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Eight Youth Activists Arrested in Spring Face New Charges

Eight Youth Activists Arrested in Spring Face New Charges

2013 September 13 ( Friday )  01:27:02

The detained 7 NIDA youth movement activists and a member of the Free Youth Ilkin Rustamzadeh face a new charge based on Article 220.1 (organization of mass disorders accompanied by pogroms and arson) of the Criminal Code.

 This is reported by their lawyers.

 March 7 were arrested on suspicion of inciting violence before the action March 10 NIDA activists Bakhtiyar Guliyev , Shaheen Novruzlu and Mahammad Azizov. March 14 was arrested the leader of NIDA Rashad Hasanov, March 30 - two members of the Board of the movement, Uzeyir Mammadov and Rashadat Akhundov, on April 1 - another activist of the organization - Zaur Gurbanly. Young people have been charged with drug possession and ( or) of explosives. Rustamzadeh was arrested May 17 on charges of disorderly conduct.

 Lawyers believe absurd the new charges because there was no evidence of a crime itself. According to them, the action on March 10 against non- combat deaths was peaceful and no disturbances were to cause damage to public and private property. On the contrary, police brutally broke up the peaceful demonstration, using tear gas and water cannons.

 In connection with the nomination of the new charge the young people face an increase in the maximum penalty of 12 years imprisonment.

 Rustamzadeh and 7 activists of NIDA have been recognized by Amnesty International as " prisoners of conscience " . - 06B-




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