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Energy news
Bulletine Energy 

2017 October 04 ( Wednesday )  10:24:29
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Azerbaijan Increased Oil Production in September - Ministry

Baku/04.10.17/ Turan: The daily volume of oil production in Azerbaijan in September 2017 amounted to 785.7 thousand barrels, the Energy Ministry said.

"Daily oil production in Azerbaijan in September amounted to 785,700 barrels, of which 733,000 barrels fell on crude oil, and 52,700 barrels - on condensate," the information says.

In January 2017, daily oil production in Azerbaijan was 793,900 barrels, in February - 776,400 barrels, in March - 733,300 barrels, in April - 781,100 barrels, in May - 785,300 barrels, in June - 793,700 barrels, in July - 796,700 barrels, and in August - 734,800 barrels.

According to the Energy Ministry, the daily volume of export of oil from Azerbaijan in September of this year amounted to 627,000 barrels of crude oil, 52,700 barrels of condensate and 19,300 barrels of oil products.

According to the agreements, Azerbaijan undertook to cut its own oil production by 35,000 barrels per day - up to 800,000 b / d. -12D-

81.4% of SOCAR Oil Exports Realized through Ceyhan Terminal in January-September 2017

Baku/04.10.17/ Turan: According to the results of January-September of 2017, the pipeline oil export of SOCAR amounted to 15,663,051 tons. The Turan news agency reports this, based on the data of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR).

Out of this volume, 81.4% of oil exports fell on shipments from the Mediterranean terminal Ceyhan in Turkey. During the reporting period, SOCAR shipped 12,753,536 tons of Azerbaijani oil through Ceyhan (an increase of 3.5%).

The share of shipments from the Black Sea terminal Supsa in the export of SOCAR amounted to 11.2%. For 9 months of this year, 1,751,811 tons of Azerbaijani oil was sent to the world markets from the Georgian terminal (an increase of 5.5%).

The Russian terminal Novorossiysk is used for the export of oil from SOCAR and operating companies (except for those that are operated by BP-Azerbaijan). This year 7.4% of Azerbaijani oil supplies fell on its share. In January-September 2017 Azerbaijan shipped 1,157,704 tons of oil via Novorossiysk, which is 28.9% more than in the same period last year. -12B-

Decline in Export of Oil Products Continues in Azerbaijan

Baku/04.10.17/ Turan: SOCAR exported 598,198 tons of oil products and petrochemicals to world markets in January-September 2017.

According to the press service of SOCAR, in January-September of 2016 the company exported oil products and petrochemicals in the amount of 838,158 tons. Thus, for 9 months of 2017, the volume of exports decreased by 28.6%.

In the structure of exports in January-September 2017, the share of diesel fuel was 401,158 tons, aviation fuel - 33,582 tons, fuel oil - 236 tons, high pressure polyethylene - 56,265 tons, absolute isopropyl alcohol - 9,107 tons, liquid pyrolysis resin - 46,985 tons, propylene - 29,249 tons, and butylenes-butadiene fraction - 21,616 tons.

According to SOCAR, in September the average price of leaded gasoline in world markets was $ 575.01 per ton (in August - $ 548.55 per ton), aviation fuel - $ 539.99 ($ ​​505.99), diesel fuel - $ 505.99 ($ ​​460. 64), and fuel oil with 1% sulphur content - $ 317.18 ($ 296.72).

* In 2016 the company exported 1,139,897 tons of oil products. -12B

SOCAR Increased Drilling Volumes by 20% in January-September

Baku/04.10.17/ Turan: In January-September, the drilling departments of SOCAR increased drilling volumes by 19.6% to 103,625 meters compared to the same period of last year.

"In the total volume of drilling operations of SOCAR in January-September 2017, 96,250 meters were production drilling, and exploration work was 7,375 meters," SOCAR said.

In January-September of this year, SOCAR drilling units commissioned 56 new wells, including 4 in September.

* In 2016, SOCAR drilling volumes were 105,245 meters.

SOCAR Considers It Inexpedient to Reduce Tariff for Gas Supplied for Heating

Baku/04.10.17/ Turan: SOCAR considers it inexpedient to reduce the tariff for gas supplied by Azeristiliktachizat OJSC (a state enterprise for rendering heating services to citizens and legal entities).

The Cabinet of Ministers on 20 February 2017 ordered the Tariff Council of the Ministry of Economy to submit proposals on tariffs for natural gas consumed for electricity production after their approval by SOCAR and Azeristiliktachizat. In May 2017, the Ministry of Economy established a working group on this issue.

According to the monitoring materials, during the discussion of the issue of gas price reduction for Azeristiliktachizat in SOCAR, the opinion was expressed that after the last increase in gas tariffs (01.01.2017) and transfer of consumers to economy mode, the number of consumers decreased sharply, which also reduced the company"s revenues from gas sales.

According to SOCAR, taking into account the fact that a part of the population has not exceeded the established preferential tariff limit for the whole period since the tariff increase, SOCAR has not received additional funds from the increase in gas prices.

"From this point of view, the reduction of the gas tariff for Azeristiliktachizat is considered inexpedient. At the same time, discussions on this issue continue," the report says.

According to the government, the total debt of Azeristiliktachizat to SOCAR for gas and the balance of the debt formed on May 1, 2017, is 89 million 532 thousand manat. An official letter was sent to the OJSC concerning the repayment of the debt. -12D-

Shimal-2 Power Station to Be Put into Operation with Five-Year Delay from Schedule

Baku/04.10.17/ Turan: Commissioning of the second combined-cycle plant (CCGT) at the Shimal power station is scheduled for May 2018.

This is reported in the monitoring materials for the implementation of measures reflected in the Strategic Roadmap for the Development of Public Utilities.

At present, the financing of works is carried out in accordance with the established schedule. Funds for financing the work are provided in the budget of revenues and expenses of Azerenergy OJSC for 2017.

The construction of the power plant is financed by a loan of $275 million from the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC). The loan was granted to Azerbaijan for 40 years with a 10-year grace period at an interest rate of 0.75%. The total cost of the project exceeds $ 330 million.

The project involves the construction of a combined-cycle plant with a capacity of 409 MW, the construction of a two-ring transmission line of 220 kV with a length of 107 km, and the reconstruction of transmission lines and substations. According to the project, the plant under construction will produce 3.2 billion kW / h of electricity per year, and the amount of conventional fuel consumed to produce 1 kW/ h of electricity will be 220 grams.

The construction is carried out by the Japanese company Toyo Engineering Corporation.

At the Shymal power station there is already one 400 MW CCGT unit built by the Mitsui / Mitsubishi alliance on a JBIC loan in 2002.

* On September 21, the President of Azerbaijan took part in the ceremony of laying the foundation of the Shimal-2 power plant located in the village of Shuvalan (25 km north of Baku). Then the President was informed that the project is to be completed by the end of 2013. -12D

Kazakhstan Increased Oil Production by 12.5% and Gas Production by 17%

Baku/04.10.17/ Turan: The volume of oil and condensate production in Kazakhstan amounted to 64 million tons in January-September 2017, Energy Minister Kanat Bozumbayev said at a government meeting yesterday.

During the reporting period, Kazakhstan produced 47.853 million tons of oil and 9.03 million tons of gas condensate. Thus, the production increased by 12.5% this year.

Bozumbayev also said 51.8 million tons of oil was exported in 9 months.

The gas production amounted to 39.2 bcm, which is 17% more than in the same period last year. The electricity production increased by 9.2% up to 74 billion kW/ h. The coal production increased by 5.4% - up to 74 million tons. -0

Kazakhstan Signs Contract for Supply of Five Billion Cubic Meters of Gas to China

Baku/04.10.17/ Turan: Kazakhstan will start supplying gas to the People"s Republic of China from October 15, KazTransGas JSC press service reported.

According to the agreement between KazTransGas and Chinese PetroChina, Kazakhstan will supply 5 bcm of gas to China during the calendar year.

The resource base will be gas fields in the west of Kazakhstan. In addition, gas will be supplied from the underground gas storage facilities of KazTransGas. The Chinese side chose the border crossing point Khorgos as the receiving point.

It is expected that KazTransGas"s export revenue will be about $ 1 billion.

* According to China"s customs statistics, Kazakhstan delivered 431 mcm of gas to P.R.C. in 2016.

Turkmenistan Only Ready to Be Observer in OPEC +

Baku/04.10.17/ Turan: Turkmenistan is not yet ready to accept Russia"s invitation to participate in the deal to cut oil production within OPEC and non-OPEC countries, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak told reporters yesterday.

In turn, Turkmenistan responded to the invitation that it was ready to be only an observer, Novak said.

The Minister specified that the production volumes in Turkmenistan are small.

* According to the results of 2016 on the BP Statistical Review of World Energy, Turkmenistan produced 12.7 million tons of oil and condensate. At the same time, 6.7 million tons was used in the domestic market, and 5 million tons was exported. -0