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Secret US mission  of the  FSB Director

Secret US mission of the FSB Director

2015 February 20 ( Friday )  15:19:40
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«On February 18, 2015 President of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee, the Director of the FSB of Russia A.V. Bortnikov at the invitation of the American side, flew to Washington, DC (USA.) On behalf of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, he headed the Russian interagency delegation at the summit to counter violent extremism (18-19 February 2015)," the FSB website. According to the open information,  the visit of  Bortnikov was not provided initially, and was extended at the last moment.

"Russia asked for assistance with visas and registration, because they decided to change the composition of the delegation," said State Department spokesman Jen Psaki.

"Russia was invited. I believe that we have left the right of each country to determine its delegation," she added. But  Psaki did not give explanation why Moscow has expanded its delegation at the last minute to include Bortnikov. The AFP also reported that the Russian delegation took part in the meeting on the issue of foreign fighters at the invitation of US Secretary of State, John Kerry.

The importance of the visit  of Bortnikov is confirmed also by the fact that the United States ignored the EU sanctions against him. "Bortnikov is subject to EU sanctions imposed in connection with support for pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine, but it is not under any US sanctions,"  said Psaki.

Alexander Bortnikov, head of the powerful intelligence agency, is one of the Russian highest officials, and his visit to Washington took place at a time when tensions between the two countries broke out in connection with the conflict in eastern Ukraine, said AFP.

"There are a number of issues on which we work together. Of course, there are serious differences, both in terms of Ukraine," said Psak.

After the visit, Alexander Bortnikov told reporters that his visit to Washington has professional, and political character: "It is impossible to address issues of political problems, not using the opportunities that me and my colleagues possess. This is a very important aspect, which is the basis of what can be a positive influence on what is happening,"  RIA-Novosti cited Bortnikov.

It is not hard to guess that Bortnikov was in the US as the personal representative of Vladimir Putin. The decision on his trip to Washington was adopted on 18 February, when the Ukrainian President Poroshenko ordered his troops to leave Debaltsevo.

 The start  of such secret US-Russian consultations at the highest level suggests that Washington and Moscow enter into consultations to address mutual interests, which will be  ensured through the prism of the anti-crisis policy of the Kremlin,  noted Turan agency.-0-



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