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Press review 04.11.2017

Press review 04.11.2017

2017 November 04 ( Saturday )  11:11:44
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The Azerbaijani-Turkish relations, the problem of establishing the indicator of poverty level, insufficient growth of pensions are the main topics of today's press.

The official newspaper "Azerbaijan" publishes material on the strategic relations between Baku and Ankara.

Tandem Turkey-Azerbaijan plays a key role in the region, in solving existing problems and implementing global projects, such as the TANAP, TAP, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, etc.

Against this background, the volume of mutual investment is growing. So, Azerbaijan has invested 10 billion dollars in projects in Turkey, and Turkey - 11 billion in Azerbaijan.

Within the framework of the latest agreements during Erdogan's visit to Baku, the parties outlined plans to bring the level of mutual investment to 20 billion dollars, the author writes.

The newspaper Echo publishes an article on the definition of poverty in the country. According to official statistics, poverty level in Azerbaijan is 5%, which is about 500 thousand people.

However, the poverty indicators used in Azerbaijan have long been outdated and do not correspond to the realities of the day. "Thanks to this," the poverty level in the country is understated by about 10%, experts say.

So, the living wage is calculated abroad by other principles and standards. In particular, this indicator includes not only food prices, but also utility costs, transportation, Internet, spending on leisure and entertainment, on health.

For example, in Turkey, family income of 2,000 manat means that it is a poor family, and in Azerbaijan this income is an indicator of the middle class.

In one of the poorest countries in Europe in Bulgaria, citizens with a monthly income of 195 euros (400 manats) are considered poor, in Azerbaijan such income is considered normal.

That is, according to international standards, doctors, educators and many civil servants in Azerbaijan are considered poor strata of the population.

In the state budget for 2018, the subsistence level in Azerbaijan is set at 173 manats.

The newspaper Novoye Vremya writes a low level of pensions, which do not provide a minimum subsistence level for the elderly.

The state budget for 2018 envisages an increase in pensions up to 216 manats per month, which does not allow pensioners to live normally, despite the growth of pensions by an average of 3.6% (7 manats).

The official indicator of inflation growth in the current year was 6.1%, which is also not true, and inflation is estimated by experts at 14%.

Currently, the average pension, and other incomes do not cover expenses for food.--0--