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2017 June 04 ( Sunday )  10:11:20
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Analytical Service of Turan

A number of mass media and experts tried to present the updated list of the senior staff of the presidential administration of Azerbaijan, published on June 1, as an important step towards reforms in the country, which are s much talked about, but nothing happens in reality.

Review of the updated list indicates the formation of contours of the backbone of the presidential team optimized for the challenges of the time. The appointment of a number of senior administrative staff as the presidential aides, whose number has doubled and reached eight, points to the need for more compact and prompt decision-making.

Among the challenges of the administration are the economic crisis, the collapse of the banking system, social tension, external pressure, the Karabakh conflict, institutional and personnel changes in the context of strengthening the institution and positions of the first vice president, entry into the year of the presidential election-2018.

The presidential team left the persons responsible for the power bloc - the presidential aide for defense issues Vahid Aliyev and the head of the department for defense, Maharram Aliyev. Their leaving can be regarded logical from the point of view of scandalous events in the Ministries of National Security and Defense.

A notable appointment in the list is Altai Hasanov, who received the post of Chief of the First Vice-President's Secretariat. Hasanov is the cousin of the first lady, her associate in all beginnings; he has proved to be a reliable player of the family team. His appointment to the position of an important state official in the staff list of the First Vice President, means that he will play an important role in the formation of officials of Mehriban Aliyeva, who is regarded a clear candidate for the presidential post in next year's elections.

In the near future, the society should witness new personnel and institutional perturbations, and further consolidation of power in the hands of Mehriban Aliyeva, who officially controls the leading socio-economic bloc, and who should launch within a year, after the formation of the team, implementation of 12 road maps of reforms. Just they, according to Aliyev's strategists, will have to form public support in her favor during the pre-election period.

Her main headache is also the unfavorable political background caused by internal and public discontent, based on the different interests of oligarchic groups and the crisis of values and governance. In parallel with internal permutations and getting rid of ballast, there is an unprecedented pressure on dissidents - arrests of opposition and civil activists, blockage of messengers, tightening legislation in the field of freedom of speech, etc.

So far, there are no signs that the strategy of the family, aimed at 2018, may undergo changes. As always in the transition period, the government chooses a tough monologue with the society to minimize its influence on the results of the elections. This was demonstrated by all elective years of the last 24 years, when the Aliyevs returned to power in Azerbaijan. In this case, this line is complemented by the crisis and inside the team castling. And they will determine the course of the subsequent processes in Azerbaijan.