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2017 October 17 ( Tuesday )  18:58:55
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Military Attachés accredited to Azerbaijan visited the Air Force Base

Baku/17.10.17/Turan: According to Annual plan signed by Minister of Defence of the Republic of Azerbaijan Colonel General Zakir Hasanov, Military Attachés accredited to the Republic of Azerbaijan visited the Air Force Base on October 17.

First, the Military Attachés representing 17 countries were presented a general briefing on the military unit of the Air Force, the history of its establishment. At the airbase the guests got acquainted with the conditions created for the military personnel, visited the soldiers' mess halls, barracks and study rooms. Having familiarized with the aviation assets available in service, the guests attended classes on the combat training of military personnel.

Military Attachés dined at the officers' canteen and expressed satisfaction with the created service and living conditions in the military unit, combat training and the level of training.

The guests have expressed their gratitude to the leadership of the Ministry of Defense for the organizing such a high-level and an interesting event. .-06D-

Leaving the Council of Europe does not correspond to the interests of Azerbaijan, the expert

Baku / 17.10.17 / Turan: The reason for the tension between Azerbaijan and the Council of Europe is incomplete fulfillment of official Baku obligations to this organization, said the former member of the delegation of Azerbaijan in the PACE in the interview with the program Cətin sual (Difficult issue) of the agency Turan.

"Many amendments have been made in the country's legislation, but they only formally meet the standards of the Council of Europe. The greatest problems in the field of democracy and human rights and this is the reason for the Council of Europe's dissatisfaction," Alibeyli said.

Commenting on Baku's harsh reaction to the two critical PACE resolutions on democracy and human rights, Alibeyli noted that they are recommendatory in nature.

He regretfully stated that Baku often arranges obstruction to the decisions of the Council of Europe, instead of constructive discussion of the recommendations put forward, resort to the language of threats and blackmail. These steps are designed for the internal audience.

Azerbaijan can reject criticism, consider it biased, but in the end it undermines the image of the country.

According to Alibeyli, Azerbaijan often creates problems on an equal footing, for example, in the case of Ilgar Mammadov.

The expert expressed bewilderment at the persistence of the authorities refusing to implement the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights.

"Instead of rejecting the criticism of the Council of Europe, we must constructively discuss the remarks made. There are solution issues that really take time and this can be perceived with understanding. But those issues that can be solved now must be fulfilled, "Alibeyli said.

Speaking on the appeals of the members of the ruling camp to leave the Council of Europe, Alibeyli replied that it would be unreasonable to deprive themselves of this international platform, and would be a loss for Azerbaijan.

"This would be an unsuccessful step for the Azerbaijani statehood," Alibeyli said.

At the same time, he did not rule out that Azerbaijan's further refusal to fulfill its obligations could lead to sanctions in the form of an exception to the country, or suspension of the right to vote. -03B06--

The dollar and the euro fell slightly

Baku / 17.10.17 / Turan: At the currency auction of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan on Tuesday, the dollar rate slightly decreased from 1,7003 manats to 1,7001 manats. Commercial banks sell American currency for 1.7030-1.7080, and buy in the range of 1.6850-1.7000 manats.

The euro exchange rate also slightly decreased, from 2.0080 manats to 2.0028 manats. In commercial banks, the euro can be bought in the range of 2.0165-2.0289 manat, and sell for 1.9627-2.0020 manats. -71D-

Afgan Mukhtarlys lawyer subjected to pressure in the pre-trial detention center

Baku / 17.10.17 / Turan: Neymat Kerimli, the lawyer of journalist Afgan Mukhtarly was examined today in Baku pre-trial detention center-1 and faced a rude treatment. According to Kerimli, Mukhtarly's rights have been limited for a long time and today he took testimony on this from a journalist. However, the lawyer was not allowed to communicate privately with the client. According to Kerimli, the jail staff watched them during the meeting. When leaving the jail, several employees of the Penitentiary Service rudely searched his bag, seized Mukhtraly's testimony and other records. Then the lawyer was forcibly taken to the head of the jail. However, after that, the seized items were returned. The lawyer said that he would file a complaint with the prosecutor's office.

* Mukhtarli was abducted on May 29 in Tbilisi and brought to Azerbaijan, where he was charged under three Articles of the Criminal Code: 315 (resistance to a representative of the authority with the use of force), 318.1 (illegal border crossing) and 206.1 (smuggling). Afgan Mukhtarly denies the charges, saying at the trial that his arrest is a political order. -05B06-

The range of persons entitled to deferment of punishment will be expanded

Baku / 17.10.17 / Turan: The President of Azerbaijan submitted to the Parliament a bill that provides for the expansion of the range of convicts, to whom the execution of punishment may be postponed. One of the amendments concerns Article 79 (postponement of the serving of punishment by pregnant women and mothers of young children) of the Criminal Code. The new version proposes to extend the right to delay the serving of punishment for women with children under 14 years old, as well as men who single-handedly raise children up to 14 years of age. In the current legislation, the age limit is 8 years. It is expected that the bill will be submitted to the Milli Mejlis for consideration on October 20.-05D-

Witnesses are heard at the trial of Aziz Orujev

Baku/17.10.17/Turan: The trial in the case of the director of Internet TV "Kanal-13" Aziz Orujov continued in the Serious Crimes Court under the chairmanship of Mirza Khankishiyev.

He was arrested on May 2 in administrative order for 30 days for disobeying the police. At the end of this period, he was charged with criminal charges under Articles 192.2.2 (illegal business with the extraction of large income) and 308.2 (abuse of official powers, which entailed grave consequences) of the Criminal Code. At today's meeting, the testimony of witnesses continued.

Mirvari Gahramanli, the head of the Oil Rights Protection Committee, noted that she knows the accused as an honest journalist. In 2015-2016 years. Gahramanli cooperated with "Kanal-13" on the basis of the contract. Enlightenment programs on legal assistance were being prepared on this channel.

According to Gahramanli, she, as the head of the NGO, officially paid three times for the preparation of such programs: twice for 500 manats and once for 450 manats, having received receipts for this which were submitted to the investigation.

Orujeva himself said that the taxes from the sums received from Gahramanli were paid.

The witness Alysh Abdulla said that he had cooperated with the TV channel as a volunteer for the purpose of obtaining journalistic practice. The next meeting is scheduled for October 24.

The lawyer of journalist Elchin Sadigov told Turan that none of the witnesses gave evidence against Orujev. According to him, the charges against Aziz Orujev are groundless.

In fact, Orujev is persecuted for political reasons, due to the fact that

"Kanal-13" provided airwaves to "carriers of alternative opinions," said the lawyer. -06D--

Fikret Huseynli arrested for 18 days

Baku / 17.10.17 / Turan: Boryspil city court of Kiev today arrested for 18 days the Azerbaijani journalist, Dutch citizen Fikret Huseynli, said his lawyer Dmitry Mazurok. Huseynli was detained on October 14 in the morning on departure from Kiev to Dusseldorf at the request of Azerbaijan. He is accused of fraud and illegal crossing of the border. The protection of the journalist is provided by the Ukrainian Helsinki Public Association for Human Rights.

According to the lawyer, Huseynli will stay in the detention center in Kiev for 18 days.

Protection does not agree with the decision of the court. According to the lawyer, Huseynli was to be immediately released and provided for his return to the country of which he is a citizen. The decision of the court will be appealed in a very short time.

At the same time, the lawyer noted that the current process failed to provide the necessary information that Huseynli, was persecuted because of his professional activities, for political reasons, and was granted asylum in the Netherlands.

"The Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands before the meeting of the Court of Appeal will present this information," said the lawyer. -06D-