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Akram Aylisli: I will not leave the country!

Akram Aylisli: I will not leave the country!

2013 February 06 ( Wednesday )  12:38:56


Baku/06.02.13/Turan "Publications that I have left the country or am going to do it are a provocation and fairy tales. I'm not going to do it," said in an interview with Turan the writer Akram Aylisli.

At the same time, he confirmed reports that the day before his son and wife were dismissed.

Thus, the writer's son, Lieutenant-Colonel of the Customs Service Najaf Naibov (Aylisli), who served for 12 years as head of a section in the financial department of the State Customs, was dismissed without explanation.

The wife of the writer, Galina Aylisli, who for many years headed the Children's Library named after Nazim Hikmet in Sabail also was unexpectedly fired.

"All this is being done to put pressure on me - it's revenge for I wrote the novel Stone Dreams, the writer said.

Stone Dreams are the second part of a trilogy. The first part, Yemen was written in 1990. Work on the third part of the trilogy called Grand Traffic Jam is still in manuscript form. "I gave 50 copies of the third part of the trilogy to fellow writers and I am currently studying their reviews and intend to finalize the book. After that, the book will be published," the writer said, without revealing the content of the third part of the trilogy.

Recall that Stone Dreams have caused scandal and accusations of the writer of pro-Armenian and anti-Azerbaijan views and other sins.

The essence of the book is to present the fate and feelings of a Baku intellectual on the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict and relations between the two nations. -03B-




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