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Ilham Aliyev to students: there are no values in Europe

Ilham Aliyev to students: there are no values in Europe

2015 September 15 ( Tuesday )  17:55:23
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On 15 September  the president of state  Ilham Aliyev visited the Baku School N148 in connection with the beginning of the school year. Speaking to students and teachers, he said that the level of education in the country is high and continues to improve. Literacy in the country is almost 100%, but we need to keep up with global processes so that young people be prepared and educated. "So, today in the world are implemented special programs of  ideological nature. Under the slogan of globalization various measures are taken, which creates some problems, he said. Azerbaijan is  developing its own model of development, based on the independence, national values, patriotism, Aliyev said. "We must protect our young people from the harmful effects of external and alien values. Some foreign circles want to create a zone of influence, but we go our own way," Aliyev said.

"Today Azerbaijan is in good hands, no one can put pressure on us, affect our policy. There are forces that want to subjugate Azerbaijan itself, force us to live according to their instructions. When their attempts fail,  they  blame us," he said.

Further, Aliyev condemned Europe of xenophobia, racism, fascism and other sins,  explaining his  assessment  by the current events in Europe, where refugees from the Middle East are “tortured.”  "Where is your tolerance and kindness, generosity, where are your values?"

Azerbaijan has these values, and no one is allowed to break them. A major role in this belongs to young people, their upbringing and education, defined the responsibilities of education Ilham Aliyev. -02D-



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