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Situation with Lending in Banks of Azerbaijan
Markets Review 

2017 July 04 ( Tuesday )  10:33:16
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Over the past month, the situation with lending changed in two banks of Azerbaijan. One of them is Rabita Bank. The bank, within the summer campaign, which will last until the end of August, has reduced the annual interest rate for more than six months on pawn loans from 30-36% to 29%. However, the annual interest rate of loans granted up to six months remained at the same level of 24-28%.

Nakhchivan Bank after a long break began to issue consumer and business loans. However, lending is realized in a limited number, only in the main office of the bank for customers with a positive credit history.

Currently, Azerbaijani banks mainly offer five types of consumer loans.

For individuals, cash loans issued in manats make up 15-38% per annum, car loans make up 10-27% per annum, pawn loans (on the security of precious jewelry) make up 24-38% per annum, mortgage loans (mortgage for real estate) make up 11-29% per annum, and loans for repair and construction works make up 20-28% per annum.

Commercial bankAnnual interest rate for consumer loans (AZN)
CashCarPawnMortgageRepair and construction
1Access Bank29%25-26%-24-25%25-26%
2AFB Bank26-30%----
3AG Bank-----
4Amrah Bank-----
5Ata Bank-----
6International Bank of Azerbaijan (IBA)27-29%----
7Azerbaijan Senaye Bank-----
8Azer-Turk Bank24-26%----
9Bank AvrasiyaIndividuallyIndividually---
10Bank of Baku25-32%----
11Bank BTB32-38%25-27%34%23%-
12Bank Respublika30%-36%--
13Bank Silk Way16-18%----
14Bank VTB Azerbaijan-----
15Demir Bank27-28%-27-28%-27-28%
16Express Bank28-30%-36-38%22-26%-
17Gunay Bank24%----
18Khalg Bank-----
19Capital Bank29%----
20Bank Melli Iran - Baku29%26%26%25%-
21Mugan Bank-----
22Nakhchivan Bank17-18%16-18%-11%-
23NBC Bank29-32%10-26%27%23-29%-
24Nikoil Bank-----
25National Bank of Pakistan - Baku-----
26Pasha BankIndividually----
27Rabita Bank30-32%-24-29%--
28Turan Bank17-29%19-21%29-36%-20-24%
29Uni Bank23-29%----
30Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan28%23-24%-19-20%-
31Ziraat Bank AzerbaijanIndividuallyIndividually-Individually-

Three banks, AFB Bank, Azer-Turk Bank and Bank BTB, continue to issue consumer loans in US dollars.

Commercial bankAnnual interest rate for consumer loans (USD)
CashCarPawnMortgageRepair and construction
1AFB Bank13-17%----
2Azer-Turk Bank14-16%----
3Bank BTB-13-15%-23%-

Business loans in Azerbaijani banks, depending on the amount, are allocated in two forms - micro loans and macro loans. Micro loans are mainly provided for private entrepreneurs (individuals). Their annual interest rate in manats is 16-30%, and in dollars it is 10-22%. Macro loans are mainly issued to owners of large businesses (legal entities). The annual interest rate of these loans in the national currency is 14-30%, and in foreign currency it is 8-26%.

Commercial bankAnnual interest rate for business loans
Micro loansMacro loans
1Access Bank28%19-22%28%19-22%
2AFB Bank20-24%-18-30%8-16%
3AG Bank----
4Amrah Bank----
5Ata Bank----
7Azerbaycan Senaye Bank----
8Azer-Turk BankIndividuallyIndividuallyIndividuallyIndividually
9Bank Avrasiya----
10Bank of Baku26-32%-23-28%
11Bank BTB16%16%IndividuallyIndividually
12Bank Respublika----
13Bank Silk Way----
14Bank VTB Azerbaijan----
15Demir Bank25-30%-20-23%16-22%
16Express Bank25-30%-20-25%-
17Gunay Bank----
18Khalg Bank---16-23%
19Capital Bank----
20Bank Melli Iran - BakuIndividually-Individually-
21Mugan Bank----
22Nakhchivan Bank15%---
23NBC Bank21-23%10%20-24%10%
24Nikoil Bank---10%
25National Bank of Pakistan - Baku16-17%-16-17%-
26Pasha BankIndividuallyIndividuallyIndividuallyIndividually
27Rabita Bank25-27%-14-18%22-26%
28Turan Bank24-26%-IndividuallyIndividually
29Uni Bank28%-14%14%
30Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan----
31Ziraat Bank AzerbaijanIndividuallyIndividuallyIndividuallyIndividually