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Gulargate case continues after the New Year

Gulargate case continues after the New Year

2013 January 04 ( Friday )  12:54:50

The second day of the New Year the notorious Gulargate case continued its march through the pages of the media and social networks in Azerbaijan.

The main whistleblower of the ruling regime, former Rector of the Baku International Private University Elshad Abdullayev poured new dirt on the head of the Presidential Administration Ramiz Mehdiyev. Now in the case of the sale of seats in Parliament Mehdiyev’s brother Mayis is featured. Through him six years ago they negotiated the return of the money paid by Abdullayev for an MP seat.

New facts have given even more credibility to the fact that Mehdiyev is a key figure forming a dirty political face of the country in the worst traditions of postwar Italian mafia.

As a response to the new incrimination from Abdullayev, the next day - January 3, the top aide of Mehdiyev in selling MP seats, Gular Ahmedova was placed under house arrest. Ahmedova herself spread information about her home detention, but law enforcement agencies have not reported officially about this.

The news of her house arrest came after Ahmedova hinted at the fact that the police themselves enabled her accomplice in the criminal business Sevinj Babayeva, who died a few days ago, to travel to Turkey.

Simultaneously, the son of Babayeva, Ayhan was summoned to the prosecutor. It seems they are interested in his statement that his mother was poisoned by Ahmedova. It is possible that he will be asked about why his mother’s dying records were transferred to the Turkish police.

The Azerbaijani prosecution will hardly manage the investigation, not looking at the inquiry conducted by the Turkish secret services, which have an interest in the investigation of the bizarre death of Babayeva in Istanbul on December 27.

Meanwhile it is known that before her death Babayeva accused Ahmedova of poisoning her to get rid of an important witness in the case of the sale of MP seats. But even if this is confirmed, the physical removal of the witnesses will not hide the palace secrets, and Ahmedova herself can become the next victim.

Apparently, the Christmas compromising and frankness of the Gulargate case participants did not stop and we have to wait for new exposures and new participants in the scandal. -0 -




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