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The authorities perverted and lost the heritage of the Azerbaijan People\'s Republic (APR) - Arif Hajili

The authorities perverted and lost the heritage of the Azerbaijan People's Republic (APR) - Arif Hajili

2017 May 25 ( Thursday )  16:37:48
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Baku / 25.05.17 / Turan: The biggest tradition introduced by the Azerbaijan People's Republic (ARP) is the tradition of statehood, said in interview with "Voice of America" ​ Arif Hajili, the leader of the "Musavat" Arif Hajili. A long historical period, the statehood of Azerbaijan was lost, and it was the leaders of the Academy of Sciences who restored it. On the territory of the South Caucasus an independent democratic republic with a parliamentary government was created. This state was very different from other state entities on the territory of the disintegrated Russian Empire. On the question of how the traditions of the first republic are protected today, Hajili said that during the 23 months of the existence of the APR, a multi-party system was created in the country, fair elections were held, freedom of speech was ensured, and women were given the right to vote for the first time. During the Soviet period, all these traditions were destroyed, and the country once again became part of the Russian empire.

On October 18, 1991, the decision was made to restore independence. The traditions of the APR were preserved in 1992-1993, and all fundamental rights were returned to citizens.

In 1993, after the military mutiny and the overthrow of the government of Elchibey, the authoritarian regime re-established in the country. "Since that time, political processes in the country have gone in the opposite direction from democracy, and many of the achievements of the republic were destroyed by the Aliyev regime," Hajili said.

According to him, amendments to the Constitution and other laws of the country, made by the ruling regime after 1993, threw the country back a lot. Now the country has only a declarative democratic system. In fact, the country has a monarchy, which contradicts the Constitution of the country.

What was the geopolitical situation around Azerbaijan 100 years ago and what is it now? Is there again a threat of independence? Answering this question, Hajili said that the country is located in a very important geopolitical place. Historically, it was an important part of the Silk Road, from where trade routes and transport communications between Asia and Europe pass.

Therefore, Azerbaijan has always attracted attention and was the goal for the Great Powers and its neighbors. For example, for Iran, independent Azerbaijan is a headache, because about 30 million ethnic Azerbaijanis live in Iran, and this is a great concern for the Tehran regime.

Imperial sentiment has not been forgotten in Russia, which always aspires to return to the South Caucasus and restore lost positions. In such a geopolitical situation, the situation cannot be simple and easy. Then and now, Azerbaijan was under serious pressure from outside.

A special problem is the territorial claims of the Armenians, who even then and now aspired to seize the territories of Azerbaijan. Protection of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, the restoration of democracy and democratic traditions is the main goal that was 100 years ago and remains today, Arif Hajili said. -16B-