2017 December 26 ( Tuesday )  11:08:48
Journalist Should Work Without Fear - Gulu Maharramli

Baku / 26.12.17 / Turan: The tendency of worsening of the situation with freedom of speech and the growth of press problems has been observed for several years. The year 2017 was not an exception, said the head of the Center for Assistance to the Development of Journalism, Professor Gulu Maharramli, in an interview with the Chetin Sual (Difficult Question) program.

2017 December 19 ( Tuesday )  15:28:30
The situation with human rights in 2017worsened, expert Mammadli

Baku / 19.12.17 / Turan: There has been no progress in Azerbaijan in almost every sphere in the outgoing year, said in an interview to the program Cətin sual (Difficult issue) of the agency Turan by the political expert of the "Platform of the Civil Society" Nasimi Mammadli.

2017 December 07 ( Thursday )  15:08:25
The state budget depends entirely on transfers from the Oil Fund, an expert

Baku / 07.12.17 / Turan: The head of the Public Association for Assistance to Economic Initiatives Azer Mehdiyev does not agree with the opinion of the government representatives on the social orientation of the state budget of 2018. In an interview with the "Cetin Sual" program ("Difficult Question"), he noted that in the 2018 budget there is no serious increase in spending on the social sphere. The increase relates more to spending on investment, housing and communal services, agriculture, communications and transport. Against this backdrop, education costs remain almost unchanged.

2017 November 30 ( Thursday )  14:37:48
A new law on advocacy is needed - Fuad Agayev

Baku / 30.11.17 / Turan: In Azerbaijan, there is a need to adopt a new law "On the Bar and Advocacy", said in the interview to the program Cətin sual (Difficult issue) of Turan agency the well-known Azerbaijani lawyer, one of the authors of the text of the Constitutional Act on State Independence of Azerbaijan Fuad Agayev. He noted that the current law was adopted without public discussions and was drawn up by the presidium of the bar association and in fact its head.

2017 November 21 ( Tuesday )  17:17:47
Expert on the reasons for blocking a number of sites

Baku / 22.11.17 / Turan: The Press Council's recommendation to block a number of sites is illegal. This opinion was expressed in an interview with "Voice of America" ​​by an expert in the field of copper, lawyer Alesker Mammadli. According to the statute, the Press Council can protect freedom of the press, deal with issues of professionalism.

2017 November 15 ( Wednesday )  12:03:40
Party Nomenclature Managed to Restore Its Power - Etibar Mammadov

Baku / 15.11.17 / Turan: The national-democratic movement started in Azerbaijan almost 30 years ago and led to the collapse of the Communist system and the independence of the republic. However, afterwards the Communist party nomenclature managed to restore its positions in Azerbaijan and today democratic values ​​are devalued in the country.

2017 November 08 ( Wednesday )  16:20:39
1000 lawyers can not cope with 350 thousand legal cases - lawyer

Baku / 08.11.17 / Turan: The latest innovations in the Azerbaijani legislation on providing protection in the courts will cause problems for both citizens and lawyers, said the well-known Azerbaijani lawyer Khalid Bagirov in interview with the Cətin Sual program (Difficult issue) of Turan agency.

2017 November 01 ( Wednesday )  16:43:39
Azerbaijan among the world leaders on the number of prisoners - lawyer J. Javadov

Baku / 01.11.17 / Turan: Azerbaijan occupies a leading position in Europe and the world on the number of prisoners. In 2016, there were 23,111 people in Azerbaijan serving sentences in the form of imprisonment. For every 100,000 people in the country there were 239 prisoners. According to this indicator, Azerbaijan ranks fifth in Europe and 12th in the world. These statistics in the interview to the program Cətin sual (Difficult issue) were brought by the lawyer Javad Javadov.

2017 October 25 ( Wednesday )  13:36:56
Tofig Zulfugarov: Not Separatism, but Annexation in Nagorno-Karabakh

Baku / 25.10.17 / Turan: The meeting of the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia held in Geneva on October 16 did not open new opportunities for the process of the Karabakh conflict settlement. Moreover, after the meeting, the diplomatic crisis deepened and the tension on the contact line increased. This opinion was expressed by the former Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Tofig Zulfugarov in an interview with the Chetin Sual (Difficult Question) program of the Turan news agency.

2017 October 18 ( Wednesday )  13:00:42
Nazim Beidemirli: The figures of the Ministry of Labor raise doubts

Baku/18.10.17/Turan: Despite the elimination of a number of administrative obstacles for business development, problems remain in this area, and this negatively affects the country's economy, said in the interview with the program "Çətin sual" ("Difficult issue") of the Turan news agency by the former deputy of parliament, businessman Nazim Beidemirli. "About two years, restrictions were removed with the issuance of a license for business. The issuance of perpetual licenses began. These measures have touched many areas. In addition, the state showed support for agriculture, not for the oil sector. The state invests in these sectors," Beidemirli said. Nevertheless, not all obstacles have been eliminated. Concerning the general economic situation, Beidemirli said that the growth of consumer prices continues to adversely affect the state of citizens. In his view, the reforms should be of a cardinal nature and affect the management system.

2017 October 17 ( Tuesday )  15:24:00
Leaving the Council of Europe does not correspond to the interests of Azerbaijan, the expert

Baku / 17.10.17 / Turan: The reason for the tension between Azerbaijan and the Council of Europe is incomplete fulfillment of official Baku obligations to this organization, said the former member of the delegation of Azerbaijan in the PACE in the interview with the program Cətin sual (Difficult issue) of the agency Turan.

2017 August 23 ( Wednesday )  13:16:56
Quality of Insurance Services Reflects Actions of Government Agencies - Expert

Baku / 23.08.17 / Turan: Of all kinds of insurance in Azerbaijan, the most fees come from insurance of civil liability of transport owners, Mustafa Abbasbeyli, insurance expert, said in an interview to the Difficult Question program of Turan News Agency.

2017 August 08 ( Tuesday )  16:07:24
There is no real fight against corruption in Azerbaijan - Aslan Ismayilov

Baku / 08.08.17 / Turan: The fight against corruption in Azerbaijan is of a decorative nature and there are no cardinal steps in this direction, said the head of the law firm "Visa", the famous public figure Aslan Ismayilov in interview to the program Cətin Sual (Difficult issue) of Turan agency. He noted that despite the adoption of the anti-corruption law, the National Action Plan and the creation of the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Office of the Prosecutor General, there is no real progress.

2017 August 03 ( Thursday )  16:39:01
Eldaniz Guliyev: Our viewer is inclined to tragicomedy

Baku/04.08.17/Turan: Today, film production in Azerbaijan is going through a crisis, a troubled period, Eldaniz Guliyev, a film screenwriter, said in an interview with the Çətin sual program ("The Difficult Question" of Turan Agency.)

2017 August 02 ( Wednesday )  16:49:58
Tension in the foreign exchange market will increase by the end of the year - expert

Baku / 03.08.17 / Turan: The well-known expert-economist Gubad Ibadoglu in his interview to the Turan program "Çətin sual" (Difficult issue) shared his assessments of the country's economy and the situation on the financial market.

2017 July 26 ( Wednesday )  17:48:53
Tofik Zulfugarov: "One of the tension boosters is Sergei Lavrov"

Baku / 26.07.17 / Turan: Former Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Tofiq Zulfugarov commented on Turan the results of the meeting of the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Russia in Sochi, as well as security issues in the region.

2017 July 24 ( Tuesday )  15:11:52
Eyub Huseynov: Food safety remains a serious problem

Baku/18.07.17/Turan: There are serious problems in the issue of food safety in Azerbaijan, since there is no corresponding law, stated in the interview to the program "—ətin Sual" by the chairman of the Association of Free Entrepreneurs Eyub Huseynov. In his opinion, the indicator of the current situation is the queues in pharmacies, although such things do not happy in any other country. "Once again I want to recall Hippocrates, who stated that "we are what we eat," Huseynov said. He recalled that in February of this year, President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on the establishment of the "Agency for Food Security", which once again proves the existence of problems in this area.

2017 July 13 ( Thursday )  12:55:27
Consensus Emerging between US and Azerbaijan - Mehman Aliyev

Baku / 13.07.17 / Turan: The process of activation of cooperation has begun in the US-Azerbaijan relations, Mehman Aliyev, the Director of the Turan Information Agency, believes.

2017 June 29 ( Thursday )  14:04:34
Not only politicians are subjected to repression, but also ordinary citizens - a human rights activist

Baku/29.06.17/Turan: In Azerbaijan, there is another wave of worsening the situation with political freedoms, human rights activist Samir Kazymly said in an interview with the Turin program of the —ətin sual (Difficult issue) of the agency Turan. Restrictions of political freedoms constantly take place, but from time to time the situation softens somewhat, political prisoners are released. But then begins a new wave of repression, pressure on activists and arrests. According to Kazymly, freedom of expression, assembly, association, property right is severely restricted in the country. Because of the absence of independence, courts cannot perform functions to protect human rights.

2017 June 22 ( Thursday )  16:17:42
Banks are saved through sacrificing the economy, expert Hasanov

Baku / 23.06.17 / Turan: The banking crisis in Azerbaijan is deepening, and measures to save financial and credit institutions are being carried out at the cost of the entire economy, stated in the interview to the program Cətin sual ("Difficult issue") of the agency Turan Akram Hasanov, the Bank expert, the head of the company "Anticollector" Akram Hasanov.

2017 June 06 ( Tuesday )  17:38:30
More cardinal steps are needed for the reform of the state administration - E.Namazov

Baku / 06.06.17 / Turan: The reorganization of the presidential administration of Azerbaijan is an important step, however, the system of state administration is not being reformed by one order, the political scientist Eldar Namazov said in an interview with the Turin program of the Cətin Sual. At the same time, he positively assessed the appointment of the heads of the administration departments directly as presidential aides. Earlier they were deputy heads of the administration, which complicated the already complicated and great management system.

2017 May 16 ( Tuesday )  15:44:07
Decision on IBA - the choice between bad and very bad, expert

Baku / 16.05.17 / Turan: The appeal of the "International Bank of Azerbaijan" (IBA) to the New York court on attaching obligations to foreign creditors is an indicator that the bank chose between very bad and bad. This opinion was expressed in an interview with Turan's "Difficult Question" program by the expert-economist, executive secretary of the REAL movement Natig Jafarli.

2017 May 10 ( Wednesday )  16:27:10
The situation in the food market is depressing - the expert

Baku / 10.05.17 / Turan: The reason for the high cost in the food market of Azerbaijan in low production and monopolies, said the head of the NGO "Support for Agrarian Reforms" Vahid Maharramov in the interview to the program "Cenin sual" "Difficult issue" of Turan agency. The market already has fresh vegetables, in particular potatoes and greenhouse products, but prices do not fall. A kilo of potatoes is sold not less than 1.5 manats, while last year at this time prices were 70% lower. Tomatoes and cucumbers cost twice as much as a year ago, "he said.

2017 May 02 ( Tuesday )  16:39:19
Authorities do not want freedom of press at all - Hajibeylm

Baku / 02.05.17 / Turan: The authorities of Azerbaijan seem to eliminate totally the freedom of the press and the word. However, it can be done only for a while, it is impossible to completely suppress it, said Rovshan Hajibayli, editor of the Azadlig newspaper, in an interview with the Cətin sual program (Difficult issue) of the Turan agency.

2017 April 24 ( Monday )  16:26:35
The authorities will ignore the recommendations of the Council of Europe on the problems of NGOs - an expert

Baku / 24.04.17 / Turan: Recommendations on bringing the legislation and practice of Azerbaijan in the field of NGOs in line with European standards fully reflect the problems of civil society and contain measures to eliminate them, said the member of the Platform for Civil Society, head of the Institute of Democratic Initiatives Akif Gurbanov in an interview with the Cətin sual (Difficult Question) program of Turan agency. The recommendations are prepared "thoroughly", but it is unlikely that the authorities will implement them, as was said by government and parliament representatives during the presentation of recommendations last week.

2017 April 18 ( Tuesday )  17:25:15
Lack of support in cities will create problems for Erdogan - expert

Baku/18.04.17/Turan: The idea of ​​changing the form of state governance in Turkey is not new. Discussions about this were carried out from the very beginning of the establishment of the Turkish Republic, the head of the Center for International and Strategic Studies "Caucasus" Araz Aslanly said in an interview with the program Cətin sual (Difficult issue) of Turan agency. These discussions revived in the late 80's, after Turkey once again returned to democratic rule after a military coup.

2017 April 12 ( Wednesday )  12:24:50
US missile strike on Syria creates new situation: expert

Baku/11.04.17/Turan: The US missile attack on the Syrian military base "Shayrat" in response to a chemical attack by government troops against the civilian population is the result of the need for a determined and effective foreign policy. This opinion voiced the head of the Arab Countries History department of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Azerbaijani Academy of Sciences, Fard Asadov, in an interview with the Cətin Sual program (Difficult issue) of the agency Turan.

2017 April 04 ( Tuesday )  17:09:06
Combating domestic violence is not effective enough - an expert

Violence against women in Azerbaijan is based on two gender factors - domestic and related to human trafficking, said Mehriban Zeynalova, head of the "Clean World" social assistance organization, in an interview with the Turin program Cətin sual (Difficult issue). Activities in this area are regulated by laws on gender equality, combating human trafficking and combating domestic violence. More or less, the law on combating trafficking in human beings is being implemented, but due to the implementation of two other laws, proper mechanisms have not yet been developed. But in the fight against domestic violence, there are positive changes. So, the attitude of the police towards the victims has changed, now the victims are listened to, they register the facts of violence, send women for examination.

2017 March 28 ( Tuesday )  17:02:08
"This is not stupidity - it`s a crime" ... - Tofik Zulfugarov

A year after returning home from Tallinn in 2015, where Tofiq Zulfugarov was the ambassador of Azerbaijan to Estonia, and earlier in Latvia, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan criticized the minister Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Elmar Mammadyarov and the entire Foreign Ministry. The last crushing status of Zulfugarov in Facebook is devoted to the statement of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry and the letter of this structure to the OSCE Minsk Group about the exercises of the Armenian armed forces in Nagorno-Karabakh and the threateningly anti-Azerbaijani statement of Serzh Sargsyan (press release No. 74/17).

2017 March 27 ( Monday )  16:47:46
The investment environment is ruined by the absence of a fair trial - a lawyer

The absence of fair justice destroys the investment environment in Azerbaijan, said in the interview with the program Cətin sual (Difficult Question) of the Turan agency the well-known lawyer, the head of the "Visa" firm Aslan Ismayilov. As a lawyer, Ismayilov advocated the rights of entrepreneurs in dozens of court cases, which could not be won because of the failure to enforce the law. A recent example of this Ismayilov was the case of the Turkish company Emre Piliç, which failed to get the money from one of the poultry companies. Anticorruption management at the Prosecutor General at the beginning took an active part in the investigation. However, later the case was stalled, and the criminal case did not started. According to Ismayilov, the first wave of entrepreneurs began in 2005, which affected the state of the Azerbaijani economy.

2017 March 16 ( Thursday )  16:56:08
10% compensation for demolished houses is unfair - expert

The demolition of high-rise buildings, called "Khrushevka" require update the infrastructure, said in an interview with Turan's Cətin Sual (Difficult Question) the head of MBA LTD, expert on real estate market issues Nusrat Ibrahimov, commenting on the plans of the authorities to demolish entirely the First Baku district, and build up high-rises in this place.

2017 March 09 ( Thursday )  17:24:10
It is impossible to be protected from criticism on the Internet, an expert

The arrests of representatives of social media have increased recently. This is probably due to fears that social networks are turning into a platform for criticism of the government, said in an interview with Çətin Sual program the expert in the field of media rights Khalid Agaliyev. In his opinion, after the government took control of print and broadcast media, carriers of alternative opinions were forced to use social media. Therefore, the edge of government pressure was redirected to social media.

2017 March 06 ( Monday )  16:50:07
Suspension of membership in EITI means lowering the countryís rating

At the upcoming on March 8-9 meeting of the international board of the organization "Transparency Initiative in Extractive Industries" (EITI) will address the issue of the status of Azerbaijan in this structure, said in interview with Cətin sual program ( "Difficult question") of Turan agency the Management Board of the member of this structure, an economist Gubad Ibadoglu.

2017 February 28 ( Tuesday )  18:16:12
MIA came out of the constitutional review - J.Hasanli

The question is not whether the appointment of Mehriban Aliyeva as the First Vice-President brings reforms or not, and whether it will have positive results. Today, we must express our attitude to the fact of the appointment, said in an interview with Cətin Sual (Difficult Question) of Turan agency the chairman of the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) Jamil Hasanli.

2017 February 23 ( Thursday )  13:26:58
Qulu Məhərrəmli: Azərbaycan dilində virtual dərsliklər yaradılmalıdır

Filologiya elmləri doktoru, professor Qulu Məhərrəmli Turan Agentliyinin "Çətin sual" proqramına müsahibəsində ana dilinin işlənməsi və problemlərdən danışıb.

2017 February 15 ( Wednesday )  17:38:00
It is impossible to change the justice system by one decree, expert

The reforms in the justice sector and humanization of punishment is impossible without reform of the entire political system, said the independent expert in the field of law Khalid Bagirov in an interview with "Cətin Sual" (Difficult Question) of Turan agency, commenting on Ilham Aliyev's decree on the establishment of a probation service.

2017 February 10 ( Friday )  19:35:52
Lapshin followed to calculate the consequences of their actions

The problem visiting the uncontrolled territories of States without notifying the central government - a sensitive issue not only for Azerbaijan, but also other countries of the EU program "Eastern Partnership" - Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova. In an interview with the program Cətin Sual (difficult question) Turan agency said the head of the journalistic association Yeni Nasil Arif Aliyev, commenting on the prosecution of a blogger in Azerbaijan Alexander Lapshin.

2017 February 02 ( Thursday )  17:45:06
A.Gasymly: Slander against the "REAL" is the order by authorities

Publication of slander against the movement "Republican Alternative" ("REAL") for allegedly some secret ties with Iran  and   receiving some funds from the Iranian Embassy of Finance is not a figment of imagination of the author, but the execution of order of the political power, said in an interview with  Cətin Sual ( «Difficult question») of Turan agency Azer Gasimli, the board member of the movement "REAL".

2017 January 25 ( Tuesday )  14:42:30
It is impossible to control virtual space, expert

It is impossible to carry out a completely legal regulation over the virtual space, as it is beyond the scope of individual states, said in an interview with Cətin Sual ( "Difficult question") expert in the field of the rights of media, Alasgar Mammadov, commenting on the proposal of the Head of the Press Council Aflatun Amashov to adopt a separate law regulating the social media. According to Mammadli, in 2016 Azerbaijan adopted legislation concerning online activities.

2017 January 19 ( Thursday )  16:29:55
Officially is indicated only 40-50% of the real trade, Sevgim Rakhmanov

At the moment it is very difficult to talk about the local production, as most of the components are imported products, said in an interview to "Çətin sual" ("Difficult question") of the Turan agency the head of association of merchants and manufacturers Sevgim Rahmanov.

2017 January 13 ( Friday )  17:23:46
Nemat Aliyev: AZN will continue to depreciate, the credits will go up

«At a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers we have witnessed a serious discussion of the economic situation in the country, the findings, the analysis of the real situation," said in an interview to «Çətin sual» ( «Difficult question"), Turan expert-ekonomist Nemat Aliyev.

2017 January 12 ( Thursday )  13:29:33
2017 Will Be Difficult for Human Rights - Oktay Gyulaliyev

The presence of political prisoners in Azerbaijan is a reflection of the essence of the ruling regime in the country, which does not tolerate alternative opinions and criticism.

2017 January 06 ( Friday )  17:23:05
Namazov: With this command Aliyev will not take the country out of crisis

The past 2016 year was the controversial. On the one hand, the Azerbaijani army has shown its superiority in Karabakh and the ability to liberate the country. On the other hand, Azerbaijan has deepened economic and social crisis, and the government does not demonstrate the ability to resolve the situation, said in an interview with the program Cətin sual ( "Difficult question"), the former assistant to the president of Azerbaijan, political scientist Eldar Namazov.