank22.710
16Nakhchivan Bank13.358
17National Bank of Pakistan - Baku0.295
18Access BankNo report
19Amrah BankNo report
20International Bank of AzerbaijanNo report
21Azer-Turk BankNo report
22Bank AvrasiyaNo report
23Bank BTBNo report
24Bank of BakuNo report
25Bank VTB AzerbaijanNo report
26Bank Melli Iran - BakuNo report
27Capital BankNo report
28Mugan BankNo report
29NBC BankNo report
30Turan BankNo report
31Uni BankNo report

Commercial bankDeposits of organizations(million AZN)
1Pasha Bank2 104.385
2Khalg Bank475.671
3Azerbaijan Senaye Bank297.612
4Bank Respublika273.432
5Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan272.191
6Rabita Bank259.060
7AFB Bank148.906
8AG Bank62.436
9Express Bank45.378
10Ata Bank41.906
11Bank Silk Way30.740
12Nikoil Bank22.882
13Gunay Bank20.513
14Nakhchivan Bank16.415
15Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan14.617
16Demir Bank13.888
17National Bank of Pakistan - Baku0.362
18Access BankNo report
19Amrah BankNo report
20International Bank of AzerbaijanNo report
21Azer-Turk BankNo report
22Bank AvrasiyaNo report
23Bank BTBNo report
24Bank of BakuNo report
25Bank VTB AzerbaijanNo report
26Bank Melli Iran - BakuNo report
27Capital BankNo report
28Mugan BankNo report
29NBC BankNo report
30Turan BankNo report
31Uni BankNo report

Commercial bankLiabilities before the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (million AZN)
1Rabita Bank52.000
2AG Bank45.000
3Nikoil Bank40.500
4Khalg Bank31.492
5Bank BTB30.337
6Bank VTB Azerbaijan30.000
7Bank Silk Way22.500
8Mugan Bank20.433
9Ata Bank20.000
10Bank of Baku20.000
11Gunay Bank18.100
12Demir Bank17.000
13Access Bank10.000
14Azerbaijan Senaye Bank10.000
15Pasha Bank3.000
16AFB Bank0.000
17Bank Avrasiya0.000
18Express Bank0.000
19Bank Melli Iran - Baku0.000
20Capital Bank0.000
21Nakhchivan Bank0.000
22NBC Bank0.000
23National Bank of Pakistan - Baku0.000
24Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan0.000
25Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan0.000
26Amrah BankNo report
27International Bank of AzerbaijanNo report
28Azer-Turk BankNo report
29Bank RespublikaNo report
30Turan BankNo report
31Uni BankNo report

Commercial bankBalance capital (million AZN)
1Pasha Bank382.307
2Capital Bank271.946
3Khalg Bank245.354
4Ata Bank151.732
5Express Bank143.681
6Bank Silk Way118.732
7Uni Bank116.938
8Azerbaijan Senaye Bank88.924
9Rabita Bank86.079
10AFB Bank79.399
11Nakhchivan Bank71.161
12Access Bank65.369
13Mugan Bank63.523
14Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan62.613
15Bank Melli Iran - Baku62.362
16Bank Avrasiya61.916
17Gunay Bank60.247
18Turan Bank58.908
19Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan58.467
20Azer-Turk Bank56.077
21NBC Bank54.757
22AG Bank52.329
23Amrah Bank50.906
24Bank Respublika46.893
25Bank of Baku46.855
26Nikoil Bank41.886
27Bank BTB39.016
28Bank VTB Azerbaijan38.531
29Demir Bank37.598
30National Bank of Pakistan - Baku10.259
31International Bank of AzerbaijanNo report

Commercial bankAuthorized capital(million AZN)
1International Bank of Azerbaijan1 241.287
2Pasha Bank333.000
3Khalg Bank211.646
4Capital Bank185.850
5Nikoil Bank184.500
6Express Bank137.257
7Ata Bank120.020
8Access Bank119.850
9Uni Bank119.686
10AG Bank102.200
11Bank Silk Way101.545
12Rabita Bank88.500
13Mugan Bank75.000
14Bank Melli Iran - Baku73.611
15AFB Bank70.393
16Nakhchivan Bank67.828
17Gunay Bank64.910
18NBC Bank64.000
19Azerbaijan Senaye Bank60.000
20Bank Respublika57.461
21Turan Bank55.003
22Bank of Baku52.870
23"Bank BTB52.000
24"Bank VTB Azerbaijan50.815
25"Azer-Turk Bank50.000
26"Bank Avrasiya50.000
27"Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan50.000
28"Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan46.811
29"Amrah Bank39.844
30"Demir Bank21.000
31National Bank of Pakistan - Baku9.420

Commercial bankInterest income / loss (million AZN)
1Capital Bank132.609
2Pasha Bank87.283
3Access Bank55.731
4Demir Bank52.503
5Khalg Bank50.566
6Uni Bank40.009
7Nikoil Bank33.873
8Bank of Baku32.198
9Mugan Bank23.164
10Ata Bank19.222
11Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan16.653
12Bank Respublika15.903
13Turan Bank15.151
14Bank Silk Way13.581
15Express Bank12.947
16Azerbaijan Senaye Bank12.598
17AG Bank12.281
18Rabita Bank12.121
19AFB Bank11.289
20Azer-Turk Bank9.427
21Bank VTB Azerbaijan8.930
22Amrah Bank7.802
23NBC Bank7.086
24Bank BTB6.738
25Bank Avrasiya6.333
26Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan5.022
27Gunay Bank3.376
28Nakhchivan Bank2.584
29Bank Melli Iran - Baku1.465
30National Bank of Pakistan - Baku0.426
31International Bank of AzerbaijanNo report

Commercial bankInterest expenditure(million AZN)
1Capital Bank- 44.912
2Access Bank- 34.504
3Pasha Bank- 26.050
4Bank VTB Azerbaijan- 15.483
5Bank of Baku- 14.211
6Khalg Bank- 14.001
7Uni Bank- 13.274
8Demir Bank- 12.340
9Bank Respublika- 12.106
10AG Bank- 11.776
11Turan Bank- 10.994
12Nikoil Bank- 10.416
13Ata Bank- 8.597
14Mugan Bank- 8.101
15Rabita Bank- 7.075
16Azerbaijan Senaye Bank- 6.830
17Bank Silk Way- 5.617
18Amrah Bank- 5.367
19Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan- 4.753
20Bank BTB- 4.642
21Express Bank- 3.221
22NBC Bank- 3.159
23Azer-Turk Bank- 2.789
24Gunay Bank- 1.880
25Bank Avrasiya- 1.647
26Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan- 1.421
27AFB Bank- 1.401
28Nakhchivan Bank- 0.130
29Bank Melli Iran - Baku- 0.024
30National Bank of Pakistan - Baku- 0.001
31International Bank of AzerbaijanNo report

Commercial bankNon-interest income / loss (million AZN)
1Capital Bank63.784
2Pasha Bank29.575
3Bank Respublika15.948
4AG Bank15.152
5Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan10.661
6Bank Silk Way8.051
7Rabita Bank7.804
8Express Bank7.413
9Bank VTB Azerbaijan6.418
10AFB Bank5.607
11Khalg Bank5.547
12Mugan Bank4.953
13Amrah Bank4.913
14Azerbaijan Senaye Bank4.617
15Azer-Turk Bank4.484
16Ata Bank3.974
17Gunay Bank3.353
18Turan Bank2.506
19Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan2.069
20NBC Bank1.796
21Bank BTB1.614
22Bank Avrasiya1.587
23Nakhchivan Bank1.468
24Bank of Baku0.150
25Bank Melli Iran - Baku0.006
26National Bank of Pakistan - Baku- 0.011
27Nikoil Bank- 0.342
28Uni Bank- 1.671
29Demir Bank- 1.840
30Access Bank- 4.375
31International Bank of AzerbaijanNo report

Commercial bankNon-interest expenditure(million AZN)
1Capital Bank- 72.005
2Pasha Bank- 36.423
3Access Bank- 33.705
4Uni Bank- 23.249
5Khalg Bank- 17.461
6AG Bank- 16.614
7Bank Respublika- 14.986
8Demir Bank- 14.820
9Express Bank- 14.408
10Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan- 14.142
11Mugan Bank- 11.580
12Bank of Baku- 11.451
13Bank Silk Way- 11.505
14Ata Bank- 10.597
15Azer-Turk Bank-10.126
16Nikoil Bank- 9.596
17Bank VTB Azerbaijan- 8.653
18Rabita Bank- 7.746
19Amrah Bank- 7.674
20Bank BTB- 7.627
21Turan Bank- 6.554
22AFB Bank- 6.528
23Azerbaijan Senaye Bank- 4.952
24NBC Bank- 3.020
25Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan- 2.865
26Bank Avrasiya- 2.065
27Gunay Bank- 1.699
28Nakhchivan Bank- 1.474
29Bank Melli Iran - Baku- 0.809
30National Bank of Pakistan - Baku- 0.470
31International Bank of AzerbaijanNo report

Commercial bankNet operation profit / loss (million AZN)
1Capital Bank79.475
2Pasha Bank54.385
3Khalg Bank24.650
4Demir Bank23.502
5Nikoil Bank13.520
6AFB Bank8.967
7Mugan Bank8.435
8Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan8.419
9Bank of Baku6.686
10Azerbaijan Senaye Bank5.433
11Rabita Bank5.104
12Bank Respublika4.759
13Bank Silk Way4.510
14Bank Avrasiya4.209
15Ata Bank4.002
16Gunay Bank3.149
17Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan2.805
18Express Bank2.732
19NBC Bank2.703
20Nakhchivan Bank2.449
21Uni Bank1.815
22Azer-Turk Bank0.996
23Bank Melli Iran - Baku0.639
24Turan Bank0.109
25National Bank of Pakistan - Baku- 0.057
26Amrah Bank- 0.326
27AG Bank- 0.957
28Bank BTB- 3.916
29Bank VTB Azerbaijan- 8.787
30Access Bank- 16.853
31International Bank of AzerbaijanNo report

Commercial bankAllocations / savings on special reserves(million AZN)
1Pasha Bank- 37.192
2Bank of Baku- 32.727
3Demir Bank- 31.796
4Capital Bank- 27.262
5Access Bank- 26.086
6Khalg Bank- 19.488
7Nikoil Bank- 12.926
8AFB Bank- 8.794
9Mugan Bank- 8.151
10Bank Respublika- 5.342
11Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan- 5.255
12Rabita Bank- 4.683
13Amrah Bank- 2.659
14Ata Bank- 2.310
15Bank Silk Way- 1.415
16NBC Bank- 1.364
17Turan Bank- 1.057
18Uni Bank- 1.054
19Express Bank- 0.952
20Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan- 0.685
21AG Bank- 0.489
22Azerbaijan Senaye Bank- 0.089
23Nakhchivan Bank- 0.087
24National Bank of Pakistan - Baku- 0.001
25Bank Melli Iran - Baku0.105
26Azer-Turk Bank0.435
27Gunay Bank1.325
28Bank BTB4.038
29Bank Avrasiya4.679
30Bank VTB Azerbaijan12.702
31International Bank of AzerbaijanNo report

Commercial bankNet profit / loss (million AZN)
1Capital Bank40.758
2Pasha Bank13.531
3Bank Avrasiya8.889
4Khalg Bank5.172
5Gunay Bank4.474
6Azerbaijan Senaye Bank4.241
7Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan3.286
8Bank VTB Azerbaijan3.092
9Bank Silk Way2.959
10Nakhchivan Bank2.362
11Express Bank1.780
12Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan1.744
13Ata Bank1.692
14Azer-Turk Bank1.431
15NBC Bank1.340
16Uni Bank0.760
17Bank Melli Iran - Baku0.751
18Nikoil Bank0.580
19Rabita Bank0.421
20Mugan Bank0.239
21Bank BTB0.122
22AFB Bank0.174
23National Bank of Pakistan - Baku- 0.058
24Bank Respublika- 0.583
25Turan Bank- 0.948
26AG Bank- 1.575
27Amrah Bank- 2.984
28Demir Bank- 8.451
29Bank of Baku- 26.041
30Access Bank- 42.939
31International Bank of AzerbaijanNo report

Note: The indicators of income, expense, profit and loss are only for the first half of this year, and other indicators reflect the state of affairs as of July 1, 2017.

Foreign currencies rates fixed by Central Bank

1 ABŞ dollarıUSD1.7007
1 AvroEUR2.003
1 Avstraliya dollarıAUD1.337
1 Argentina pesosuARS0.0993
1 Belarus rubluBYN0.8728
1 Braziliya rialıBRL0.5334
1 BƏƏ dirhəmiAED0.463
1 Cənubi Afrika randıZAR0.1277
100 Cənubi Korea vonuKRW0.15
1 Çexiya kronuCZK0.0767
100 Çili pesosuCLP0.2622
1 Çin yuanıCNY0.2548
1 Danimarka kronuDKK0.2693
1 Gürcü larisiGEL0.708
1 Honq Konq dollarıHKD0.2174
1 Hindistan rupisiINR0.0265
1 İngilis funt sterlinqiGBP2.205
100 İndoneziya rupiasıIDR0.0127
100 İran rialıIRR0.0045
1 İsveç kronuSEK0.2097
1 İsveçrə frankıCHF1.7467
1 İsrail şekeliILS0.4748
1 Kanada dollarıCAD1.3362
1 Küveyt dinarıKWD5.6389
1 Qazaxıstan tengəsiKZT0.0051
1 Qırğız somuKGS0.0246
100 Livan funtuLBP0.1128
1 Malayziya rinqqitiMYR0.3961
1 Meksika pesosuMXN0.0957
1 Moldova leyiMDL0.0952
1 Misir funtuEGP0.0958
1 Norveç kronuNOK0.2138
100 Özbək somuUZS0.0409
1 Polşa zlotasıPLN0.4677
1 Rusiya rubluRUB0.0284
1 Sinqapur dollarıSGD1.2479
1 Səudiyyə Ərəbistanı rialıSAR0.4535
1 SDR (BVF-nun xüsusi borcalma hüquqları)SDR2.3993
1 Türk lirəsiTRY0.4829
1 Tayvan dollarıTWD0.0562
1 Tacik somonisiTJS0.1931
1 Yeni türkmən manatıTMT0.4866
1 Ukrayna qrivnasıUAH0.0664
100 Yapon yeniJPY1.5424
1 Yeni Zelandiya dollarıNZD1.2418