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The appeal of lawyers is ignored

The appeal of lawyers is ignored

2017 November 08 ( Wednesday )  13:39:50
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Baku/08.11.17/Turan: On November 7, 70 Azerbaijani lawyers who are not members of the Bar and dealing with the protection of the rights of citizens in the courts sent an appeal to the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and Justice Minister Fikret Mammadov. The authors of the appeal asked to cancel the amendments proposed by the Supreme Court to the Civil Procedure Code and other laws, according to which only their close relatives and members of the Bar Association can protect the rights of citizens in legal disputes. In order for this bill to become law, the document was to be signed by the president of the country.

One of the initiators of the appeal - lawyer Ramil Suleymanov said that some deputies - lawyers and their colleagues, who understand the law, also spoke against this bill in the Milli Majlis. However, despite this, the president of the country still approved the amendments adopted by the parliament, which will come into force on December 1.

In the Bar Association of Azerbaijan there are 934 members, about 100 of them for various reasons do not work. About 230 attorneys live in the regions. In courts connected to the Electronic Court system, there are about 370,000 civil, criminal and administrative cases, and the same number of processes are on the agenda for ships not connected to the Electronic Court.

Members of the Bar Association will not be able to cover all these processes, and as a result, citizens will remain without professional legal protection. Such a situation will cause discontent among citizens, as corruption risks will grow in the courts. "Addressing the president of the country, we asked him not to sign the bill," Suleimanov said. The lawyers' appeal contains a number of concrete proposals:

-The right to represent the interests of citizens in civil cases and administrative disputes should be granted only to lawyers with higher education;

- It is necessary to abandon the legislative requirement for the representation of the rights of citizens in the Supreme Court only by members of the Bar Association;

- Persons representing the interests of citizens should be responsible for their non-professional activities;

- State bodies are obliged to respond to requests of lawyers representing the interests of citizens within the time limits established by law.

In addition, lawyers proposed to introduce a number of changes in the notarization of contracts between lawyers and citizens, as well as eliminate other bureaucratic formalities in the proceedings. All these proposals were ignored. -0--