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Amnesty International: Intigam Aliyev - Prisoner of Conscience

Amnesty International: Intigam Aliyev - Prisoner of Conscience

2014 August 13 ( Tuesday )  01:27:51

Amnesty International has recognized Azerbaijani human rights activist Intigam Aliyev "prisoner of conscience" and called for his immediate release.

 In a special statement, Amnesty International, on Tuesday, noted that Aliyev was arrested on trumped up charges and he is being persecuted for his human rights activities. The statement reads that Intigam Aliyev, a prominent Azerbaijani human rights defender, has been placed on three months' pre-trial detention on trumped up charges. Amnesty International considers Intigam Aliyev a prisoner of conscience, detained solely for his work as a human rights defender.

Intigam Aliyev, head of the NGO Legal Education Society, was summoned on 8 August to the Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan as a witness in a criminal case against a number of NGOs. He was detained later that day, while police searched his home and office, confiscating equipment such as laptops and reports containing information on his work as a human rights defender.

The same day Nasimi regional court in Baku ordered three months pre-trial detention of Aliyev on charges of tax avoidance (article 213.1), illegal entrepreneurship (article 192.2.2) and "abuse of power entailing grave consequences" (article 308.2) under Azerbaijan's Criminal Code. He denied the allegations.

Intigam Aliyev is one of the few human rights defenders in Azerbaijan who have provided legal assistance and representation to the victims of politically motivated persecution and submitting some of these cases to the European Court of Human Rights. Intigam Aliyev was also one of a group of experts and human rights defenders who compiled a list of politically motivated arrests in Azerbaijan and cooperated with international organizations to demand their release.

Human Rights Watch believes that Aliyev is persecuted for human rights activities, recognizes him as a "prisoner of conscience" and called for the immediate release of the activist.

Meanwhile, the daughter of the human rights activist said that after the spread of information in the media about the imprisonment of Aliyev in jail quarantined in hard conditions, on August 12, he was visited by representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross. After this visit, Aliyev was transferred to a normal camera. -06D--



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