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2017 December 23 ( Saturday )  11:52:53
The facts of violence must be documented, Kamil Salimov

Baku//23.12.17/Turan: Kamil Salimov, Doctor of Law Sciences, shared his opinion on the effectiveness of state measures on liberalization in places of imprisonment in Azerbaijan.

2017 November 24 ( Friday )  12:18:52
Disadvantaged People Could Remain without Legal Protection

On October 6, the Chairman of the Supreme Court submitted to the Milli Majlis bills on changes in the Civil Procedural, Administrative Procedural Codes and the Law on Advocates and Lawyer Activity of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The bills proposed to impose a ban on the participation of judicial representatives in civil and administrative litigation. The Supreme Court insisted that only members of the Bar Association take part in these processes. The proposal was quickly adopted by the Milli Majlis.

2017 October 27 ( Friday )  14:03:24
Siyavush Novruzov against Richard Kozlarich

Baku / 27.10.17 / Turan: The Milli Majlis Committee on Public Associations and Religious Organizations receives many proposals regarding the financing NGOs and political parties, stated in the interview to "Voice of America" by the head of the said structure, Deputy Executive Secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party Siyavush Novruzov. He reminded that according to the legislation political parties can be financed from the state budget, membership fees and donations of citizens. According to Novruzov, the parties must ensure financial transparency. However, this is observed only by the ruling New Azerbaijan Party. Therefore, the law was amended, requiring parties to submit quarterly and complete financial statements to the CEC. Novruzov believes that the law should also include a rule on the responsibility of parties that do not submit financial statements. In his opinion, steps should be taken step by step with regard to such parties. "First they must be warned, then appeals to the courts must be followed and at the third stage a decision must be made to terminate the activities of parties that do not submit financial statements," ......

2017 October 25 ( Wednesday )  20:40:03
“No Improvement in Turkmenistan Possible Under Berdymukhamedov”

Turkmen political emigrant, journalist Ruslan Matiyev answered Turan’s questions

2017 October 06 ( Friday )  12:02:02
ANAMA Does Not Stop Work on Clearing Conflict Zone from Ammunition

Baku / 06.10.17 / Turan: During the activity of the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) 45 thousand hectares of territory were cleared, about 770 thousand unexploded ordnance (UXO) and mines were found and rendered harmless. This was said by the ANAMA Director Gazanfar Ahmedov in an interview with the Azerbaijani service of the Voice of America.

2017 September 28 ( Thursday )  16:09:25
A.Mollazade: democracy can not be exported

Baku / 09.09.17 / Turan: Relations between Azerbaijan and the United States are relations of strategic partnership, stated in the interview to the Azerbaijani service of "Voice of America" Azim Mollazade,​ the deputy of the Milli Majlis, a member of the Azerbaijani-American interparliamentary friendship group. Azerbaijan participates together with the United States in the fight against international terrorism. The Azerbaijani military are involved in the operation in Afghanistan. In addition, Azerbaijan provides a great logical support to NATO forces in Afghanistan.

2017 August 23 ( Wednesday )  18:15:40
Chingiz Huseynov: Let's hope for the true flourishing of Islam

In September, the Azerbaijani writer Chingiz Huseynov will present at the at the book fair in Moscow his new novel "Mohammed", dedicated to the life and deeds of the Prophet Muhammad (570-632) through which the Holy Koran was revealed, and appeared a new religion – Islam.The book, published in early August by the Publishing House Molodaya Gvardiya, aroused wide resonance among the readers.In connection with this event, the agency Turan interviewed the famous writer, in whose work the Prophet Mohammed, Islam, Koran occupy a special place.

2017 August 16 ( Wednesday )  18:06:10
M.Aliyev: Either cooperate with the authorities, or you will be eliminated

Baku / 16.08.17 / Turan: Director of the Turan news agency Mehman Aliyev in an interview with the Azerbaijani service of "Voice of America" ​​told about the lawsuit filed against the agency and the search conducted by tax officers in the editorial office on Wednesday.

2017 July 29 ( Saturday )  15:15:45
Situation with Political Prisoners Worsens

The Political Prisoners Defense Center of Azerbaijan has updated the list of political prisoners, which is published on the website www.contact.az.

2017 July 29 ( Saturday )  11:30:06
Azerbaijanis Sold Bread from Fodder Grain

A few days ago, Turan reported a sensational statement by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA), on acryl amide found in baked bread, fried potatoes and coffee, presumably causing digestive organs cancer. The European Union intends to discourage Europeans from consuming these foods.

2017 July 28 ( Friday )  11:15:10
Hikmet Hajizadeh: Putin Warns Azerbaijan

Baku / 07/28/17 / Turan: As is known, the day before, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the proposal to create a joint Russian-Armenian military group. The corresponding document between the two countries was signed in Moscow on November 30, 2016.

2017 July 22 ( Saturday )  10:10:48
Until society turns face to prisons, they will not be reformed, Eldar Zeynalov

Turan News Agency appealed to human rights lawye Eldar Zeynalov, specializing in human rights, with a request to answer questions about the implementation of decrees aimed at the humanization of punishment in Azerbaijan, in particular, the presidential decree of February 10, 2017 "On streamlining activities in the penitentiary sphere, humanizing penal policies, and Expansion of the use of alternative types of punishment and coercive procedural measures that are not related to isolation from society."

2017 July 21 ( Friday )  11:02:52
Unreasonable Tax Penalties Become More Frequent

Baku/21.07.17/Turan:Entrepreneurs are increasingly complaining about unreasonable tax sanctions and fines. Speaking about the reasons for the oppressive scope of financial sanctions, economists note that tax revenues have turned into a life-saving circle for the state budget, since oil revenues have declined. Apparently, it is impossible to patch holes in the budget at the expense of taxpayers, staying within the law.

2017 July 10 ( Monday )  12:27:30
Mamedyarov needs to freeze talks, and not fly to Austria

What can Mammadyarov talk about with Nalbandian on July 11 in Austrian Mauerbach after what happened in Alkhanli? Every Azerbaijani having learned that on Tuesday the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia will have talks asks this question, for everything have been told and done over the years

2017 July 10 ( Monday )  10:41:01
Moscow and Washington Not Interested in Azerbaijan - Arif Mammadov

Baku / 10.07.17 / Turan: On July 11, Austria will host the first meeting between the Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia after the escalation of the war in Karabakh. On the possibilities of a peaceful settlement of the conflict after the July 4 tragedy in the village of Alkhanly, Turan talked with a former diplomat, now a political emigrant in Austria Arif Mammadov.

2017 July 07 ( Friday )  11:53:36
Karabakh Conflict Does Not Have Military Solution: US Ambassador

Baku / 07.07.17 / Turan: The Karabakh conflict cannot be solved by military means. The US is actively working with Armenia and Azerbaijan to reach a mutually acceptable settlement. The US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Robert Cekuta

2017 July 05 ( Wednesday )  12:10:17
Another important aspect in the case of Afgan Mukhtarly

Georgian political scientists told about incident with Azerbaijani journalist

2017 July 04 ( Tuesday )  18:20:17
Azerbaijan Did Not Escape Dutch Syndrome - Sabit Baghirov

Baku / 04.07.17 / Turan: Problems for the state budget of Azerbaijan can begin if the price of oil falls, below $ 40 per barrel. This was stated in an interview with Sabit Baghirov, President of the Foundation for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Market Economy, former President of SOCAR.

2017 July 01 ( Saturday )  15:01:18
This political system has no future - Arif Mammadov

In June 2015, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry forced Arif Mammadov to resign from his diplomatic post as a representative of the country in the Organization of Islamic Solidarity after he exposed the cry of the soul in Facebook, seeing video recordings of a burning, together with the residents, multi-story building in Baku:

2017 June 26 ( Sunday )  08:23:16
It is impossible to intimidate me with such things ...

Chairman of the Bank Standard Creditors Committee, well-known bank expert Akram Hasanov has been warned by the General Prosecutor's Office about the dissemination of prejudiced information in the media. It is noteworthy that shortly before this, on June 22, the creditors of this bank under the leadership of Hasanov got involved in the bankruptcy proceedings of Bank Standard with the right to access important documents, the sale process of the bank's property,

2017 June 17 ( Saturday )  13:58:02
A school is a business estate of directors

The completion of the next academic year in Azerbaijan coincided with the discussion of amendments to the law "On Education" in the parliament, providing for the opening of paid preparatory courses for those wishing to enter the higher schools for training at the bachelor's level. In the first reading, a new version of the document was adopted.

2017 June 16 ( Friday )  10:28:42
EU Commissioner: All detainees who are jailed for expressing their opinions should be released

(Interview of Johannes Hahn with Turan news agency)

2017 June 13 ( Tuesday )  12:43:39
Russia Continues Its Usual Imperialist Policy - Jamil Hasanli

Baku / 13.06.17 / Turan: A new monograph of the Azerbaijani historian, professor, head of the National Council of Democratic Forces Jamil Hasanli, Sovietization of Azerbaijan, has been published in the American University of Utah.

2017 June 08 ( Thursday )  13:39:18
Fate of Afgan Mukhtarli’s Case in Georgian Society’s Hands

The Azerbaijani investigative journalist Afgan Mukhtarli was kidnapped in Tbilisi on May 29 and transferred to Baku. He proclaimed that he had been abducted by the Georgian police. This event caused a great scandal. There is an investigation, the public is protesting. The government of Georgia is in turmoil. This was in an interview of Turan IA with the wife of the abducted journalist Leila Mustafayeva, which was received via Skype.

2017 June 02 ( Friday )  10:53:40
Novella Jafaroglu: Arrest of Gezal Bayramli and Afgan Mukhtarly - Absurdity

Baku / 02.06.17 / Turan: Pressure on the Azerbaijani authorities will intensify. One of the reasons is the recent arrests of the PFPA vice-chairman Gezal Bayramli and the journalist Afgan Mukhtarly. This opinion was voiced by Novella Jafaroglu, the head of the Society for the Protection of Women's Rights in an interview with Voice of America.

2017 May 25 ( Thursday )  16:37:48
The authorities perverted and lost the heritage of the Azerbaijan People's Republic (APR) - Arif Hajili

Baku / 25.05.17 / Turan: The biggest tradition introduced by the Azerbaijan People's Republic (ARP) is the tradition of statehood, said in interview with "Voice of America" ​ Arif Hajili, the leader of the "Musavat" Arif Hajili. A long historical period, the statehood of Azerbaijan was lost, and it was the leaders of the Academy of Sciences who restored it. On the territory of the South Caucasus an independent democratic republic with a parliamentary government was created. This state was very different from other state entities on the territory of the disintegrated Russian Empire. On the question of how the traditions of the first republic are protected today, Hajili said that during the 23 months of the existence of the APR, a multi-party system was created in the country, fair elections were held, freedom of speech was ensured, and women were given the right to vote for the first time. During the Soviet period, all these traditions were destroyed, and the country once again became part of the Russian empire.