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Self-immolation in Protest to Arbitrariness of Officials (video)

Self-immolation in Protest to Arbitrariness of Officials (video)

2013 March 08 ( Friday )  13:43:46


A 15-year-old refugee from Kalbajar, Almaz Kerimli on March 7 committed an act of self-immolation in Ganja, where she lives with her family in the village of Gulistan.
   The incident was caused by the seizure of the land of the family, which the family bought in 1996. However, in 2008, the land was transferred to the head of the civic and economic court, Zarbaliyev. The order was signed by the Chief Executive of the Nizami District, Maharat Mustafayev.
   After complaints to various authorities, the refugee family managed to achieve the judgment of 2012 to reverse the decision on seizure of their land.
   In spite of this, at the direction of the executive power of the city, police came and forcibly evicted the refugees with their things. In doing so, they ignored the court's decision and the documents submitted by the family. However, this did not affect the police and then 15-year-old Almaz threatened to commit self-immolation. In this one of the policemen said that she could ignite herself and gave her a lighter. After that, the girl doused herself with gasoline and set on fire with that same lighter.
   The people present managed to extinguish the flames, but the girl suffered severe burns and was taken to hospital in critical conditions. The doctors say her conditions are constantly serious, and do not make predictions. -03D-



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