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Not only politicians are subjected to repression, but also ordinary citizens - a human rights activist

2017 June 29 ( Thursday )  14:04:34
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Baku/29.06.17/Turan: In Azerbaijan, there is another wave of worsening the situation with political freedoms, human rights activist Samir Kazymly said in an interview with the Turin program of the ətin sual (Difficult issue) of the agency Turan. Restrictions of political freedoms constantly take place, but from time to time the situation softens somewhat, political prisoners are released. But then begins a new wave of repression, pressure on activists and arrests. According to Kazymly, freedom of expression, assembly, association, property right is severely restricted in the country. Because of the absence of independence, courts cannot perform functions to protect human rights.

Freedom of assembly is extremely limited. Rallies are allowed only at the stadium "Mahsul" in Baku. But citizens are persecuted, arrested, and dismissed from their jobs for participation in agreed actions.

Thus, about 20 activists of the Popular Front Party lost their work for participation in the rallies.

The worst situation is in the media, and by the decision of the court sites are blocked, a new wave of arrests of journalists is held.

The country has more than one and a half hundred political prisoners. These lists are drawn up in accordance with the criteria defined in the PACE resolution adopted in the fall of 2012 on the basis of the report of Christoph Strasser.

Thus, political prisoners are not only those arrested for political activities, but also those who suffered for the realization of fundamental freedoms - freedom of speech, expression, assembly and media.

Thus, ordinary citizens who participated in peaceful protests in Siyazan (against the rise in prices for flour and bread), in Mingachevir (against police arbitrariness), in Bilasuvar (the protest action of forced migrants against electricity cut-off) and a large group of believers are recognized as political prisoners.

Kazymly sees the way out of the situation in stopping repression and in dialogue with civil society and parties, releasing political prisoners, ensuring freedom of the press, holding free elections.

How can international organizations help to carry out democratic reforms? Answering this question, Kazymly said that for the activities of international organizations there are no conditions in the country.

There are no practical or legislative conditions for the activities of their civil society partners, Kazimli said. -C06-

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