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Frozen accounts of 12 NGOs and 13 civil society activists

Frozen accounts of 12 NGOs and 13 civil society activists

2014 August 06 ( Wednesday )  12:06:54

At present, according to the criminal case against a number of local and foreign NGOs, which leads Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General for Serious Crimes, the bank accounts of 12 NGOs and 13 activists have been arrested. Turan learned this from sources in civil society.

However, according to some reports, the number of persons whose bank accounts have been arrested is more. They are the ones who personally received grants from the American and European donors, due to the fact that the Azerbaijani authorities have not registered NGOs, led by certain activists.

NGOs whose accounts have been frozen also include representatives of American organizations, in particular, IREX.

Earlier, the press service of the Prosecutor General's Office said that in connection with the detection of violations of law by some local NGOs and branches of foreign NGOs, a criminal case was initiated under Article 308.1 (abuse of power) and 313 (forgery).

As part of the criminal case inspections are currently being carried out in several NGOs. -03B06-



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