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2017 October 16 ( Monday )  18:48:16
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“Constructive” meeting of the leadersof Armenia and Azerbaijan

Baku/16.10.17/Turan:The President of the Republic of Armenia SerzhSargsyan and President of the Republic of Azerbaijan IlhamAliyev held Summit in Geneva, Switzerland. Foreign Minister of Armenia Edward Nalbandian and Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan ElmarMammadyarov attended the meeting, which was organized under the auspices of the Co-Chairs of OSCE Minsk Group (Igor Popov of the Russian Federation, Stephane Visconti of France, and Andrew Schofer of the United States of America). Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, Andrzej Kasprzyk also participated in the Summit.

The meeting took place in a constructive atmosphere. Presidents agreed to take measures to intensify the negotiation process and to take additional steps to reduce tension on the Line of Contact. The Co-Chairs expressed their satisfaction with these direct talks, which took place after a long interval. They remain ready to work with the sides on mediating a peacefully negotiated settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. -06D--

The meeting of the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia in Geneva

Baku/16.10.17/Turan: The meeting of the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia began with the mediation of the co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group took place in Geneva.The meeting is held at the residence of the Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the UN. There have not been any comments yet. -02D-

Punishment against Bayram Mamedov can be toughened, lawyer

Baku / 16.10.17 / Turan: Attorney Asabali Mustafayev met with youth activists Ilkin Rustamzade and Bayram Mammadov in jail No. 13 on October 16. On his facebook page, he wrote that "the disturbing information" about these political prisoners came from the jail. "Bayram served a 10-day punishment in the punishment cell, but there is a possibility of his being re-imprisoned in the punishment cell. The reason is an unauthorized change of bed. In fact, the administration of the jail changed the place of the bed.

Cold weather is coming and this decision may have the goal of harming Bayram's health, because the old place of the bed is constantly blown by a draft, Mustafayev said.

In his view, Mammadov is punished on far-fetched proposals to justify the tightening of the regime and send him to the Gobustan prison. Mammadov is convinced that the pressure on him is at the order by higher authorities.

Two other prisoners, Elgiz Gahraman and Ilkin Rustamzade, intend to go on a hunger strike to protest the violation of Mamedov's rights. "Bayram also joined this initiative. They applied to the leadership of the jail, but refused to register their application there. However, if their appeal is not registered, they will still begin the action, "Mustafayev said.

* On May 10, 2016, the members of the NİDA Movement Giyas Ibrahimov and Bayram Mammadov were arrested after writing political slogans on the monument to Heydar Aliyev. However, they were accused of a crime connected with drug trafficking and sentenced to 10 years in prison

Elgiz Gahraman was arrested on August 12, 2016 on charges of illicit drug trafficking on a large scale. On January 16, 2017, the Baku Serious Crimes Court sentenced him to 5.5 years in prison. On May 18, the appellate court upheld the verdict.

Ilkin Rustamzade was among the 8 activists of the youth movement NIDA ("Exclamation") convicted for long periods of false accusation of organizing riots, storing drugs and weapons. The reason for their arrest was the organization of a protest action against soldiers' deaths in the center of Baku on March 10, 2013.

The Serious Crimes Court sentenced Ilkin Rustamzade to 7 years in prison. The rest of the convicts were subsequently released.

The international human rights organization Amnesty International recognized Mammadov, Gahraman and Rustamzade as "prisoners of conscience" .- 03C06--

Aslan Ismayilov connects the criminal prosecution of him with Facebook publications

Baku / 16.10.17 / Turan: Lawyer Aslan Ismayilov believes that the criminal case against him on charges of hooliganism is connected with critical publications on Facebook.

He believes that the pro-government media controlled by Ali Hasanov (the presidential aide on public and political issues) waged a campaign against him, demanding that he stop criticizing the authorities. "But I'm not going to put up with lawlessness, arbitrariness and no criminal case, I should not be intimidated by arrest," Ismayilov told Turan news agency.

As for the essence of the charges, Ismayilov accused a judge of committing a crime who, despite Ismayilov's presence in court, ruled that he was not there, the lawyer said.

This is Ismayilov's claim to protect honor and dignity for the notorious head of the "Modern Musavat" party Hafiz Hajiyev. Narimanov District Court postponed the consideration of the claim seven times, and then forwarded it to the Binagadi court.

"I went to court, informed the secretary of the judge and himself about this. I was offered to wait in the hall, but after 30-40 minutes he came and said that the court had already announced a decision. I asked for clarification as to how the court ruled without my participation," Ismayilov said. He noted that after that he went to the Bianagadi court and the police, but he was not told about any criminal case.

"Apparently they coordinated the issue with the leaders and obtained consent, falsified the criminal case," Ismayilov said.

At 16.00 on Monday, he was summoned for questioning to the Binagadi police. -06D--

* * *

2017 October 16 (Monday) 14:19:25

Criminal Case Launched against Well-Known Lawyer

Baku / 16.10.17 / Turan: A criminal case has been filed in the Binagadi district police department against a well-known lawyer, head of the Visa firm Aslan Ismayilov, under Article 221 (hooliganism). He was informed about this by the investigator Ilgar Hamidov today.

As Ismayilov wrote on his Facebook page, the criminal case was started on the complaint of the judge of the Binagadi District Court Rashad Aliyev.

Ismayilov has been summoned for questioning at the district police departmenrt at 15:00 today. The lawyer regarded this as a provocation against him.

According to the lawyer, he stated on a falsification committed by the judge at a trial. -06D-

A new type of punishment for libel

Baku / 16.10.17 / Turan: It is proposed to introduce a new type of punishment for slander in Azerbaijan (Article 147 of the Criminal Code). So, in the order of the legislative initiative of the president, an amendment to this Article is envisaged. Henceforth, except for correctional labor for a period of 2 years or imprisonment for up to three years, a new form of restraint of liberty will be applied in the form of the stay of the convict under supervision at the place of residence without complete isolation from the community. In practice, this will mean an obligation not to leave the place of residence for a certain period of time and to carry electronic control.

In addition, the convicted person will be obliged not to leave the boundaries of the territory determined by the court, not to change the place of residence, work or education without permission. The bill will be submitted to the parliament for discussion on October 20. According to the MP Fazil Mustafa, the innovation will expand the capacity of judges to make alternative punishments. At the same time, the previous sanctions of Article 147 will also remain in force. -05D / B06-

Accident in the "SOCAR Tower"

Baku / 16.10.17 / Turan: Today, during the repair work in the elevator shaft in the building, SOCAR Tower, Orkhan Ahmedov, an employee of Verti LLC, who serves elevators, perished, a message distributed by SOCAR. During the repair work, for unknown reasons, he fell into the passage of the elevator and died on the spot. Investigation is ongoing. -06B-