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10% compensation for demolished houses is unfair - expert

2017 March 16 ( Thursday )  16:56:08
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The demolition of high-rise buildings, called "Khrushevka" require update the infrastructure, said in an interview with Turan's Cətin Sual (Difficult Question) the head of MBA LTD, expert on real estate market issues Nusrat Ibrahimov, commenting on the plans of the authorities to demolish entirely the First Baku district, and build up high-rises in this place.

On the site of the demolished should be built 4-5, 7-storey buildings. "For the construction of high-rise buildings, it is necessary to update communications, and the update should be centralized," Ibrahimov said.

To what extent does the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers on the demolition of five-story houses and other private facilities in the first micro-district of Baku and the building of private companies there comply with the Constitution?

Answering this question, Ibrahimov said: "The resolution says that the emergency buildings will be demolished.

In the demolition zone are the houses of the "French" project, which are obsolete both physically and morally. From this point of view, the decision to demolish is the right step. But it is necessary that new houses be built in accordance with the general plan and meet the requirements of the day.

How will be solved the issue of ensuring the rights of owners during the demolition, who will be the guarantor of providing them with new housing?

Answering this question Ibrahimov replied that it was necessary to sign treaties between the parties. Their subject must be insured. If there is no insurance, then the state will be the guarantor. If there is not all this, then the risk factor rises. Terms of the contract must be insured or provided with state guarantees.

How fair is the provision of tenants in new apartments with an area of ​​10% more than they had?

The expert answered this question: "In the law on state purchases of land, compensation to owners is provided. But the talk is not about public procurement. I think that these questions will be taken into account. The state should think about it."

The expert believes that 10% compensation is low. According to him, the area of ​​one-room houses in the First micro district is only 29 square meters. Meters. The given the 10% "premium", the expansion will be only 3 square meters.

On the other hand, the construction in Soviet-built houses was such that the apartments were through, and there was natural ventilation. In the current new buildings, the width of the buildings is very large and the apartments are placed only on one side and there is no draft, just as there is not enough sunlight. That is, sanitary norms are not respected and therefore in compensation this should be increased.

The expert also doubts the expediency of constructing 30-35 storey buildings in the First microdistrict, taking into account the limited territory and density of traffic around. -06D-

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