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2017 November 21 ( Tuesday )  19:00:04
Visit of solidarity

The visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to Azerbaijan and Armenia took place on the eve of the Eastern Partnership summit in Brussels, the Vienna summit of the Foreign Ministries of the OSCE member states, and in fact, on the eve of 2018, when both countries will host landmark presidential elections.

2017 November 17 ( Friday )  18:29:36
The mechanism of restraint of the Karabakh conflict will be formed in December

The regular meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan with the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs on the settlement of the Karabakh conflict in Moscow on December 14 and 16 was not devoted to consideration of any proposals to resolve the 30-year conflict.

2017 November 15 ( Wednesday )  17:58:14
Aliyev continues a tough monologue with his opponents

At the ceremony of the 25th anniversary of the Yeni (New) Azerbaijan Party (YAP), Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev made it clear that he did not intend to change the course of the brutal monologue directed against domestic and foreign policy opponents.

2017 November 03 ( Friday )  17:55:19
Tehran Trio

On November 1, Tehran hosted the second meeting of the presidents of Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia within the framework of the trilateral format, which was formed in 2016, as the need to jointly implement a number of regional projects, and address stability in the region of Asia, where Iran and Russia have their own exclusive interests.

2017 November 01 ( Wednesday )  22:38:46
BTK reinforces multi-vector between West and East

The opening of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway (BTK) means the strengthening of the multi-vectored routes of communication between the West and the East. It fully corresponds to the strategy of the West and China, which are the main ultimate beneficiaries of the trans-Caspian direction of the Great Silk Road.

2017 October 31 ( Tuesday )  18:34:04
BTK: 10 years later

Ten years after the signing of the Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey interstate agreement on the construction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, an opening ceremony of this project took place in the village of Alyat, 70 km south-west of Baku, on 30 October, which brings a new powerful impetus to the development of regional cooperation.

2017 October 18 ( Wednesday )  14:48:14
Armenia and Azerbaijan disavowed the results of the Geneva talks

The statements of the parties following the Geneva talks of the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia on the settlement of the Karabakh conflict give grounds to say that the meeting was on duty and was not filled with peacekeeping content.

2017 October 14 ( Saturday )  11:47:23
Economy Does Not Come Out of Crisis

The economy of Azerbaijan continues to be in a state of decline, mainly because the government is trying to stabilize the situation by half measures.

2017 October 12 ( Thursday )  21:57:35
Azerbaijan: Failure in PACE

On 11 October the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) approved two documents and resolutions on them concerning Azerbaijan. This is the report of the co-rapporteurs of the PACE Monitoring Committee: "The functioning of democratic institutions in Azerbaijan" and the report: "Steps taken in Azerbaijan in respect of human rights during the country's chairmanship of the Council of Europe (May-November 2014).

2017 October 08 ( Sunday )  18:43:08
Southern flank is not calm

The Russian authorities are stepping up efforts to neutralize transnational threats, which are rapidly being modified in the context of geopolitical confrontation and international challenges. The main threats to the national security of Russia are called IGIL and cyberwar, which  has been launched in the world information web.

2017 August 11 ( Friday )  11:44:33
Trans-Caspian Visit

On August 9, Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymuhammedov visited Azerbaijan in a period difficult for the two countries, peoples and leaders.

2017 July 26 ( Wednesday )  13:33:25
After the meeting with Tillerson, the meeting with Putin was inevitable

The past four days after the sudden working visit of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev to Sochi and the evening rally with Russian President Vladimir Putin did not open anything new about this meeting, announced by the theses on friendship, cooperation and mutual understanding.

2017 July 22 ( Saturday )  01:57:28
Azerbaijani press: the crisis continues

The Azerbaijani press celebrates its professional holiday on July 22, which dates back to 1875 year, when the first national newspaper "Ekinchi" (Sower) was established by the educator Hasanbey Zardabi.

2017 July 11 ( Tuesday )  14:23:07
Aliev's journey from Warsaw to Istanbul

President Ilham Aliyev, after a two-week international voyage, once again indicated his participation in domestic affairs by the reception of an Uzbek religious delegation.

2017 July 06 ( Thursday )  14:40:40
SilkWay under the fire of the Russian-Armenian alliance

A sensational report on the participation of the Azerbaijani aviation company Silk Way in the air supplies of weapons to the world conflict zones is very slowly and inefficiently developed in a foreign press (more Armenian and less Russian) since June 2.

2017 June 29 ( Thursday )  12:34:47
Azerbaijan-Poland: Return to the Kaczynski era

After a long pause in the scope of his visits to Poland, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, made an official visit to Poland on June 26-28, which among the post-socialist states is the most zealous supporter of the entry of the former Soviet republics into the orbit of the West.

2017 June 04 ( Sunday )  10:11:20

A number of mass media and experts tried to present the updated list of the senior staff of the presidential administration of Azerbaijan, published on June 1, as an important step towards reforms in the country, which are s much talked about, but nothing happens in reality.

2017 June 03 ( Saturday )  12:05:16
Georgia-Azerbaijan: End of marriage of convenience

The events around the Azerbaijani journalist Afgan Mukhtarly, stolen in Tbilisi on May 29 and smuggled to Baku, revealed an entirely new balance of the realities of Azerbaijan and Georgia on the path of a protracted transition from the Soviet past to the democratic future of the South Caucasus.

2017 June 01 ( Thursday )  17:47:04
Report: Armenian Military Planning To Push Deeper Into Azerbaijan

Armenia has decided that if fighting again breaks out with Azerbaijan, it will attempt to take the offensive and seize more Azerbaijani territory. That's the scoop from a new report from the International Crisis Group.

2017 May 21 ( Sunday )  23:01:09
The summit in Riyadh opens the way to a regional balance

The Arab-Islamic-American summit, held on Sunday in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, was held to consolidate the common efforts to counter radical Islam and the establishment of a moderate line in the Muslim worldview, in general, has already been decided by the United States.

2017 May 19 ( Friday )  14:18:55
Expected escalation

The 25th anniversary of the seizure by the Armed Forces of Armenia of the Lachin region of Azerbaijan was marked by a military-diplomatic escalation in the zone of the Karabakh conflict.

2017 May 11 ( Thursday )  11:33:37
The problem Islamic Solidarity Games begin in Baku

Tomorrow, on May 12, the grand opening of the Fourth Games of Islamic solidarity will take place in Baku, the official closure is scheduled for May 22. But the actual competition of athletes began on May 8 with a match between Saudi Arabia and Morocco with the participation of athletes up to 23 years. On the same day the national teams of Azerbaijan and Cameroon competed, the game ended with a goalless draw.

2017 May 04 ( Thursday )  15:27:03
EBRD Pushes on With Azerbaijan Gas Loan After Transparency Rift

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is pushing ahead with plans to lend $500 million to Azerbaijan’s Southern Gas Corridor project after the nation was suspended from an international oil-wealth transparency watchdog.

2017 May 03 ( Tuesday )  07:42:26
May 3: Gentlemen, the battle is lost

Azerbaijan will meet the World Freedom Press Day on May 3 traditionally in tough way. In prison, the blogger Galandarov died the day before, and in the court the government presses the decision to block a number of Azerbaijani sites - tough opponents of the regime.

2017 April 28 ( Friday )  14:45:37
Agramunt, dollars, tomatoes

It is impossible not to notice that after a relatively long calmness, April has revived some foreign policy problems of official Baku, which had been frozen since the middle of last year.

2017 April 25 ( Tuesday )  17:57:28
The emigrant essence of the regime

The "emigration" card has become another reason for pressure on political opponents of the regime in Azerbaijan. The Prosecutor General's Office urgently questioned the opponents of the regime in the investigation of the facts of the issuance of forged documents indicating that they belonged to an opposition party or were persecuted for political reasons by those who asked for political asylum in the West.

2017 April 15 ( Saturday )  10:13:38
Events around the Haji Javad mosque have deep causes

The clash of interests between the parishioners of the Hajj Jawad mosque in the center of Baku and the authorities in Azerbaijan is seen as an insignificant and temporary touch in the everyday life of the country, in the stream of events and news replacing each other in the information space.

2017 April 11 ( Tuesday )  19:21:57
The president is happy with the situation of dissatisfied citizens

The meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, chaired by President Ilham Aliyev, was held on April 10, and was devoted to the results of the social and economic development of the first quarter and challenges for the future, but it could not create an adequate picture of the real situation and vision of the short-term perspective.

2017 April 06 ( Thursday )  14:42:07
What did Nursultan Abishevich and Ilham Heydarovich talk about?

Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan are entering a new level of relations, the outlines of which were determined during the visit of President Nursultan Nazarbayev to Azerbaijan on April 3.

2017 April 02 ( Sunday )  20:54:29
April war - the tendency to escalation

A year passed since a three-day war on the Karabakh front, which formed a new military and political situation in the 30-year conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan for Nagorno-Karabakh.

2017 April 02 ( Sunday )  15:11:30
Before the end of the crisis, it is still far away (Continuation-3)

INFRASTRUCTURE. Over the past decade, much has been done in Azerbaijan to develop infrastructure. At different times, different emphasis was put on the development of infrastructure. At one time, the government focused on electric power. Then large-scale projects began in road construction, in water supply. In general, it may seem that the key infrastructure problems of the country are solved. It already quite actively supports the entire economy, and its individual problems are quite solvable.

2017 March 31 ( Friday )  11:37:05
Before the end of the crisis, it is still far away (Continuation-2)

FUEL AND ENERGY SECTOR. According to Wood Mackenzie's last year forecasts, in 2001-2013 the demand grew at an annual rate of 2.2% per year, but in the next 20 years it will average only 1.4%. Factors influencing demand were called - the reduction of China's need, the growth of renewable energy sources and the transition to electric vehicles. Add to this the zeroing out of the so-called "military award".

2017 March 30 ( Thursday )  16:39:32
Before the end of the crisis, it is still far away (Continuation)

FINANCE. In early February, it was first discovered that the regulator can clearly play against market trends. Sharp growth of the manat in early February, and its subsequent decline, was allegedly connected with some speculative actions of the Central Bank, according to several observers. In fact, CBA, knowing about the traditional deficit of AZN at the beginning of the year, chose the right moment for its actions. It can be assumed that, within the announced floating rate, CBA tried to identify the optimal exchange rate for the manat: AZN again fell in price at the end of February to the level of 1.75 manat, but it did not decrease further. Some banks approved the steps taken by CBA. Perhaps there was a certain psychological aspect. The government's decision on the direct transfer of 7.5 billion manat from SOFAZ to CBA in 2017 was to have a sobering effect on the market. It became clear that the government will use all available means to maintain the stability of the foreign exchange market.