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Hikmet Hajizadeh: Putin Warns Azerbaijan

Hikmet Hajizadeh: Putin Warns Azerbaijan

2017 July 28 ( Friday )  11:15:10
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Русский Azərbaycan

Baku / 07/28/17 / Turan: As is known, the day before, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the proposal to create a joint Russian-Armenian military group. The corresponding document between the two countries was signed in Moscow on November 30, 2016.

The document says that the main task of the joint military group is to protect the land borders of Russia and Armenia, as well as work within the framework of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, which is a regional military alliance of several post-Soviet states.

President Putin ordered the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to hold the necessary events with Armenia in this regard. The press secretary of the Armenian Defense Ministry Artshrun Hovhannisyan, commenting on the agreement, said it is a question of the already functioning unified group (unit).

According to the Defense Ministry of Armenia, the grouping of the unified troops was created on the basis of the agreement on the joint use of troops between Russia and Armenia, signed in Sochi in 2000.

According to the document, the task of the joint unit is to resolve the issues of joint defense of Russia and Armenia under a single command.

The group consists of military units of the Armed Forces of Armenia and Russia, stationed on the territory of Armenia. This group is headed by the representative of the Armed Forces of Armenia appointed by President Sargsyan last month, Major-General Andranik Manukyan.

Azerbaijani officials have not yet commented on the ratification of the agreement. Political analysts believe it is also time for Azerbaijan to seek allies in the West.

The former Azerbaijani ambassador Hikmet Hajizadeh responded to Turan's questions about this agreement.

- The President of Russia signed an order establishing a joint Russian-Armenian military unit. What is your attitude?

- In fact, this is not news, since the military units of Russia and Armenia are always managed from one center, namely from Russia. This decision is a message to the public of Azerbaijan and Armenia that Russia is together with Armenia. "If you do not agree with me and start an offensive, know that I am with the Armenians". The situation is like that. This order is a message to the public of Azerbaijan.

- The document says the military unit will ensure security in the Caucasus, the territory of which is huge. And how could they provide security here? What can you say about this?

- Security means the preservation of the current status quo under the Russian leadership. That is, everything should remain in its place, and there should not be any changes. The situation is like that.

- How can this order affect the settlement of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict?

- I repeat that this is a warning to the Azerbaijani side. They say, if we launch an attack without Russia"s consent, then we will come face to face with them, that is, they will also join the events.

- What steps should the governments of such states as Azerbaijan and Georgia take in this situation?

- While the Russians are strong, this issue (we are talking about military operation - Ed.) should be postponed. In any case, we will not be able to fight the Russian-Armenian alliance. We have not enough force for that. If we want development, we must carry out internal reforms. Liberalization is necessary. We must be friends with the world. And when our doors to the world open, everything will surely change. -03B04-