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2017 November 03 ( Friday )  14:52:08
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State Department: Physical Attacks against Journalists in Azerbaijan Continue Unpunished

Washington DC /03.11.17/ Turan: Around the world, journalists work often at great personal risk to report on issues that impact the lives of individuals in all societies.

This is stated in the statement of US State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert on the occasion of the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists.

"They shine a light on abuses and corruption, expose threats posed by transnational criminal organizations, and counter disinformation and propaganda that spread false narratives," she said.

Among the countries where crimes against journalists go unpunished, Nauert mentioned Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey, Iraq and Syria. "In Azerbaijan, nine out of ten physical attacks against journalists go unsolved," Nauert underscored.

"Together with others in the international community, we will continue working to eliminate impunity for crimes against media professionals. On International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists, the United States renews its dedication to promoting a free, professional, and independent press abroad, and to advocating for accountability for those who would undermine a free press with threats, intimidation, and violence," she stated finally. -03D06--

International Caspian 2017 Exercises

Baku / 03.11.17 / Turan: International exercises on rescue works Caspian 2017, organized by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan, began on the Caspian Sea.

At the sessions, the cooperation of the various services of the Caspian states, i.e. Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan, is being worked out in emergency situations.

Besides the Ministry of Emergency Situations, representatives of the Special State Protection Service, the State Border Service, the State Security Service, the Ministries of Defense, Interior Affairs and Health, the State Maritime Administration, the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action, SOCAR and BP are participating in the exercises.

The exercises involve 1,100 personnel, 208 units of equipment, 2 aircraft, 5 helicopters, 8 ships and 6 specially trained aircraft.

On November 3, the exercises were continued on the Caspian coast in the Garadagh district. -03D06-

Precipitation Not Expected

Baku / 03.11.17 / Turan: On November 4 in Baku and Absheron there will be cloudless weather without precipitation. In the morning, fog is possible at a northwest wind. The air temperature will be + 18 + 20 degrees in the daytime.

Steady weather without precipitation will remain on Absheron until November 6, weather forecasters said.

On November 4, the regions will also have no precipitation. The wind will be westerly. In low-lying areas the air temperature will be up to +20 by day and +11 degrees in the mountains. -02D-

Rafik Huseynov’s Funeral Conducted in Baku

Baku / 03.11.17 / Turan: A farewell ceremony was held for the renowned TV presenter, People"s Artist of Azerbaijan Rafik Huseynov in the Rashid Behbudov Theater in Baku last Friday.

The founder of the TV presenter school in Azerbaijan, Huseynov spent more than 50 years of his life on television and raised dozens of specialists. His unique baritone sounded in many films and programs, without which one cannot imagine Azerbaijan TV. He was the only TV presenter equally fluent in Azerbaijani and Russian. Rafik Huseynov was the Prime Voice of Azerbaijan without exaggeration for dozens of years.

His last work was voiceover of the Endless Corridor documentary dedicated to the Khojaly tragedy.

Ministers and members of the parliament, hundreds of his colleagues, admirers and ordinary citizens came to bid farewell to the master. -02B-

Complaint of Arrested Journalist about Torture Investigated

Baku / 03.11.17 / Turan: The mother of the convicted editor of the website, Javid Shiraliyev, was summoned to the Khazar district prosecutor"s office in connection with a complaint of torture against her son.

As Zakhra Shiraliyeva told Turan, in connection with the complaint, the prosecutor"s office will conduct an investigation.

Earlier, the journalist"s mother reported that her son was tortured in September after a hunger strike in Prison No. 9, together with the former investigator Rufat Safarov, protesting against the violation of prisoners" rights. After the brutal beatings, Shiraliyev was thrown into the punishment cell.

The penitentiary service denied reports of torture and violence against the prisoners.

* The editor of, Javid Shiraliyev, was sentenced on May 22, 2016 by the Gandja Grave Crimes Court on charges of extortion through threats (articles 182.2.1 and 182.2.4 of the Criminal Code). The journalist rejected the accusations and stated he was being persecuted for his professional activities. Local human rights organizations have recognized him as a political prisoner. -03B06-

Two Drillers Injured at Production Site of PA Garadagh-Galmaz

Baku / 03.11.17 / Turan: Two gas workers were injured as a result of an accident at the 490th well at the Garadag section of the Garadagh-Galmaz PA of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan.

In particular, when drifting to the receiving platform as a result of swinging the auxiliary winch, assistant drillers Fikret Gozalov and Javad Adilov suffered.

The victims have been hospitalized and are being treated in hospital.

The causes of the accident are being investigated,

In turn, the press service of the Ministry of Health said Gozalov with craniocerebral injuries in serious condition was placed in the intensive care unit of the city clinical center.

Adilov has received the necessary medical care. There are no threats to his life. It is expected that he will be discharged from the hospital tonight. -06D--

Gurban Gurbanov - New Head Coach of National Team of Azerbaijan

Baku / 03.11.17 / Turan: The coach of FC Karabakh from Agdam, Azerbaijan, Gurban Gurbanov has been appointed head coach of the national football team of Azerbaijan.

This decision was unanimously adopted today by the executive committee of AFFA (Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan).

Gurbanov is involved in the national team for a period of six years, and this period will cover the cycles of preparation of the national team for the European championships 2020 and 2024 and the World Cup in 2018.

Gurbanov will begin to work in the team since January 2018 and will replace the Croatian specialist Robert Prosinecky. At the same time, Gurbanov remains the head coach of FC Karabakh.

Gurbanov is the most successful Azerbaijani coach. Under his leadership, FC Karabakh for three seasons in a row made its way into the group tournament of the Europa League, and this year it joined the Champions" League group, where it drew the attention of the European football community with two draws with such a grandee as FC Atletico from Madrid. -06D--

Lawyer: "Parliament violated our rights"

The MilliMejlis of Azerbaijan adopted amendments to the law "On advocates and advocacy", and actually liquidated the institution of representation. According to the changes, the legal representative of an individual in the court can only be his close relative. Previously, a representative of an individual could have been any capable citizen of the country.

This change was already discussed in the parliament on October 20, but it was not accepted. In addition, it was then announced that changes to the law would be re-introduced for discussion next spring. However, the decision was suddenly changed and after a short discussion the change was made at the last session of the parliament. The reason for the actual liquidation of the institution of representation in the courts of the authors of the draft changes is the lack of professionalism among representatives, and aims to replace them with professional lawyers, to strengthen the institution of the bar. The amendments come into force on December 1 of the current year.

Even before the first discussion in the parliament, most lawyers opposed the liquidation of the institution of representation, arguing that chaos would reign in the country's legal system, and citizens would actually be left without legal aid, given the limited number of lawyers. By the way, refusing to accept changes to the law during the first discussion, the parliament referred to this.

What threatens the public with the liquidation of the institution of representation? How will this affect lawyers and lawyers?

"Azerbaijan ranks thelast among the 47 Council of Europe member states in terms of the number of lawyers per capita," lawyer AgilLaige told Turan. "Despite the fact that there are 905 lawyers in the country, more than half of them are not engaged in effective activities, they are far from professionalism, and therefore cannot help in achieving justice. The authors of the bill emphasize that it will strengthen the effectiveness of justice. However, justice does not depend on representatives. This problem must be solved by improving the courts. "

The lawyer noted that the most negative consequences from the liquidation of the institution of representation will affect citizens: "The liquidation of the institution of representation will entail a colossal burden on lawyers, the scope of their work will grow hundreds of times. Naturally, a large amount of work reduces its quality. "

Laige stressed that changes to the law would lead to increased pressure on lawyers who conduct so-called political affairs: "Lawyers who conduct politically-registered cases can be excluded from the Bar Association at any time. Prior to the adoption of the bill, lawyers excluded from the Board could engage in legal activities as representatives. The liquidation of the institution of representatives will deprive the lawyers excluded from the Bar in general from engaging in legal activities, and this, in turn, will force lawyers to take a cautious stance,"the lawyer said.

According to lawyer Samira Agayeva, the adoption of amendments to the law means almost forcible entry of lawyers into the Bar, which is almost impossible for them, given the rules for admission to the structure: "One of the requirements is a three-year official work experience as a lawyer. Most of the lawyers involved in judicial practice worked under a service agreement, which is not counted as an official length of service in admission to the Bar. After the liquidation of the institution of representation, the situation will deteriorate completely, since lawyers are generally deprived of the opportunity to practice. Even worse is the situation for lawyers expelled from the College. They have almost no chance to recover. This is especially true of ex-lawyers who dealt with political affairs. "

The lawyer, touching upon the exam questions on joining the Bar Association, noted that the exam system made the introduction almost impossible: "The parliament discussed the decline of the passing ball from 60 to 40. However, it is not the ball, but the second round. Prior to the adoption of the changes, we, as part of a group of practicing lawyers, provided our proposals to the parliament, saying that the part concerning the second round of examinations - an interview with the Presidium of the Bar Association - should be changed. It must be canceled, because, as a rule, it is not objective. It is not uncommon for an examiner to be asked a question not from the field of law, but when the answer was not satisfied by the presidium, he was not admitted to the College. "

Agayeva stressed that the adoption of amendments to the law wasviolated the right of lawyers to engage in professional activities: "If I do not want to join the Bar Association, I still have the right to engage in my activities. The liquidation of the institution of representation of parliament violated the rights of lawyers. "

The lawyer noted that the most negative consequences of the adoption of the bill will be felt by citizens: "Lawyers represented citizens in courts for a small, purely formal fee, or did it completely free of charge. Advocates, as a rule, do not do it. Since they conclude a contract, they take an order and only after that they appear in the courts. Therefore, poor citizens will then try to represent themselves in the courts. As a result, the statements they make will be far from perfect, there will be no references to laws, a legal basis for the claim, which will lead to their re-submission and thereby increase the work of the courts. "

According to the lawyer, changes in the law will hit single incapacitated citizens: "Under the new bill, representatives can only be close relatives or lawyers. The circle of close relatives includes spouses, parents, children, brothers and sisters. There are single incompetent people who have no one, and there is no possibility to invite a lawyer. In this case, a person remains without legal protection. "

The lawyer believes, the reason for the liquidation of the institution of representation was the intention of the authorities to limit their appeals to the European Court of Human Rights: "The last statement of SiyavushNovruzov that representatives do not want to lose clients referring to international structures indicates that this was done with a view to punishment those lawyers who applied on behalf of their clients to the European Court. This is a punitive measure,"S.Agayeva said.--0--

Press Review 11/03/2017

The successes of the agrarian region, the problems of transition to full cashless settlement, and dangerous points for citizens in the construction of buildings are the leading topics of today"s press.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the successes of Agdam farmers, their effective use of lands, most of which, as is known, are under the Armenian occupation.

The author emphasizes the governmental support in this matter. Speaking about the successes, the author notes this year in Agdam the yield of cereals was 37 quintals, which means the production of more than 36 thousand tons of grain.

It is noted, in particular, that the area under cotton in the region is 3,005 hectares. So far, about 4 thousand tons of cotton have been harvested.

The newspaper Echo published an article titled Reforms on Transfer to Cashless Settlement in Azerbaijan Failed. Businessmen do not want to risk their capital and do not want to keep their money in the banks of Azerbaijan.

Full use of non-cash settlements in Baku will not lead to revenue growth. The businesses are far from willing to use the non-cash form of payment. They are offered to keep all the money in banks, while most businessmen face difficulties when withdrawing funds from their accounts. Therefore, the businesses are looking for "black schemes, so as not to give their money to lending institutions.

Of course, changes in the legislation were very necessary, but we were late. Transition to a non-cash form of payment was necessary during the heyday of the economy, when all individuals and legal entities trusted the banks. In the current reality, everyone is trying to avoid contact with banks. Therefore, it was necessary to delay the adoption of the law On Non-Cash Settlement until the situation in the country is normalized.

The website leads the investigation of the well-known lawyer Javad Javadov about lawlessness in housing construction conducted under the guise of "pilot projects". It is thea decision of the Cabinet of Ministers from February 2016 to demolish emergency homes in a number of districts of the capital and build new modern buildings in their place.

However, in this decision there is no expression "pilot project". The lawyer claims there is serious lawlessness in this process. So, after the aforementioned decision of the Cabinet of Ministers LLC with the prefix "pilot" began to grow, like mushrooms after the rain. And this process is completely non-transparent.

These new structures do not have a financial base and do not give any guarantees to citizens whose homes are being demolished. Any agreements and contracts of people with such LLCs are a source of risk and citizens should not do it, but appeal to the prosecutor"s office, Javadov believes. -0---