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2017 October 13 ( Friday )  14:36:20
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Court Did Not Satisfy One of Turan News Agency’s Claims against Ministry of Taxes

Baku / 11.10.17 / Turan: Baku Administrative Economic Court No. 1 did not satisfy the Turan News Agency"s claim against the Baku City Local Income Department of the Ministry of Taxes.

The suit contained a request to declare invalid and unlawful the decision on the appointment of an extraordinary on-site tax audit of the news agency for the period 2010-2017.

The judges under the chairmanship of Museib Bayramov found the claim inadmissible, taking as a basis the arguments of the tax authorities that the decision to arrange on-site inspection is not an administrative act and cannot be appealed. The court actually withdrew from responsibility for the consideration of the claim, leaving the decision to the discretion of the Court of Appeal.

The lawyer Fuad Agayev expressed categorical disagreement with the arguments of the defendant and the court"s decision. He pointed out that, according to the Rules for the Arrangement of On-Site Tax Inspections approved by the Ministry of Taxes on September 7, 2016, the taxpayer has the right to appeal against the decision to check.

Agayev noted that the plaintiff will appeal to the Appeals Court and it will take at least another month to consider the appeal.

Consideration of another claim of Turan News Agency against the Tax Crimes Preliminary Investigation Department of the Ministry of Taxes on the illegality of the decision of August 7 to initiate criminal proceedings against Turan News Agency was postponed until December 5.

Turan News Agency regards the actions of the Ministry of Taxes and the court as deliberate steps to delay the criminal prosecution of the agency and its director, Mehman Aliyev, and create obstacles to the journalistic activities of the team.

* In May the Baku City Local Income Department accrued sanctions of AZN 5,000 for Turan News Agency for the year 2016. However, after Turan"s administrative complaint and the appropriate investigation, the higher instance of the Ministry of Taxes canceled the decision on June 30. Subsequently, on August 7, the same department added AZN 9,000 manat of taxes for the same year, and accrued a total sanction of AZN 37,000 for the years 2014-2016. A criminal case was launched against the news agency.

On August 25, the news agency"s director Mehman Aliyev was arrested. However, on September 11, he was released under a written commitment not to leave the city of Baku. -03B06-

Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia to Meet in Geneva October 16

Baku/13.10.17/Turan: The Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia will meet in Geneva on October 16. "Upon the proposal of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-chairs, the meeting of the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia will be held in Geneva on October 16, 2017 to discuss the settlement process of Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict," the Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry"s press release says. -06D--

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2017 October 13 (Friday) 11:23:41

Will Aliyev and Sargsyan Meet in Geneva?

Baku / 13.10.17 / Turan: The meeting of the Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan will be held in Geneva next week. Armenian media reported this with reference to the representative of the ruling Republican Party Ashotyan. According to him, the Armenian side expects from the forthcoming meeting Azerbaijan"s implementation of the principles adopted in Vienna and St. Petersburg, namely, steps to restore peace and strengthen the confidence of the parties.

Recall that the above principles provide for monitoring on the line of contact and strengthening monitoring procedures to prevent violations of the ceasefire and identify perpetrators of violations.

Armenia expects that compliance with these principles will prevent the use of military force by Azerbaijan for the liberation of the occupied territories.

In turn, Azerbaijan rejects any proposals that limit its legitimate right to resolve the conflict by military means. -02D-

President of Bulgaria to Discuss Gas Supply Issues in Baku

Baku / 12.10.17 / Turan: The issues of Azerbaijani gas supplies to Bulgaria will be one of the main topics of the talks during the visit of the President of this country Rumen Radev to Baku on October 13-14.

According to the website of the President of Bulgaria, Radev will hold a number of meetings in Baku, at which he will discuss cooperation in the fields of politics, trade, economy, energy, transport, education, science and culture.

As noted by the Bulgarian media, the main topic of the visit could be the discussion of the supplies of Azerbaijani gas to Bulgaria. Deliveries of Azerbaijani gas to Bulgaria are possible due to the construction of the gas interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (IGB).

It will be connected to the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), through which gas from the Shah Deniz field will be supplied to European markets. -0-

Two Activists of PFPA Arrested in Shirvan

Baku / 12.10.17 / Turan: Two local activists of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA) were arrested in the city of Shirvan (located 140 km southwest of Baku), the lawyer Yalchin Imanov told Turan.

Alifaga Abdullayev and Eldaniz Samedov were arrested on October 9 and 10, respectively. The city court appointed Abdullayev fifteen days of arrest. Samedov was arrested on 10 October for ten days. Both were found guilty under Article 535.1 (not subordination to legal requirements of police officers) of the Code of Administrative Offenses.

Activists in the court said they did not plead guilty and the true reason for their arrest was participation in the opposition rally in Baku on October 7 and distribution of photos from the action on social networks on the Internet.

According to the lawyer Imanov, it is not clear from the protocols drawn up by the police what was the expression of non-compliance of the activists with the police requirements.

The defense will appeal the arrests.

Turan did not manage to receive comments in the law enforcement bodies of Shirvan.

Recall that on the eve of the rally on October 7, six PFPA activists were arrested.

The rally on October 7 under the slogan No Corruption, Freedom for Political Prisoners! was organized by the National Council of Democratic Forces of Azerbaijan. -06B--

Court of Appeal Rejects Gezal Bayramli’s Complaint

Baku / 13.10.17 / Turan: On October 13, the Baku Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal of the PFPA deputy chairman Gezal Bayramli against the decision of the Nasimi court to extend the term of her arrest. Turan was informed about this by the lawyer Zibeyda Sadigova.

Recall that Gezal Bayramli was arrested in May 2017 on a contrived charge of smuggling 12 thousand US dollars and arrested. She herself and her opposition colleagues consider her arrest to be politically motivated in order to weaken the ranks of the country"s leading opposition party as much as possible. -05D-

Rains to Cease

Baku / 13.10.17 / Turan: No precipitation is expected in Baku and Absheron on October 14. The air temperature will be +18 +22 degrees Celsius.

In the regions of the country, precipitation is not expected either. The temperature in low-lying areas will be + 18 + 23 degrees. -05D-

Court Rejects Motion to Transfer Afgan Mukhtarly under House Arrest

Baku / 13.10.17 / Turan: The Nasimi district court of Baku rejected a petition to replace the preventive measure against the journalist Afgan Mukhtarly and transfer him under house arrest. Turan was informed about this by the lawyer Zibeyda Sadigova.

Today at 14.00 the same court will consider a complaint about the extension of the term of Mukhtarly"s arrest. The defense considers it unreasonable to keep the journalist in custody.

* Mukhtarli was abducted in Tbilisi on May 29 and brought to Azerbaijan, where he was charged under three articles of the Criminal Code: 315 (resistance to a representative of the authority with the use of force), 318.1 (illegal border crossing) and 206.1 (smuggling). Afgan Mukhtarly denies the charges, saying at the trial that his arrest is a political order. -03B-

Azerbaijani Child Returned from Iraq

Baku / 13.10.17 / Turan: A small Azerbaijani child named Abdullah was brought from Iraq to Baku. He was there in an orphanage after being released from the captivity of ISIS.

On the sad fate of Abdullah, whose mother died in Iraq, it became known from the video distributed in social networks a month ago.

After this, employees of the Azerbaijani embassy in Iraq engaged in this issue. With their escort, the child was taken to Baku and handed over to his relatives.

As the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Hikmet Hajiyev stated, work is being done to establish other Azerbaijani children in Iraq and to return them to their homeland.

"Identity is needed for the child"s removal from the country. After that, permission of the government of Iraq is required," Hajiyev said.

Earlier in the social networks, images of one of the shelters in the territories of Iraq liberated from ISIS were shown. Among the children were 2-year-old Khadija and 3-year-old Abdullah. After that, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the search began.

According to Azerbaijani special services, 900 citizens of Azerbaijan joined ISIS after the outbreak of the war in Syria and Iraq. 151 of them were deprived of their citizenship. -06D-

Population of Azerbaijan Close to 10 Million

Baku / 13.10.17 / Turan: Since the beginning of 2017 the population of Azerbaijan has increased by 57,269 people or by 0.6%, and by September 1 it was 9,867,250 people.

49.9% of the population are men, 50.1% are women, according to the State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan. There are 1,006 women per 1,000 men.

In January-August, 95,395 babies were born. 53% of them are boys, and 47% are girls, 1,712 are twins, and 33 are triplets.

During 8 months of 2017, 40,256 marriages and 9,787 divorces were concluded.

53% of the population lives in cities, and 47% lives in rural areas.

Since the beginning of the year, 2,080 people have arrived for permanent residence in Azerbaijan, and 1,202 people have left the country.

The positive migration balance was 878 people. -05D06--

Press Review 13.10.17

The development of cotton growing, problems with issuing loans by banks, and the reasons for the decline in oil production in Azerbaijan are the leading topics of today"s press.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the development of cotton growing in the country. The author tells about his meeting with a cotton grower of the village of Alvand of the Zardab district, Sura Miralieva. Despite the fact that this autumn showed its stern face early, cotton growers harvest at least 120-130 kg of cotton daily. This year from each hectare it is planned to harvest 30-32 quintals of cotton.

The newspaper Echo published an article on abuses in banks that issue loans outside the legal field. The Central Bank of Azerbaijan claims that the average interest rate on loans for individuals in foreign currency is 16.25%, and the same index in AZN is 16.10%. In reality, it is simply impossible to obtain a loan at these rates.

The Financial Markets Supervision Authority (FIMSA) banned banks from issuing loans in foreign currency. In addition, FIMSA tightened the requirements for lending, and this is the right decision. Banks took a responsible approach to assessing the financial position of their client.

As for the national currency, the Central Bank issues AZN loans to banks at 15%, that is the current discount rate of the Central Bank. Will commercial banks, taking a loan at 15%, start issuing money almost at the same rate?

The newspaper Novoye Vremya writes about the situation in the oil and gas sector, where the decline in oil production has reached 8%. Decrease in GDP in the oil sector is the indicator of common problems with the extraction of "black gold". SOCAR does not inform for what reasons there is a reduction in production. As it seems, if this were somehow connected with the OPEC + decision to reduce oil production, then this would have been announced. Apparently, the decline in oil production is due to other factors unknown to common people.