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Dutch Azeri Bloggers Brother and Nephew Arrested

Dutch Azeri Bloggers Brother and Nephew Arrested

2017 February 21 ( Tuesday )  11:11:45

Police continued pressure on relatives of the opposition blogger Ordukhan Teymurkhan living in the Netherlands. Yesterday his brother Khanlar and nephew Sabuhi were arrested for 30 days. Both are accused of not subordinating the police, Meydan TV reported.

Pressure on Ordukhan’s relatives began after 18 February, when he exposed the actions of the Azerbaijani authorities, who use their protégés in the Diaspora to promote the policy of official Baku.

In particular, the blogger shot a video and put it on the Internet in Cologne (Germany) on the protégés of the authorities trying to prevent the action of political refugees in the defense of political prisoners in Azerbaijan.

The next day, Ordukhan’s 12 relatives in Baku were taken to the police, including women and children. There they were exposed to psychological pressure to force the blogger to stop criticizing the government.

The blogger himself knew this on the phone from a police officer. According to Ordukhan, it was the chief of police in Surakhani, Namig Hasanov.

A day later the women and children were released, but his brother and nephew were accused of resisting the police and arrested.

MIA for several days has refused to comment on the happening. -03D-



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