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2017 October 21 ( Saturday )  14:02:22
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Meeting with participation of Defense Minister

Baku/21.10.17/Turan: Minister of Defence, Colonel General Zakir Hasanov held an official meeting at the Central Command Post of the Armed Forces on October 21.

Deputy Ministers, commanders of the Armed Forces, chiefs of main departments, departments and services attended the meeting. Commanders of military units located in the frontline zone and other officials joined the meeting via the video connection.

Having brought to the attention of the participants of the meeting the instructions of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev to the Armed Forces, the minister has analyzed the recent situation on the front line and emphasized the forthcoming tasks.

Colonel General Z.Hasanov gave appropriate instructions to the commanders and chiefs of all categories to enhance the combat readiness and combat activity of military personnel, and the fighting efficiency of troops, as well as the maneuvering capabilities of military units, especially those units that are stationed on the front line of the front. The Minister especially emphasized the importance of immediate and decisive suppression of enemy provocations, press-service of Defense Ministry. --06D--

PACE Special Rapporteur concerned over Fikret Huseynli's arrest

Baku/21.10.17/Turan: PACE special rapporteur on abuse of the Interpol system Bernd Fabricius made a statement about the arrest of an Azerbaijani journalist, Dutch citizen Fikret Huseynli, in Ukraine.


He expressed deep concern about the imprisonment of the journalist:"As Rapporteur of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) on abusive use of the Interpol Red Notice system to persecute human rights defenders and opposition politicians, I am seriously concerned about new reports on arrests of journalists and persons who have received political asylum on the basis of Red Notices issued by Interpol. Two cases were flagged by "Reporters without Borders", namely the arrest, on 14 October in Ukraine, of the Dutch-Azerbaijani journalist Fikret Huseynli living in exile in the Netherlands," Bernd Fabritius (Germany, EPP/CD) said today.

On the basis of his report, the PACE adopted a resolution and it calls for an end to the use by some of the authoritarian regimes of Interpol as a tool for punishing oppositionists.

Recent events show the importance of meeting this requirement, the document says.

Huseynli emigrated from Azerbaijan in 2008 and received political asylum in the Netherlands, and then the citizenship of that country.

Huseynli was detained on October 14 with his flight from Kiev to Dusseldorf at the request of Azerbaijan, where he is accused of fraud and illegal crossing of the border.

On October 17, the court elected a preventive measure against him in the form of arrest for 18 days. The journalist rejected accusations.-03D06-

Afghan Mukhtarly wants to be treated at his own expense

Baku /20.10.17 / Turan: Investigative actions were carried out against the journalist Afgan Mukhtarli, who was kept in the Baku pre-trial detention center, said his lawyer Elchin Sadygov. According to him, although the articles of the prosecution remained the same, but changes were made in the content of the case materials. During the investigation, Afgan Mukhtarly declared his innocence. He said that he was abducted in Georgia because of his journalistic investigations. Mukhtarly said that his arrest is illegal, he has serious health problems, he suffers from severe pain in the heart. Mukhtarly asked the investigation to consent to his examination and treatment at his own expense, either at the Central Clinical Hospital or the Customs Hospital. After the completion of the investigative actions, the lawyer met with him alone. The lawyer said that for confidential communication with the client, he was hindered.

"When leaving the clinic, I was deprived of a" book of lawyers' notes ", read my notes made during meetings with my client alone. Despite my statement about the illegality of these actions, I was told that the instruction came directly from the leadership of the Penitentiary Service," the lawyer continued. He believes that this was done in order to convey the contents of his records from a meeting with the journalist to the prosecutor's office.

Sadigov believes that lawlessness has been committed against him. He is going to apply with a demand to investigate the actions of the SIZO employees to the country's leadership, the Prosecutor General, the Ombudsman, the Bar Association. Earlier, another lawyer of Mukhtarly, Neimat Kerimli, was inspected after his meeting with Mukhtarly in the Baku pre-trial detention center. It was not possible to receive any comment in connection with the statements of the lawyers in the Penitentiary Service and the Baku pre-trial detention center. -03D06--

Azerbaijani weightlifters for one year suspended from participation in international tournaments

Baku / 21.10.17 / Turan: Weightlifters from Azerbaijan and eight more countries are suspended for one year from participating in international competitions. The decision entered into force on October 20, reported by the press service of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF).

Deciding on the disqualification, the IWF executive committee pointed to the positive results of doping tests among five Azerbaijani weightlifters at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and 2012 in London.

Along with Azerbaijan, weightlifters of Armenia, Belarus, China, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine were disqualified.

In particular, the national teams of these countries will miss the World Cup, which will be held from November 28 to December 5 in the United States.

Repeated tests of doping tests gave positive results to the participants of the Beijing Olympics Sardar Hasanov (62 kg.), Intigam Zairov (85 kg.) , Nizami Pashayev (94 kg.), Boyanka Kostova (58 kg.), and the same Intigam Zairov (94 kg.). -06D--

RPFA activist Rajab Huseynov arrested for 10 days

Baku/21.10.17/Turan: Rajab Huseynov, member of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA), detained on October 18, was arrested by administrative decision for 10 days, according to his lawyer Asabali Mustafaev. On Friday, he managed to find out that Huseynov is held in Binagadi prison in Baku. However, the details of the case - when and on what charges the court ruled on the arrest, the lawyer does not know yet. The defense intends to appeal the arrest.

The activist of the youth committee of the Saatli district organization of the PFPA Rajab Huseynov was detained on October 18 in the neighboring Bilasuvar district. The PFPA is confident that Huseynov was arrested for participating in an opposition rally on October 7 in Baku.

On October 9 and 10, activists of the Shirvan PFPA organization Alfag Abdullayev and Eldaniz Samedov were also sentenced to administrative arrests. They were found guilty of disobeying the demands of the police. Another six party activists on the same charges were subjected to administrative arrests on the eve of the rally. -06D--

Press review 21.10.2017

The issues of investing in the country, the uncertainty of the "poor-rich" criteria, the concern about the heating system are the leading topics of today's press.

The newspaper "Azerbaijan" writes about investing in the country. So, in view of the stability existing in the country between 2004 and 2017, 225 billion dollars were invested. At the same time, over the past 14 years, the volume of foreign investment in the Azerbaijani economy amounted to 107.2 billion dollars. The author also recalled the figure that was sounded at the last meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers - for 9 months of this year, 8.3 billion dollars were invested in the country's economy. Most of them are foreign investments.

The newspaper "Echo" published an article titled "Our rich and poor citizens - Azerbaijani criteria". In Azerbaijan, there are no official criteria for judging which category of citizens can be considered rich and which ones are poor. Therefore, as a rule, everyone is assessed on the level of poverty. The poorest can be considered those citizens whose income is below the consumer's minimum, and they receive social assistance from the government. At the end of last year, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev approved the law "On the subsistence level for 2017", which was established in the country at the level of 155 manats, for the able-bodied population - 164.5 manat, for pensioners - 130.2 manat, for children - 136.6 manats. In general, the income level of the population has changed significantly over the past three years. Undoubtedly, the devaluation of the national currency played a big role in this matter. If, for example, in 2014 the population considered those citizens whose monthly income was two thousand manats rich, today this figure should be higher than four, because three years ago the prices were more optimized, and the cost of oil was not so low.

The newspaper Novoye Vremya published an article entitled "The Vicious Circle". Every year, with the approach of winter, a debt crisis begins around the activities of Azeristliktejizat. Yesterday it became known about financial sanctions, which the Accounting Chamber intends to introduce in respect of "Azeristliktejizat". This means that the heating season may again be on the verge of collapse. It is interesting to know from the representatives of the Accounting Chamber, and it was not possible to resolve these disputes before, did you really have to wait until the cold come? As you know, the heating season starts on November 15, a little less than a month left. Returning to the dispute between the Court of Accounts and "Azeriliklitegizat". Both of them should not forget about the interests of consumers, that is, all problems must be resolved before the start of the heating season. After all, if this question hangs in the air, the disassembly will continue, and citizens will freeze in their own apartments.