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Caspian Increasingly Militarized

Caspian Increasingly Militarized

2012 November 04 ( Sunday )  18:25:12

Caspian Sea is becoming more militarized. As reported on Saturday by the radio station "Echo of Moscow" Russian Caspian Flotilla Commander of the Navy, Admiral Sergey Alekminsky (, the Sunflower radar system is set up and ready to "to monitor the underwater conditions in the region.”

The pride of the fleet he called missile ships, in particular, "Dagestan", which entered service in the summer of 2012, equipped with the latest missile system "Caliber-NK" (range 2 thousand 350 km by sea and over two thousand km against land targets. The standard deviation is 35 m in the metal target 50x50 cm). In May next year, a fourth ship Makhachkala, will be floated on the water. In total there will be 5 ships, the last of the planned presumably will be named Hero City of Volgograd. The draft will be 2 meters with the ability to go into any bay and the maximum approach to any bank.

In service of the fleet are amphibious ships with a speed of up to 40 knots (one knot is 1.852 km / h). The Border Service was strengthened with the ship Brilliant with the latest technology. Last year, as part of the flotilla appeared a division armed with the latest missile system "Ball". On the approach yet is another complex - said the Admiral. But a special aviation group is not needed, as the flotilla is part of the Southern Military District, whose troops interact.

According to him, in service in the Caspian fleet may soon be midget submarines and drones supporting their activities. The innovations are necessary for tracking permanent platforms of a hypothetical enemy in order to carry out successful sabotage, originally put the Admiral without clarifying the intentions.

Referring to the more complicated geopolitical situation, he noted that in all 290 years of the Red Banner Caspian Flotilla (founded by Peter I in 1722), today it is in demand as never before. He believes that from a military and political point of view, a potential conflict could break out between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, Iran and Azerbaijan over the disputed offshore fields.

Kazakhstan is the only state in the Caspian Sea, which builds its own naval vessels, but for Russia it is not a problem, as it is the friendliest country in the region, according to the military. In terms of tracking the operational situation at sea, most exemplary, with the exception of Russia, is Iran.

The fleet’s delegation made friendly visits to become acquainted with the naval forces of the CIS countries. Iran is in line next summer (planned by MFA). The last visit to this country occurred in 1972, when on the one hand was the USSR, on the other - the Shah's regime, and the command of the fleet stationed in Baku. - 17D-




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