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Azerbaijani Money for Tourism Industry of Georgia

Azerbaijani Money for Tourism Industry of Georgia
Markets Review 

2017 June 13 ( Tuesday )  12:12:33
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The summer tourist season in Azerbaijan is traditionally opened on June 15. On this occasion, the National Bureau for Propaganda of Tourism held a meeting with managers of more than 50 tourism companies specializing in inbound tourism. According to the Minister of Culture and Tourism Abulfas Garayev, according to forecasts the main flow of tourists is expected from Arab countries and Russia.

Foreigners who shell out for Azerbaijani beauties are very good, but where our fellow citizens will spend their summer vacation and whether they will use the services of local resorts and recreation centers is of no less interest. The results of the polls published by the Azerbaijani Society of Young Researchers (ASYR) show that the vast majority of Baku residents, as well as Sumgait, Shirvan, Gence and Mingachevir residents (the research covered these cities of the republic) already choose a country for recreation and book tickets and hotels.

As the project coordinator of ASYR Kanan Samedov told Turan, the majority of our citizens prefer to leave the country for vacation. The main routes are neighboring Georgia and Turkey. Why are these countries attractive, while there are enough forests, mountains and seas in Azerbaijan? They are attractive because there are affordable prices, high level of service and an exciting holiday program.

"One respondent sent us an excerpt of rest in Shamakhi along with the answers. A day of rest in a three-star hotel will cost a minimum of 200 manat - AZN 100 for a night and AZN 100 for meals for two. We multiply this amount for a week and we get 1,400 manat. Plus, the cost of boat riding on the lake, walks through the forest, etc. makes about 1,800-1,900 manat. With this money you can have a chic vacation in Antalya or Batumi, and it will be cheaper," Samedov said.

To complete the picture, the researchers also analyzed the statistical data provided by CJSC Azerbaijan Railways and the Baku International Bus Station on the filling of trains and buses along the Baku-Tbilisi route. As it turned out, every day about a thousand of our citizens go to the resorts of the neighboring country. Railway people are sure that the "sold-out" on this route will be repeated this year too.

According to official data, last year more than 1 million tourists from Azerbaijan visited Georgia, and 370,000 tourists visited Turkey, thereby contributing to the development of the tourism industry of these countries.

To explain the "allergy" of the majority of the population to domestic tourist complexes and recreation bases with only a high cost would be wrong. Negative to the general mood is added by the low level of service: rooms in the hotel, the condition of the bathrooms, and the culture of the waiters. By the way, just go to the site to see this. People share their impressions of trips to the resorts of the Sheki, Ismayilli and Gakh regions. Someone resents the price of rest, another complains about the quality of food, a meager menu, lack of entertainment and sports leisure, and the third could not sleep at night because of mosquitoes.

A Baku resident Khalida Vekilova, who recently visited the sanatorium Jannat Bagy in the village of Altyagach in the Khizi district, shared her information with Turan. "The roads in the village are terrible, and a light rain makes knee-deep mud. The room that cost 160 manat per day (plus breakfast) was excellent, but not cleaned during the stay of the guest. The girl at the reception said that we needed to call a cleaner for this. No excursion was offered to tourists, although there are museums of M. Mushfig and J. Jabbarli in the village. In a word, I spent about 600 manat for a three-day holiday, but I did not get any pleasure," the interlocutor said.

According to the independent expert Samir Aliyev, the weak level of the domestic tourism industry is the low level of service culture, especially in the regions. This problem is related to the insufficient level of training of specialists working in the field of tourism, the shortage of middle and junior personnel, the reluctance of graduates of higher educational institutions to work in the initial positions in hotels (maids, waiters, etc.), and the attraction of untrained and unemployed people to these positions.

In a word, it is necessary to solve the personnel question in this sphere, as well as expand the range of services and tourism products - organization of excursions, entertainment, and spa salons. In this case, people will repeatedly come to the local recreation centers, and not leave for Georgia and Turkey, taking their money away with them.-0--