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Azerbaijan Participates in Support of the Regime of Bashar al-Assad?

Azerbaijan Participates in Support of the Regime of Bashar al-Assad?

2013 March 26 ( Wednesday )  15:55:53

The investigative group ProPublica in New York published a report entitled: "Accomplices in Syrian conflict." It talks about the actions of third parties in Syrian events.

According to the report, which is published by Radio Azadlig, Italian, Greek and American companies help Syria with technologies and Georgia, Libya, Cyprus, Angola, Venezuela, Iran and Russia - with the supply of oil and gasoline. In addition, Belarus, North Korea, Iran and Russia provide Syria with weapons. The latter two countries are supporting the Syrian government, sending money and fighters. In addition to these countries, from a legal point, Syria cooperates with 30 countries, including Azerbaijan.

In the article on the site documents of air flights Moscow-Damascus are analyzed. This site says that in the flight documentation of the cargo plane IL-76 Moscow-Damascus there is a transportation bill. Over a month, Damascus received about 240 tons of Syrian banknotes from Moscow, each time from the Vnukovo airport, with 30 tons of cargo also carried.

"In October 2012, Turkey forced a plane flying from Moscow to Damascus to land and checked it out. Following this incident, Russian military equipment was sent in a roundabout way - from Moscow to Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, and from there to Damascus.

ProPublica calculations show that for the continuation of military operations with the opposition, the Syrian government on a monthly basis needs $500 million. Foreign exchange reserves of the country are exhausted by half a billion dollars on a monthly basis. ProPublica finds that the Syrian government is trying to prolong its existence by printing money in Moscow.

"Syria: From Russia with money" with this headline the Sunday Telegraph published the story of a former Syrian military pilot and how he smuggled cash and weapons to the Assad regime - in violation of international sanctions.

According to the Syrian Air Force pilot named Nazim, he flew to Russia where he loaded the aircraft with notes (dollars and euros), necessary for keeping the Assad regime afloat. Flights were a few times a month. For weapons and ammunition, according to Nazim, Syrian pilots flew to Iran.

Nazim said that the first time he flew on a secret mission to Russia, his IL-76 flew the route Syria-Iraq-Iran -Azerbaijan-Russia. Picking up 30 tons of banknotes at the Moscow Vnukovo airport, Nazim returned to Damascus. There, a vehicle of the Central Bank of Syria was waiting for him.

Nazim was arrested after a crash of one of the cargo planes. Others were arrested along with him - pilots, gunners and civilians. He was interrogated for several weeks before being released.

Note that the West has imposed sanctions against the Syrian regime. -02D-



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