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Israeli blogger can be extradited to Azerbaijan

Israeli blogger can be extradited to Azerbaijan

2017 January 07 ( Saturday )  13:43:12

The decision on the extradition  an Israeli citizen, blogger Alexander Lapshito Azerbaijan,  who was detained in Belarus, has already been made, wrote on  the social network  "Live Journal"  on January 6 his girlfriend Ekaterina from the words of the blogger, who is now in the Minsk detention center, said the site IzRus. "Alexander reported that a few days ago in jail representatives of law enforcement agencies informed him that a decision on his extradition has made. It was agreed that after arrival in Baku, he will be immediately expelled to Israel,  and passed to  the representative of that country. However, no papers or documents confirming that  agreement  had been  provided to Lapshin, says his sister.

According to  Ekaterina,  the conversation was attended by representatives of the Israeli consulate or Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, and even a lawyer. There are no agreements with  regard of this in the Israeli Consulate, relatives  of Lapshin  were told.

Lapshin was detained on December 15 in Minsk at the request of Azerbaijan on charges of anti-government appeals and illegal crossing  the state border. Earlier, the Israeli Foreign Ministry called on the authorities of Belarus with an appeal not to  let  Lapshin in Azerbaijan.  The Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan accused Alexander Lapshin  of illegally crossing the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, which did open calls to recognize Nagorno-Karabakh's independence and accused Azerbaijan of violating the rights of the Armenians. -02D-



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