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Inspectors of the Ministry of Transport Attacked Two Employees of the Newspaper Azadlig

2013 April 28 ( Monday )  19:24:28

Two employees of the newspaper Azadlig Khalig Garaev and Seymour Khaziev on Saturday were subjected to physical pressure by the inspectors of the Department of Transport of the Transport Ministry.  This happened near the metro station 20 January on April 27 around noon. 

Garaev witnessed the use by the inspectors of force against the taxi driver. The reporter tried to take it on camera for the preparation of reporting. However, the inspectors confiscated his camera and beat him.

Accidentally passing by head of the political department of Azadlig Seymour Khaziev tried to intercede on behalf of his colleague and pull him out of the hands of the inspectors. However Khaziev was also subjected to physical pressure.

In this case, the inspector expressed insulting words against the newspaper Azadlig, Khaziev said.

Media Rights Institute (MRI) has strongly condemned the attack on the staff of the newspaper Azadlig.

MRI in a statement recalls that obstructing the professional activities of a journalist entails criminal liability under Article 163 of the Criminal Code.

In the statement, the IPM states that in 2012-2013 there were recorded more than 50 cases of pressure on journalists, who were not fairly investigated and no perpetrators have been punished.

Physical pressure on journalists creates a threat to the society for the right of citizens to seek, receive and impart information, the statement said IPM.

MRI called on law enforcement authorities to find and punish those responsible.

In turn, the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (PFP) regarded the attack on the staff of the newspaper Azadlig as another link in a targeted campaign to force the government newspaper to "silence" on the eve of the presidential elections of 16 October 2013.

The  Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Transport did not comment on the case.  -06D--




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