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Mehman Əliyev

Mehman Əliyev

M.Aliyev: Either cooperate with the authorities, or you will be eliminated

2017 August 16 ( Wednesday )  18:06:10
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Baku / 16.08.17 / Turan: Director of the Turan news agency Mehman Aliyev in an interview with the Azerbaijani service of "Voice of America" ​​told about the lawsuit filed against the agency and the search conducted by tax officers in the editorial office on Wednesday.

Asking the question on the reasom for search he said that on the basis of the audit is alleged the evasion from paying taxes in a considerable amount, and a lawsuit was automatically filed. The non-paid amount is indicated above 20,000 manats (so that there is ground for criminal prosecution.) On the basis of this criminal case, the Nasimi District Court ruled the search.

During the search, financial documents and office materials were confiscated. In addition, a number of electronic carriers were also seized.

The Turan agency stated that the lawsuit filed by the Ministries of Taxes is directed against media freedom. Can the agency be closed? Aliyev said that he confirms that this case is directed against media freedom and specifically against Turan. "In a statement of claim to the court and an administrative complaint to the Minister of Taxes Fazil Mammadov were noted violations of the law in this criminal case and that it is unreasonable. Closing Turan can be real.

We have always been ready for this over the past 20 years. At any time this can happen with Turan, as it happened with other media structures. The situation is as follows: either you must cooperate with the authorities, or you will be eliminated, "he said.

"In fact, I do not see a way out of the situation, for the authorities have drawn up a plan, and in its framework, are trampling on their own laws. The authorities will try to maximally resolve the issue, that is, close the agency," he said.

What does Turan demand from the Ministry of Taxes in its complaint to the minister? Aliyev said that the appeal has not yet been considered. The consideration of the appeal will not take place earlier than September.

"In our appeal to court we ask to cancel this lawsuit, and we are ready to answer the questions they are interested in. Nevertheless, the search was conducted. That is, their response is to further tighten the pressure. So, the decision on criminal investigation noted the period since 2014, and today tax officials said that the investigation will be cover the period since 2010,"Aliyev said. -03B06--