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What did Nursultan Abishevich and Ilham Heydarovich talk about?

What did Nursultan Abishevich and Ilham Heydarovich talk about?

2017 April 06 ( Saturday )  14:42:07
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Turan Analytical Service

Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan are entering a new level of relations, the outlines of which were determined during the visit of President Nursultan Nazarbayev to Azerbaijan on April 3.

The results of the visit show that further bilateral relations will be dictated by the following aspects:

1. The perspective transport corridor "Silk Road"

2. The economic crisis and the reformatting of the political and economic system of countries in connection with new challenges,

3. Strengthening the security system of the two states.

These issues were reflected in official statements for the media following the meeting of Nazarbayev with President Ilham Aliyev.

The "Silk Road" in reality is becoming a real economic locomotive of both countries, both individually and bilaterally. This is evidenced by statistics and signed new bilateral agreements. The trade turnover between the countries according to the results of 2016 was expressed in the figure of $ 150 million. And already during the visit of Nazarbayev, the parties agreed to jointly invest $ 500 million in the framework of this project, and to increase another 500 million by 2020.

Of course, the central issue of the dialogue between the two presidents was the theme of the economic crisis, which found both oil authoritarian states by surprise.  The crisis situation shows, that each side comes out of it in its own way. Both Nazarbayev and Aliyev talked about a certain individual path of development and exclusive solutions to overcome the crisis, taking into account the new challenges of the rapidly changing new world. Of course, this is not at all the case, since the American consulting company Mackenzie participated in domestic developments to overcome the crisis in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. But one thing is clear: Kazakhstan has chosen the path of diversifying the political system that envisages the transaction of the presidential republic into a parliamentary one, and Azerbaijan - the way of strengthening the vertical of power, the introduction of the vice president's institutions, and the weakening of the government and parliament. That is, Aliyev followed the path of not distributing responsibility between the branches of power, but within the very power of the presidency.

It should be admitted that relative stabilization in the world oil market had a deterrent effect on reform plans. In Kazakh it is "100 concrete steps", in the Azerbaijani way "Road map". It seems that the parties are in some trance and confusion from what is happening around. And an exchange of views on further steps might be necessary, especially with such a sophisticated political long-liver as Nazarbayev. In Baku he received «The Order of Heydar Aliyev" for special merits, the President of Kazakhstan has repeatedly acted as an adviser and mediator in the most difficult days for Azerbaijan under Mutalibov, under Aliyev senior, and under the current president. Indication of such difficult periods is the aggression of Russia against Georgia, aggression, which was a threat to the entire region.

At this stage of bilateral relations, this mediation mission of Nazarbayev remains relevant. During his visit, the Kazakh president invited his counterpart to two events - EXPO-2017 and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit, which will be held simultaneously from 8 to 10 June this year. The UN's EXPO-2017, which will be held under the slogan of alternative energy development, is a large-scale and informal mass meeting of governments, which seems interesting for Aliyev, who is in search of international financial resources. But more interesting is the SCO, which includes the countries of Central Asia, Russia and China. Aliyev as a personal guest of Nazarbayev will have the opportunity to get closer to this controversial but recognized international structure. In the light of the security problem and the conflict with Armenia, it may be interested in such organization's goals as:

- Joint counteraction to terrorism, separatism and extremism,

- Coordination of approaches to integration into the world economy,

-interaction in the prevention of international conflicts and their peaceful settlement,

- joint search for solutions to problems that will arise in the twenty-first century.

Of course, the SCO has other goals:

- Assistance in building a new democratic, just and rational political and economic international order,

- Assistance in ensuring human rights and fundamental freedoms.

But the modern development of all the SCO countries shows that these goals are not in the priority of the organization. And this is also one of the important arguments for participation in the Asian organization of cooperation in the period of difficult relations with European integration structures because of disagreements in the field of democracy and human rights.