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Dilyana Gaitanjieva

Dilyana Gaitanjieva

SilkWay under the fire of the Russian-Armenian alliance

2017 July 06 ( Thursday )  14:40:40
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Analytical Service of Turan

A sensational report on the participation of the Azerbaijani aviation company Silk Way in the air supplies of weapons to the world conflict zones is very slowly and inefficiently developed in a foreign press (more Armenian and less Russian) since June 2.

The article in the Bulgarian newspaper Trud, entitled "350 diplomatic flights with weapons for terrorists" written by a scandalous in her country correspondent Dilyana Gaitanjieva, accuses Azerbaijan of aiding terrorists. Https://

In fact, it is a continuation of the article "Bulgaria does not refuse to sell weapons for jihadists" which was released on December 30, 2016 year. It came after the first revelatory report in 2013 on the supply of Bulgarian weapons to Syria.

In the December article nothing was mentioned about the Silk Way. The carrier was the Danish airline H. Folmer & Co, and the American companies Chemring and Orbital ATK chartered the planes; and the manufacturer of most of the transported military cargoes was the Bulgarian "Vaz Machine Building Plant".

In the article "Before Trump: The White House hurries to arm "moderate opposition" in Syria" dated December 22, 2016, refers to the supply of weapons to moderate-opposition that oppose the Assad regime supported by Russia.

Experts of the British research company Conflict Armament Research have tracked the supply of new weapons from Eastern Europe. According to them, weapons are also delivered to the "moderate Syrian opposition", which partially falls to extremists from the "Islamic state."

It is noteworthy that the articles in the Bulgarian Trud and the Russian are interrelated and, moreover, the theme and tone of the publications are set by the Russian site. In turn, diplomatic support is provided by the Russian Foreign Ministry. The sources of information and support from Russia can say that information about arms supplies to groups supported by the US and its allies comes from Russian secret services, rather than anonymous Anonymous Bulgaria, according to Trud.

A source in American circles told Turan agency that all orders of the Pentagon, including for SilkWay, were carried out on the basis of contracts. The company has a stable relationship with NATO and delivers cargo to various regions of the world on the basis of orders and on a legal basis, says SilkWay.

It is noteworthy that the article in Trud, which is published only in Bulgarian, was published in the English version. This is nonsense. The question is, what kind of reader was it designed for? Of course, not on mass. This may indicate that Trud is just a paid site for discharging Russian information, and, accordingly, for the subsequent Russian response.

Media expert Rashid Hajili also believes that Russia's participation in the receipt and dissemination of the above data is highly probable.

The Armenian media and social network always plays a satellite role in such issues, which once again tried to suck a sensation from a finger. Armenian readers under the text of the article in English are scattered in compliments. "Well done, professional!" wrote under the article Armine Adibekyan.

Now specifically about the article. It informs that for more than three years SilkWay has been carrying out commercial, paid flights to Middle Eastern countries (350 flights) with weapons on board, intended for recipients in Syria, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia. Among the countries that have relations with these operations are the United States, paying for air transportation, and the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whose correspondence with the Azerbaijani embassy in Bulgaria was "intercepted" by the secret group Anonymous Bulgaria, then transferring this information to a journalist from Trud.

The producers of sensation

Trud is the oldest Bulgarian newspaper, which has been published since 1936. About the line and position of the newspaper says its history. It was the only Bulgarian newspaper that managed to be printed under monarchists, fascists, communists and democrats.

On the Eurasia Daily (EADaily) site you can read, that this information agency has been established in 2015 for objective coverage of political and socio-economic processes in the Eurasian continent.

EADaily's own correspondents and commentators work in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEC), Ukraine, Georgia, and occupied by Russia: Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Transnistria.

The agency has repeatedly been accused of lying:

The position of General Director Irina Fedina is very well expressed in her article "Very Somehow the Armenian Way" . Earlier, Fedina worked as a general director in the pro-Armenian Regnum, headed by Vigen Hakobyan.

Now, under her leadership, the directions "Middle East" and "Transcaucasia" are headed by Mikhail Aghajanyan and Lusun Davtyan, respectively. So, there will not be problems with sensation with such a staff and such an extensive network.