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Want to Say2017
2017 December 31 ( Sunday )  19:18:37
Dear staff members, correspondents, donors and volunteers

I know that many of you work extremely hard for our organization.I am aware of the enormous amount of assistance you provide, the negotiations and awareness campaigns you undertake and the investigations you conduct on behalf of the preservation of press freedom. Some of you risk imprisonment in order to defend journalism. Some of you have already been imprisoned.I also know that many of you, volunteers and donors, continue to be very generous towards our cause.

2017 December 24 ( Sunday )  22:51:23
Caspian Pact Paves Way for Turkmen Gas Exports to Europe – Eventually

After close to 30 years of haggling over the legal status of the Caspian Sea, the five littoral states appear to have finally settled their differences and agreed on delineating their maritime borders. If finalized, the deal could pave the way for the export of Turkmenistan"s vast natural gas reserves to Europe.

2017 December 21 ( Thursday )  11:37:49
Assistants of President of Azerbaijan Find Another “Enemy of Nation”

Baku / 21.12.17 / Turan: Two assistants to the President of Azerbaijan, Ali Hasanov and Novruz Mammadov, with diligence worthy of a better application, rushed to expose another "enemy" of Azerbaijan in the face of the British newspaper Financial Times.

2017 December 20 ( Wednesday )  16:47:50
US pressure aids release of imprisoned Azeri journalist

COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Several months before journalist Mehman Aliyev was arrested in Azerbaijan this year, the government secretly proposed financing his Turan News Agency in exchange for control of the publication.

2017 December 12 ( Monday )  10:03:39
Russian Overreach Calls Into Question Baku’s Balanced Foreign Policy

Like his father Heydar Aliyev before him, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev remains committed to a balanced foreign policy, one that seeks to maintain good relations with both the Russian Federation and the West. But a series of Russian actions that Baku views as hostile have called that approach into question, leading to a dramatic cooling off in bilateral ties and potentially re-ordering the geopolitics of the South Caucasus-or possibly even more than that.

2017 December 11 ( Monday )  13:30:15
With Opening of Turkish Border, Georgia's Armenians Grow Uneasy

A few weeks ago, residents of the village of Dadash, on Georgia's border with Turkey, blocked the main highway connecting the two countries. Their aim, they said, was to call attention to rampant lawlessness in the area since the opening of the border post with Turkey in 2015. In particular, they assert that their livestock is being stolen, blaming Turks in neighboring towns. A member of Georgia's parliament, Enzel Mkoyan, visited the village the day after the protest to hear out their grievances. A large majority of area residents is ethnic Armenian. Residents told him that cameras on the Turkish side showed that the stolen animals had indeed been taken over the border. They also maintained that local authorities have been of little help. "We live on the border and are very worried," one of the villagers, Tsolak Martirosyan said at the meeting, according to an account by local news website JNews.ge. "Why is the Turkish side equipped with video cameras, and our side isn"t? What century do we live in?" The problem is not new, residents complained. A village nearby, Kartsakhi, staged a similar protest in 2015, threatening to obstruct the ......

2017 December 04 ( Monday )  15:25:06
Russia "softly" leaves the South Caucasus

Azerbaijan is negotiating with the EU the conclusion of the a new agreement on strategic partnership. In the final document adopted at the Brussels summit of the EU, the European Union noted with satisfaction the success of the ongoing negotiations.

2017 November 29 ( Wednesday )  12:52:02
Russian intelligence actively works in Azerbaijan even without Zuyev - expert

Former diplomat and intelligence officer discuss the diplomatic conflict between the two countries

2017 November 28 ( Tuesday )  11:49:27
Lawyer Disbarred in Azerbaijan After Filing Torture Complaint

When a lawyer files a complaint alleging his client was beaten in custody, you would expect it to lead, at best, to justice for the victim, or at worst, to inaction.

2017 November 27 ( Monday )  20:56:19
The Azerbaijani Laundromat: Why It Matters

Money laundering may not be theft, but it is a product of theft. Sources of laundered money may include illegal activities such as trafficking in drugs or humans, or it may be diverted income from natural resources, inflated costs, bribes, fake loans, or other financial manipulation. The money might be stolen from the state, in the form of unpaid taxes or other charges, or from the people of a country - as with stolen revenues from the sale of natural resources from oil to diamonds. Money laundering thus reflects economic and moral damage to individuals and institutions and thereby threatens the stability and security of states, societies, and regions.

2017 November 24 ( Friday )  12:23:29
Alan Duncan, UK Minister of State for Europe and the Americas about Eastern Partnership


2017 November 23 ( Thursday )  12:31:04
Azerbaijan Moves to Drastically Cut Number of Lawyers

The Azerbaijani parliament has approved amendments to the country"s civil code that would effectively bar roughly 90 percent of the country"s legal professionals from practicing law. The amendments, adopted on October 31, require presidential approval before they go into effect. They would give the state-controlled bar association complete control over the legal profession. Observers, as well as members of the legal community, characterize the move as the latest and most decisive step in an escalating crackdown on the country"s few remaining human rights lawyers. Less than 24 hours after Azerbaijan"s parliament ratified the changes, several lawyers reported being summoned to their local police stations, where they were told they were no longer licensed to practice law and would be subject to arrest or fines if they continued. The amendments herald the end of a two-tiered legal system that Azerbaijan adopted under pressure from its fellow members in the Council of Europe. Azerbaijani lawyers are either vəkillər, licensed bar members who pass a series of written tests and a highly politicized oral examination, or hüquqşünaslar, ......

2017 November 15 ( Wednesday )  12:27:02
Website Editor Challenges Ali Hasanov

Baku / 15.11.17 / Turan: The editor of the AzToday.az website Elmidar Aliyev published an open letter to the head of state Ilham Aliyev, in which he criticizes his assistant Ali Hasanov.