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Bulletine Economics 

2017 August 16 ( Wednesday )  17:00:36
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Entrepreneurs Receive about 1,000 Licenses in ASAN Khidmet Centers in 2017

Baku / 16.08.17 / Turan: During 2017, the Ministry of Economy has granted 966 licenses to business entities through ASAN Khidmet centers, 283 of which are unlimited. This was reported by the press service of the department.

Licenses are issued mainly for the provision of medical services, pharmacy, construction and installation works, design of buildings and structures, installation of gas stations, import of plant protection products and agrochemicals, transportation of dangerous goods, etc.

The decree of President Ilham Aliyev "On reducing the number of required licenses for entrepreneurial activities, simplifying procedures for issuing special permits and ensuring transparency" was signed on October 19. The issuance of licenses in the centers ASAN Khidmet began on November 2, 2015. Since that time, more than 4,300 licenses have been issued, 2,450 of which were new and 1,871 were replaced by perpetual ones.

Licensing of entrepreneurial activities in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is carried out by local authorities ( In the autonomy, licenses are issued for 21 types of activities. However, the authorities of Nakhchivan do not provide any information and the course of licensing. -----08D

Another Six Azerbaijani Companies Have Right to Export Agricultural Products to Russia

Baku / 16.08.17 / Turan: The Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance of Russia granted permits to six more producers of meat, milk, poultry and fish products in the territory of this country. Permits are issued after passing the appropriate certification procedures.

Permission was granted to the companies: All Sana, Kurdamir Sud Emali Zavodu, Qafqaz Konserv, AzProtein Food Group, Az Varvara and Gilezi Qusculuq (

According to the service, at present about 20 companies from Azerbaijan are included in the register of importers.

Permits for exporting goods to the Russian Federation also belong to Qabala Qusculuq, Xazarbaliq, Caspian Fish Co. Azerbaijan, Sahliyali, Zehmet Ruzi, Pal Food, Ganja Sud, Bilasuvar Aqro, Atena, AzFP Co LItd and others.

According to the State Customs Committee, Azerbaijan supplied 169.2 tons of frozen sardines, sprats and sprats to Russia for 6 months of 2017, 2.1 tons of milk, 100.8 tons of condensed milk, 1,315.4 tons of yogurt, 684.6 tons of ayran (local sour milk drink), butter - 82 tons, cheese - 405.7 tons, melted cheese - 137.4 tons, etc. ----08B

Yield on Government Bonds Falls by 1.3%

Baku / 16.08.17 / Turan: At the auction held on Baku Stock Exchange on August 15, the Ministry of Finance placed bonds with a circulation period of 91 days for the amount of AZN 10 million. Investors bought up the whole volume.

According to the Exchange, 12 investors took part in the auction and applied for a total of 36.2 million manats. The weighted average yield on the government bonds was 7.7% per annum. At the previous auction held on July 14, the Finance Ministry committed to pay 9% per annum to the investors.

This year, the Ministry of Finance has issued bonds for a total of 700 million manats. In January-July, AZN 353.5 million was raised from the placement of a part of these securities. -----08D

International Bank Awards Contract to R.I.S.K. Company

Baku / 16.08.17 / Turan: The International Bank of Azerbaijan has signed a contract with JSC Scientific and Production Company (SPC) R.I.S.K. for the purchase of Oracle Database and RAC licenses (software for clustering and improving availability for Oracle Database).

The amount of the contract exceeds 325,000 manats, the Ministry of Economy informs. This is the first legal contract of the IBA this year, signed on the basis of competitive procurement. In previous years, the Bank selected only an external auditor on the basis of a tender.

This year JSC SPC R.I.S.K. has signed about 20 contracts for the provision of IT services and the purchase of software and equipment. The total amount of these contracts signed with the State Oil Fund, JSC Agroleasing and LLC MIDA reaches 3 million manats. ------08D

Foreign currencies rates fixed by Central Bank

1 ABŞ dollarıUSD1.7008
1 AvroEUR1.9972
1 Avstraliya dollarıAUD1.3328
1 Argentina pesosuARS0.0996
1 Belarus rubluBYN0.8742
1 Braziliya rialıBRL0.5367
1 BƏƏ dirhəmiAED0.4631
1 Cənubi Afrika randıZAR0.1278
100 Cənubi Korea vonuKRW0.1489
1 Çexiya kronuCZK0.0764
100 Çili pesosuCLP0.2622
1 Çin yuanıCNY0.2543
1 Danimarka kronuDKK0.2685
1 Gürcü larisiGEL0.7078
1 Honq Konq dollarıHKD0.2174
1 Hindistan rupisiINR0.0265
1 İngilis funt sterlinqiGBP2.1893
100 İndoneziya rupiasıIDR0.0127
100 İran rialıIRR0.0045
1 İsveç kronuSEK0.2106
1 İsveçrə frankıCHF1.7483
1 İsrail şekeliILS0.4705
1 Kanada dollarıCAD1.3333
1 Küveyt dinarıKWD5.6309
1 Qazaxıstan tengəsiKZT0.0051
1 Qırğız somuKGS0.0246
100 Livan funtuLBP0.1128
1 Malayziya rinqqitiMYR0.3957
1 Meksika pesosuMXN0.0955
1 Moldova leyiMDL0.0954
1 Misir funtuEGP0.0958
1 Norveç kronuNOK0.2139
100 Özbək somuUZS0.0409
1 Polşa zlotasıPLN0.4653
1 Rusiya rubluRUB0.0284
1 Sinqapur dollarıSGD1.2435
1 Səudiyyə Ərəbistanı rialıSAR0.4535
1 SDR (BVF-nun xüsusi borcalma hüquqları)SDR2.3936
1 Türk lirəsiTRY0.4808
1 Tayvan dollarıTWD0.056
1 Tacik somonisiTJS0.193
1 Yeni türkmən manatıTMT0.4866
1 Ukrayna qrivnasıUAH0.0665
100 Yapon yeniJPY1.5368
1 Yeni Zelandiya dollarıNZD1.2306