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Lawyer: The investigation called Faig Amirov Imam of Gulen supporters (UPDATED)

Lawyer: The investigation called Faig Amirov Imam of Gulen supporters (UPDATED)

2016 August 22 ( Monday )  18:18:27

The charges against the PFPA leader and assistant financial director of the newspaper "Azadlig" Faig Amirov and  the decision on his arrest for three months will be appealed, according to the lawyer Amirov Agil Laijev. Amirov was  detyained on August 20, and  is accused of chnarges  under the Articles 283.2.2 (inciting national, racial or religious enmity) and 168.1 (infringement of the rights of citizens under the pretext of performing religious rites) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan. Lawyer called the accusations ridiculous and laughable. "Never before have I seen such a stupid and frivolous accusations, built on fantasies.

Thus, the investigation claims that Amirov is allegedly imam, and  preached these sermons and led to riots caused religious hatred. He allegedly closely associated with the movement "Khizmat"by the  preacher Fethullah Gulen. That's all the prosecution," said the lawyer.

The lawyer noted that the investigation did not submit to the court the book allegedly found in the car of  Amirov. "We asked to present these books, but we were told that they were sent for examination. Apparently they realized that if they present the  "found" book, it will cause laughter, and most likely a investigation will change the book for other," said the lawyer.

According to Laijev, Amirov  denied the accusations, and even  ook  them with humor. "Maybe at one time my grandmother dreamed that I would  be Seid or imam. Now I am being punished for my grandmother's dream," Amirov commented ironically. -03B-

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2016 August 22 (Monday) 17:00:28

 The Nasimi district court chose against Faig Amirov, the Assistant Chairman of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA) and financial director of the newspaper "Azadlig" a preventive measure in the form of arrest for three months.  Protection intends to appeal the decision. -16D/ 06-

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2016 August 22 (Monday) 13:37:07

The assistant head of the PFPA and financial director of the newspaper Azadlig Faig Amirov detained last Saturday is charged under articles 283.2.2 (inciting national, racial or religious hatred) and 168.1 (infringement of the rights of citizens under the pretext of performing religious rites) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.

Turan was told by Amirov’s attorney Aghil Lahijov. He called the accusations "a set of words" and the absurd.

The investigation alleges that in the trunk of Amirov’s car books were found, related to the Turkish preacher Fethullah Gulen. However, firstly, the books do not belong to Amirov and were planted there. Secondly, the books are not banned in Azerbaijan.

The charge under Article 168.1 in general is absurd, because Amirov is not engaged in any religious activity.

Amirov was previously detained as a suspect for a period of 48 hours.

This term will expire approximately at 16.00 on 22 August.

The Chairman of the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) Jamil Hasanli wrote on Facebook one of the books "discovered" in the trunk of Amirov’s car is called Islamic Teachings of Gulen and the Concept of Humanism. It was published under the editorship of one of the founders of the ruling party, the late Professor, uncle of the Prosecutor General Zakir Garalov, Zahid Garalov.

Hasanli recalled that Gulen's books published at high polygraphic level were presented in the exposition of the exhibition dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Heydar Aliyev.

Hasanli said that those who seek Gulen supporters can find them on video shooting among the leadership of the ruling party New Azerbaijan, MPs and members of the presidential administration, who constantly participated in events at the University of Caucasus.

Another book "incriminated" to Amirov is called Eleven Days with Fethullah Gulen, by the Turkish journalist Mehmet Gundem. The author of one of the articles of this book is the secretary of the Union of Writers of Azerbaijan, member of the Board of the Press Council, Editor-in-chief of 525-ci Gazet, Rashad Majid. -06D--

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2016 August 20 (Saturday) 22:20:09

The arrested Saturday morning assistant to the Chairman of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA) and Chief Financial Officer of the opposition newspaper Azadlig Faig Amirov (Amirli) is held as a suspect under article 283 (inciting national, racial or religious hatred). The lawyer for Amirov, Agil Lahijov, told Turan.

After interrogation at the Investigation Department for Serious Crimes at Prosecutor General Amirov was sent to temporary detention in the Narimanov District Police Department. Within 48 hours the investigation is to make a decision - either to indict Amirov, or release him.

According to the investigation, religious books by Gulen were found in Amirov's car trunk. Amirov said the books had been planted in his car after his arrest. According to the lawyer, these books are not included in the number of banned literature. In addition, in these books there is no advocacy of religious hatred, the lawyer said. They promote love for Allah and talk about how you have to be a good and honest man. In addition, signs of criminal acts under Article 283 are committing them in public or through the media. However, according to the lawyer, Amirov did not make either one or the other.

The Azadlig newspaper issued a statement in connection with the detention of Amirov. "To all our readers and the local and international community we announce that the fate of the newspaper Azadlig is endangered. An immediate action to halt the repression must be taken. The newspaper Azadlig will continue to work in difficult conditions, and we will remain committed to free speech until the end," stated the Azadlig newspaper office.

The leader of the Popular Front Party Ali Kerimli, in turn, called the detention of Amirov a provocation of the authorities with the aim to link PFPA with Fethullah Gulen to justify repression against the opposition.

Kerimli said that in recent days the Azerbaijani and Russian media launched a smear campaign against PFPA and personally against him. "They try to connect PFPA and me personally with Gulen," said Kerimli.

A PFPA activist Fouad Ahmadli, whom law enforcement officers posed as a supporter of Gulen, has already been arrested.

"Today Faig Amirli was detained. Allegedly, Gulen's books were found in his car. It is a very primitive provocation," Kerimli said.    -06D--

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2016 August 20 (Saturday) 12:29:56

Today in the morning the Financial Director of the newspaper Azadlig, PFPA activist, Faig Amirov, was detained, the Deputy Chairman of PFPA, Gezal Bayramli, told Turan.

According to her, Amirov was detained taken from his apartment by people in civilian clothes at around 11:00.

Currently, the Investigation Department for Serious Crimes of Prosecutor General's Office is conducting a search in Amirov’s apartment, the newspaper Azadlig reports.

The reason for the detention is unknown. Law enforcement authorities have not commented on the situation.

Note that Amirov is also a close associate of the leader of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan, Ali Kerimli.

"Whatever the charge may be brought against Amirov, it will not have reason. What is happening is a part of the accelerated campaign of repression directed against me personally and the party," PFPA leader Ali Kerimli told Turan.

By 13:30 the search in Amirov’s apartment was completed, after which the investigators began a search of his car. According to the family, nothing was found in the apartment. The investigators meanwhile withdrew his wedding discs and documentation related to the publication of the newspaper.

The prosecutors gave no explanation. They also refused to wait for the arrival of a lawyer, saying the search was "urgent". At the same time, they presented the authorization signed by Eldar Ahmadov, Head of the Department for Serious Crimes of Prosecutor General's Office. -06B-



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