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2017 October 17 ( Tuesday )  14:58:15
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Sargsyan Satisfied with Results of Meeting, Aliyevs Opinion Not Sounded Yet

Baku / 17.10.17 / Turan: A few minutes after the end of the meeting of the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia in Geneva on Monday, Serge Sargsyan made a statement on the results of the talks.

Speaking to representatives of the Armenian community of Switzerland, he said there was no specific agreement on options for solving the problem.

"But we agreed to take measures to further weaken the tension in order to avoid casualties on the front line. I must say, both the Azerbaijani President and I are deeply interested in this," Sargsyan said.

Further, he began to comment on Aliyev"s behavior, hinting that the situation may change. "God grant that he would always think so. He also understands the complexity of the problem very well, and of course, I do realize it, too, but the problem is that there will never be an easy solution," the Armenian President said.

However, further he made quite a clear statement, which only could aggravate the situation.

"I want you all to be sure: for us there is no solution that can in any way violate the security of Karabakh. For us, the only solution is that Karabakh should be outside of Azerbaijan. Never any Armenian leader can take a different decision or implement it, and for this we will do everything," he said.

However, such a stiff position means something else: Sargsyan did not say anything about the areas around Karabakh. Indirectly this may mean Armenia"s readiness to release five regions, as the Minsk Group co-chairs suggested earlier. That once again means a gradual settlement is on the agenda.

In this case, it is important not only what the Armenian side is willing to do, but what compromise Baku is prepared for.

It seems Aliyev"s silence after the meeting with Sargsyan is connected with this. It is difficult to assume that the Head of State will agree with the Armenian President. However, it is not the best way to remain silent.

Therefore, Aliyev"s first statement on the outcome of the Geneva meeting will be of great importance, and it will be particularly eagerly awaited more in Yerevan than in Baku.-02B-

President of Armenia Violates Agreement - Novruz Mammadov

Baku / 17.10.17 / Turan: Serge Sargsyan violated the agreement not to make any statements on the results of the Geneva meeting of the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia, in addition to the agreed issues. The Azerbaijani presidential aide on foreign policy Novruz Mammadov wrote this on his Facebook page.

"Alas, Sargsyan is in his character again. As usual, he feels privileged to violate the agreement that was reached during the talks. The deal was that no statements were to be made other than on agreed points. Yet he did just the contrary. Again, he made a promise and then failed to honor it. He should have at least been embarrassed, given the presence of the co-chairs and the OSCE representative. Apparently, he does not want to give up his habit of derailing the talks," Mammadov wrote.

Recall that, immediately after the talks with the President of Azerbaijan, Sargsyan said at a meeting with the Armenian Diaspora in Switzerland that Nagorno-Karabakh will not be part of Azerbaijan.

"Nevertheless, he is aware and must not forget that the Nagorno-Karabakh is Azerbaijan"s inalienable part and will remain so. Sargsyan"s plan will be realized neither in his lifetime, nor during the ones of his successors. His dream will never become a reality, no matter how hard he "wags his tail" to his patrons. Seemingly, he aims to keep the people in Armenia in the state of constant agitation and suffering. Well, let him keep on trying," Mammadov underscored. -06D-

Oktay Asadov: Armenia Ignores Decisions of International Organizations

Baku / 16.10.17 / Turan: "For 25 years, Armenia has ignored decisions and resolutions of authoritative international organizations, continuing to violate international legal norms. There is no mechanism that would force the aggressor to comply with decisions of international structures, and there is a double standard in the approach to the Karabakh conflict". The chairman of the Milli Majlis Oktay Asadov said this in his speech at the 137th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union. The press service of the parliament spread the information on October 16.

"We believe that everyone should understand and accept how dangerous it is for peace and security to turn a blind eye to the seizure of foreign territories.The world community must find the strength and take decisive measures to resolve all conflicts, including Nagorno-Karabakh within the framework of generally accepted international legal principles".

Oktay Asadov said Azerbaijan is a model of multiculturalism and tolerance. He noted that Azerbaijan presented the world with an example of a democratic society. This sample, regardless of ethnicity and religion, is based on the granting of rights and freedoms to everyone, as well as the protection of the cultural wealth of the peoples living in the country.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union is a worldwide organization of the parliaments of independent countries. The headquarters of the structure created in 1889 is in Geneva.

Azerbaijan became a member of this structure in April 1993.

The Milli Majlis is represented in this structure by a delegation of 9 deputies. --0--

Opposition Party Calls on Authorities Not to Doom Azerbaijan to Self-Isolation

Baku / 17.10.17 / Turan: The Classic Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (CPFPA) issued a statement condemning the authorities for repressions against the oppositionists.

There are more than 160 political prisoners in the country, including about 20 journalists and bloggers. According to the number of political prisoners and "prisoners of conscience," Azerbaijan is among the leaders in Europe.

Pressure on activists continues even in prisons, where they are imprisoned in punishment cells, tightened the terms of punishment, and tortured.

The CPFPA also condemns the campaign against the Council of Europe, believing that, because of corruption and human rights violations, the authorities doom the country to isolation from the civilized world.

"The pressure on the Turan news agency testifies to the desire to completely destroy the free press and to finally prohibit the freedom of expression. Those protesting against economic decline, social tension and corruption are summoned to the police and subjected to pressure."

CPFPA noting the inadmissibility of all this, stresses the importance of the country"s cooperation with international organizations, putting an end to the pressure on individuals exercising their constitutional rights and freedoms.

The party demands the unconditional release of all persons arrested under far-fetched and politically motivated charges. -06D-

On Meeting of Defense Ministers of Georgia and Azerbaijan

Tbilisi / 17.101.7 / Turan: Cooperation between Azerbaijan and Georgia in the field of defense is successfully developing, The Defense Minister of Azerbaijan Zakir Hasanov said this at a briefing after the meeting with his Georgian counterpart Levan Izoria.

He noted the great joint work in the field of ensuring security in the region and special attention to the safety of energy projects: "In this regard, the soldiers of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey conducted joint exercises. We intend to expand cooperation in this area."

"Azerbaijan and Georgia also come from a unified position on issues of territorial integrity and sovereignty. And in the future we will act from the same position," Hasanov said.

In turn, Levan Izoria called the meeting with his Azerbaijani counterpart very fruitful, noting that bilateral cooperation is developing within the framework of NATO: "Regional security and protection of energy projects are the main priorities of our cooperation."

"For us Azerbaijan is a close political and strategic partner. In our position there is no fundamental difference," said Izoria.-02D-

IRFS Urges Ukraine to Release Fikret Huseynli

Baku / 17.10.17 / Turan: The Institute for Reporters" Freedom and Safety (IRFS) expressed deep concern over the detention of the Azerbaijani opposition journalist Fikret Huseynli in Kiev and urged the Ukrainian authorities to immediately release him.

IRFS considers politically motivated the detention of Huseynli on October 14 by officers of the Ukrainian Border Guard Service on the basis of Interpol's request issued by the Azerbaijani authorities.

"The arrest by the authorities of Ukraine of an Azerbaijani opposition journalist at the request of the Azerbaijani authorities is a serious blow to the common European values ​​for the protection of freedom of expression, which Ukraine committed itself to within the framework of membership in the Council of Europe and the OSCE," IRFS Executive Director Emin Huseynov said.

Ukraine should stop the practice of arresting journalists living in exile and immediately release Fikret Huseynli and the Uzbek journalist Narzullo Ohundzhenov, also detained in Ukraine.

IRFS calls on the authorities of the Netherlands, whose citizen Fikrat Huseynli is from 2015, to provide all possible assistance in his early release, as well as raise the issue in the European Council.

The statement calls on the European Parliament to reconsider the situation with freedom of expression in Azerbaijan, as it was earlier after the abduction in Georgia and the illegal extradition of the investigative journalist Afgan Mukhtarly to Azerbaijan.

IRFS urged the Council of Europe, the OSCE and the European Union not to grant authoritarian regimes the possibility of abusing international legal mechanisms for arrests of dissidents who are forced to live in political exile.

In the light of the increasing abuse of the persecution of critics by means of the Interpol mechanisms, IRFS called on the international community to urgently reform Interpol in order to exclude the use of this international organization as a transnational instrument of political struggle.

IRFS urged the Azerbaijani authorities to stop the harassment of journalists and release imprisoned journalists, bloggers, writers, and civil activists from prisons. -0-

Precipitation to Cease

Baku / 17.10.17 / Turan: On October 18, the weather in Baku and Absheron will be mostly rainless. The air temperature will be + 16 + 20 degrees Centigrade by day.

In the regions of the country, precipitation will also cease. Fog is expected in the morning and in the evening.

In low-lying areas the air temperature will be up to +22 by day, and in mountainous regions it will be up to +14 degrees. -05D-

Press Review 17.10.17

The results of the Geneva talks, the rise in food prices, and how to protect the rule of law are the leading topics of today's press.

The newspaper Azerbaijan wrote about the meeting of the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia in Geneva on October 16. The author asserts that the talks on the Karabakh issue are no longer imitative, thanks to the military operation in April 2016.

The Geneva talks were held under the spell of the possibility of military operations in the conflict zone. April clashes are possible at any time, since Armenians use bombs with chemical composition to destroy the inhabitants of Azerbaijan.

President Ilham Aliyev gave the co-chairs of the MG a final choice: either to start negotiations on the real liberation of the territories from occupation, or this issue will be the task of Azerbaijani soldiers.

The newspaper Echo published an article on the growth of prices for food. In Azerbaijan, 70% of all income of the population is spent on food, although in developed countries, this figure does not exceed 30%.

The government should abolish VAT on food products that are significantly more expensive and lower customs and tax rates. In a word, it should contribute to a fall in food prices.

The newspaper Novoye Vremya wrote about problems with maintenance of supremacy of the law. The article describes the significance of the Judicial-Legal Council and the decisions it makes. -0---